November 2011 ntuple structure

  • For each run, there are 2 ntuples: pedestal_runXXXX.root (containing pedestal data) and datafile_runXXXX.root (containting physics data)
  • the latest ntuples can be found on in the folder: /mnt/wd/working_bak/ntuple/
  • some example macro to read DRS data can be found here -
  • Channel mapping has changed during the test beam. You can find the mapping here: ROmappingNovember2011 (or REFER TO THE LOGBOOK FOR CHANNEL MAPPING a scan of the logbook is available DreamDataAnalysis if you have)
  • Depending on the run setup, the ADCs cabling may change. A scheme of the readout is on WebHome.

Notes for the analysers

Ntuple structure is basically the same as July 2011, the only difference is that DATADRS is now an array of UShort_t instead of an array of Float_t and that to the number of ADC counts is multiplied by 16. To get the number of ADC count in one sample of DRS dato you have to take DATADRS[group][channel][sample]/16. This modification was implemented to reduce the filesize.

There has been a big improvement with respect to the 2009 ntuples: now channels are stored in the arrays in the correct order so that (for instance) CHARGEADCN0[6] always contains the charge of the 6th channel of ADC0 and you do not need to check CHADCN0[6]. The variable CHADCN0[] is still there so you old macro will keep working, but you can write your new macro without using it.

Ntuple structure scheme

type name Meaning Comment
i Nrunnumber run number
i TimeEvs Time of event in Seconds
i TimeEvu

Time of event in usec

(elapsed time = TimeEvs + TimeEvu)
i Nevtda Number of data event
i CHSCA[16] Channels in Scaler

  • CHSCA[i]=0 Spill Count
  • CHSCA[i]=1 Physics Trigger Count
  • CHSCA[i]=2 Pedestal Trigger Count
  • CHSCA[i]=3 Event Count
  • CHSCA[i]=4 Cleared Event Count

i COUNTSCA[16] Count in Scaler Channels
s DATADRS[4][9][1024] value of the a sample in the DRS data in ADC counts times 16: DATADRS[group][channel][sample] DRS data is corrected using the CAEN provided routins and corrections. The ADC counts are multiplied by a factor 16 to preserve the first decimal digit.
F INTDRS[4][9] integral of the DRS signal INTDRS[group][channel]
F PED_MEAN_DRS[4][9] Pedestal Mean Value of the sampled points
F PED_RMS_DRS[4][9] RMS Mean Value of the sampled points
i CHADCN0[32] Channels in ADCN0 (32 Chs: 0 ..31)
i CHARGEADCN0[32] Charge in ADCN0 Channels(ADC counts)
b OVERADCN0 [32] Overflow bit in ADCN0
b UNDERADCN0 [32] Underflow bit in ADCN0
F PED_MEAN_ADCN0[32] Pedestal Mean Value in ADCN0 Channels(ADC counts) PED_MEAN_ADCN0[0] Ped Mean Value for Ch0....PED_MEAN_ADCN0[31] Ped Mean Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
F PED_RMS_ADCN0[32] Pedestal RMS Value in ADCN0 Channels RMS_MEAN_ADCN0[0] Ped RMS Value for Ch0....RMS_MEAN_ADCN0[31] Ped RMS Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
i CHADCN1[32] Channels in ADCN1 (V792AC module 1) (32 Chs: 0 ..31)
i CHARGEADCN1[32] Charge in ADCN1 Channels(ADC counts)
b OVERADCN1 [32] Over bit in ADCN1
b UNDERADCN1 [32] Under bit in ADCN1
F PED_MEAN_ADCN1[32] Pedestal MEAN Value in ADCN1 Channels(ADC counts) PED_MEAN_ADCN1[0] Ped Mean Value for Ch0....PED_MEAN_ADCN1[31] Ped Mean Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
F PED_RMS_ADCN1[32] Pedestal RMS Value in ADCN1 Channels(ADC counts) PED_RMS_ADCN1[0] Ped RMS Value for Ch0....PED_RMS_ADCN1[31] Ped RMS Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
i CHADCN2[32] Channels in ADCN2 (V792AC module 2) (32 Chs: 0 ..31) -  
i CHARGEADCN2[32] Charge in ADCN2 Channels(ADC counts)
b OVERADCN2 [32] Over bit in ADCN2
b UNDERADCN2 [32] Under bit in ADCN2
F PED_MEAN_ADCN2[32] Pedestal MEAN Value in ADCN2 Channels(ADC counts)
F PED_RMS_ADCN2[32] Pedestal RMS Value in ADCN2 Channels(ADC counts)
i CHADCN3[32] Channels in ADCN3 (V792AC module 3) (32 Chs: 0 ..31) -
i CHARGEADCN3[32] Charge in ADCN3 Channels(ADC counts)
b OVERADCN3 [32] Over bit in ADCN3
b UNDERADCN3 [32] Under bit in ADCN3
F PED_MEAN_ADCN3[32] Pedestal MEAN Value in ADCN3 Channels(ADC counts) PED_MEAN_ADCN3[0] Ped Mean Value for Ch0....PED_MEAN_ADCN3[31] Ped Mean Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
F PED_RMS_ADCN3[32] Pedestal RMS Value in ADCN3 Channels(ADC counts) PED_RMS_ADCN3[0] Ped RMS Value for Ch0....PED_RMS_ADCN3[31] Ped RMS Value for Ch31 Filled Field only for physics runs
i CHTDC[64] TDC Channel corresponding to the count (16 Channels : 0...15) CHTDC[i]=0 UpStream DWC time Left CHTDC[i]=1UpStream DWC time Rigth CHTDC[i]=2UpStream DWC time Up CHTDC[i]=3UpStream DWC time Down
i COUNTTDC[64] Counts in TDC Channels
i VALIDTDC[64] 0=good count 1=corrupt count  
i EDGETDC[64] Edge in TDC (0=falling 1=rising)  
i N_X Number of X Coordinates in DWC Max value for N_X is 2 (there are two DWCs)
F X[16] X Coordinates in DWC (arbitrary units)  
i N_Y Number of Y Coordinates in DWC Max value for N_Y is 2 (there are two DWCs)
F Y[16] Y Coordinates in DWC (arbitrary units)  

Data types:

  • I : a 32 bit signed integer (Int_t)
  • i : a 32 bit unsigned integer (UInt_t)
  • F : a 32 bit floating point (Float_t)
  • B : a 8 bit signed integer (Char_t)
  • s : a 16 bit unsigned integer (UShort_t)
  • S : a 16 bit signed integer (Short_t)
  • b : a 8 bit unsigned integer (UChar_t)

-- MicheleCascella - 29-Oct-2011

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