July 2011 ntuple structure

- For each run, there are 2 ntuples: pedestal_runXXXX.root (containing pedestal data) and datafile_runXXXX.root (containting physics data)

- the latest ntuples can be found on pcdream.cern.ch in the folder: /mnt/wd/working_bak/ntuple/

- some example macro to read DRS data can be found here

- Channel mapping has changed during the test beam PLEASE REFER TO THE LOGBOOK FOR CHANNEL MAPPING a scan of the logbook is available on WebHome.

- Depending on the run setup, the ADCs cabling may change. A scheme of the readout is on WebHome.

Note for the analysers

There has been a big improvement with respect to the old ntuples: now channels are stored in the arrays in the correct order so that (for instance) CHARGEADCN0[6] always contains the charge of the 6th channel of ADC0 and you do not need to check CHADCN0[6]. The variable CHADCN0[] is still there so you old macro will keep working, but you can write your new macro without using it.

Ntuple structure scheme

type name Meaning Comment
i Nrunnumber run number
i TimeEvs Time of event in Seconds
i TimeEvu Time of event in MicroSecond (elapsed time = TimeEvs + TimeEvu)
i Nevtda Number of data event
i CHSCA[16] Channels in Scaler CHSCA[i]=0 Spill Count
CHSCA[i]=1 Physics Trigger Count
CHSCA[i]=2 Pedestal Trigger Count
CHSCA[i]=3 Event Count
CHSCA[i]=4 Cleared Event Count
i COUNTSCA[16] Count in Scaler Channels
F DATADRS[4][9][1024] value of sample point DATADRS[group][channel][sample] DRS data is corrected using the CAEN provided routins and corrections
F INTDRS[4][9] integral of the DRS signal INTDRS[group][channel]
F PED_MEAN_DRS[4][9] Pedestal Mean Value of the sampled points
F PED_RMS_DRS[4][9] RMS Mean Value of the sampled points
i CHADCN0[32] Channels in ADCN0 (32 Chs: 0 ..31)
i CHARGEADCN0[32] Charge in ADCN0 Channels(ADC counts)
b OVERADCN0 [32] Overflow bit in ADCN0
b UNDERADCN0 [32] Underflow bit in ADCN0
F PED_MEAN_ADCN0[32] Pedestal Mean Value in ADCN0 Channels(ADC counts) PED_MEAN_ADCN0[0] Ped Mean Value for Ch0....PED_MEAN_ADCN0[31] Ped Mean Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
F PED_RMS_ADCN0[32] Pedestal RMS Value in ADCN0 Channels RMS_MEAN_ADCN0[0] Ped RMS Value for Ch0....RMS_MEAN_ADCN0[31] Ped RMS Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
i CHADCN1[32] Channels in ADCN1 (V792AC module 1) (32 Chs: 0 ..31)
i CHARGEADCN1[32] Charge in ADCN1 Channels(ADC counts)
b OVERADCN1 [32] Over bit in ADCN1
b UNDERADCN1 [32] Under bit in ADCN1
F PED_MEAN_ADCN1[32] Pedestal MEAN Value in ADCN1 Channels(ADC counts) PED_MEAN_ADCN1[0] Ped Mean Value for Ch0....PED_MEAN_ADCN1[31] Ped Mean Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
F PED_RMS_ADCN1[32] Pedestal RMS Value in ADCN1 Channels(ADC counts) PED_RMS_ADCN1[0] Ped RMS Value for Ch0....PED_RMS_ADCN1[31] Ped RMS Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
i CHADCN2[32] Channels in ADCN2 (V792AC module 2) (32 Chs: 0 ..31) -  
i CHARGEADCN2[32] Charge in ADCN2 Channels(ADC counts)
b OVERADCN2 [32] Over bit in ADCN2
b UNDERADCN2 [32] Under bit in ADCN2
F PED_MEAN_ADCN2[32] Pedestal MEAN Value in ADCN2 Channels(ADC counts)
F PED_RMS_ADCN2[32] Pedestal RMS Value in ADCN2 Channels(ADC counts)
i CHADCN3[32] Channels in ADCN3 (V792AC module 3) (32 Chs: 0 ..31) -
i CHARGEADCN3[32] Charge in ADCN3 Channels(ADC counts)
b OVERADCN3 [32] Over bit in ADCN3
b UNDERADCN3 [32] Under bit in ADCN3
F PED_MEAN_ADCN3[32] Pedestal MEAN Value in ADCN3 Channels(ADC counts) PED_MEAN_ADCN3[0] Ped Mean Value for Ch0....PED_MEAN_ADCN3[31] Ped Mean Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
F PED_RMS_ADCN3[32] Pedestal RMS Value in ADCN3 Channels(ADC counts) PED_RMS_ADCN3[0] Ped RMS Value for Ch0....PED_RMS_ADCN3[31] Ped RMS Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
i CHTDC[64] TDC Channel corresponding to the count (16 Channels : 0...15) CHTDC[i]=0 UpStream DWC time Left CHTDC[i]=1UpStream DWC time Rigth CHTDC[i]=2UpStream DWC time Up CHTDC[i]=3UpStream DWC time Down
i COUNTTDC[64] Counts in TDC Channels
i VALIDTDC[64] 0=good count 1=corrupt count  
i EDGETDC[64] Edge in TDC (0=falling 1=rising)  
i N_X Number of X Coordinates in DWC Max value for N_X is 2 (there are two DWCs)
F X[16] X Coordinates in DWC (arbitrary units)  
i N_Y Number of Y Coordinates in UpStream DWC Max value for N_Y is 2 (there are two DWCs)
F Y[16] Y Coordinates in DWC (arbitrary units)  

Types: I : a 32 bit signed integer (Int_t) i : a 32 bit unsigned integer (UInt_t) F : a 32 bit floating point (Float_t) B : a 8 bit signed integer (Char_t) s : a 16 bit unsigned integer (UShort_t) S : a 16 bit signed integer (Short_t) b : a 8 bit unsigned integer (UChar_t)

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