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  • Sara


March 18 -> March 25 Adli

March 25 -> April 3 Sara

Shift News


  • This week: We need to tart using GGus for ticketing!
    • Update documentation related

Agent Issues

  • 202 upgraded
  • how is 201 doing?
  • who is next?

Workflow Issues



  • We have 11 WF's that are showing up as "complete" in WMStats but are actually "closed-out" when you click on them. Dave/Andrew please announce and lets see if we can get them moved off the list: 13633
  • 2 WF's still waiting for IN2P3 to get all data on disk. Have we heard anything lately?
  • Problems cloning wf's due to mismatch between cmssw and scramArch 13614 Dave/Andrew??
  • pdmvserv_FSQ-LowPU2010DR42-00007_T1_US_FNAL_MSS_00002_v0_BS2011_140319_161539_6642 - All step0's ran successfully but merge jobs all failed 13612
  • pdmvserv_FSQ-LowPU2010DR42-00005_T1_ES_PIC_MSS_00001_v0_BS2011_140311_201627_213 - 100% failure 13588
  • number of WF's still having file read problems at FNAL even after we thought we had pileup on disk and sitting in acquired for a long time 13623

Site issues for the Workflow team

Andrew's questions/Luis & Seangchan's answers

Issues from last week's meeting

  • Problems getting logs at FNAL - Dave
    • FNAL people ask T1 people if we can have the unmerged space on the agent machines so we can see logs.
    • find out why srmcp was not working over the weekend
  • High Load on agents causing couch/components to crash:
  • lost information when agent went down elog 13518
  • Summer12DR53X - at FNAL failing due to pileup
  • IN2P3 disk full so we can not copy any more data to it for input.. put off ACDC for now


-- JenniferAdelmanMcCarthy - 20 Mar 2014

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