Workflow Team Meeting - March 26th 4PM CERN time 10 AM FNAL TIME!!!!!

Vidyo Link


  • FNAL:
  • US:
  • CERN:


  • Luis to Colombia around May 1-10???? talk on the 6th
  • Julian out over Easter Holidays March 28-April 4
  • Jen May be taking time off around Easter, not sure on dates yet
  • Seangchan off a few days March 28-April 4
  • Matteo is at CERN this week, Moriond next week


  • New EU Operator!
    • James Keaveney - Belgium
    • Haneol Lee - SNU Korea
    • And now Alex Van Spilbeeck (also from Belgium)

3 top issues effecting production

  1. The missing files mystery updates GGUS ticket 111932:
    • We have another clue: Jobs could be deleting a file when is written directly to /merged area.
    • Doing some tests.
  2. Some ReDigi's need to be retried since the output got lost due to some misconfiguration. see elog
    • pdmvserv_SMP-Summer12DR53X-00019_00374_v0__150301_035649_1287 (closed out)
    • pdmvserv_SMP-Summer12DR53X-00018_00374_v0__150301_000335_5218 (completed)
    • pdmvserv_TOP-Summer12DR53X-00291_00374_v0__150301_000336_8892 (normal-archived)
    • pdmvserv_HIG-2019GEMUpg14DR-00093_00080_v0__150302_170159_9419 (normal-archived)
    • Can clone the first two. Can we invalidate and un-announce the second two?

Site support

Opportunistic sites


  • Found problem with recovery script, when you run it on workflows that have whitelists it ignores the whitelist when it makes the recovery workflows.
    • this still needs attention SeangChan wants to do it along with the clouseout script himself, he wants to port it to reqmgr2, we need to have a config ops can change at anytime but pull the rest into requst manager 2



  • Only 1 TC - announced today



Store Results


  • two TSG-RunIIWinter15GS's with filter efficiency issues see elog
    • Manually closed-out, please announce them. requestor might want some feedback.
    • I think there are a couple more affected,

Agent Issues

Redeployment Plan

production SL6
cmsgwms-submit1 (up) vocms0308 (up)
cmsgwms-submit2 (ready to wake) vocms0309 (ready to wake)
cmssrv217 (up) vocms0310 (ready to wake)
cmssrv218 (up)  
cmssrv219 (up)  

RelVal Andrew


-- JenniferAdelmanMcCarthy - 2015-03-18

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