Dream TB 2014 and 2015 mapping

RO Mappings for TB Dec 2014



* *Mistake during cabling: from run 10650 to run 10811:

  • towers 22C and 36C has been inverted in the ADCs*
  • 29C empty histograms because not connected cables

| ADC0, 1 | They were used last year to read the Pb matrix channels.

ADC0 0x0400  
Readout Channel Tower signal Cable Label
ADC0-00 T07-S M1-S1
ADC0-01 T07-C M1-C1
ADC0-02 T08-S M1-S2
ADC0-03 T08-C M1-C2
ADC0-04 T02-S M1-S3
ADC0-05 T02-C M1-C3
ADC0-06 T01-S M1-S4
ADC0-07 T01-C M1-C4
ADC0-08 T09-S M2-S1
ADC0-09 T09-C M2-C1
ADC0-10 T10-S M2-S2
ADC0-11 T10-C M2-C2
ADC0-12 T04-S M2-S3
ADC0-13 T04-C M2-C3
ADC0-14 T03-S M2-S4
ADC0-15 T03-C M2-C4
ADC0-16 T11-S M3-S1
ADC0-17 T11-C M3-C1
ADC0-18 T12-S M3-S2
ADC0-19 T12-C M3-C2
ADC0-20 T06-S M3-S3
ADC0-21 T06-C M3-C3
ADC0-22 T05-S M3-S4
ADC0-23 T05-C M3-C4
ADC0-24 T19-S M4-S1
ADC0-25 T19-C M4-C1
ADC0-26 T20-S M4-S2
ADC0-27 T20-C M4-C2
ADC0-28 T14-S M4-S3
ADC0-29 T14-C M4-C3
ADC0-30 T13-S M4-S4
ADC0-31 T13-C M4-C4

ADC1 0x0500  
Readout Channel Tower signal Cable Label
ADC1-00 T21-S M5-S1
ADC1-01 T21-C M5-C1
ADC1-02 T22-S M5-S2
ADC1-03 T22-C M5-C2
ADC1-04 T16-S M5-S3
ADC1-05 T16-C M5-C3
ADC1-06 T15-S M5-S4
ADC1-07 T15-C M5-C4
ADC1-08 T23-S M6-S1
ADC1-09 T23-C M6-C1
ADC1-10 T24-S M6-S2
ADC1-11 T24-C M6-C2
ADC1-12 T18-S M6-S3
ADC1-13 T18-C M6-C3
ADC1-14 T17-S M6-S4
ADC1-15 T17-C M6-C4
ADC1-16 T31-S M7-S1
ADC1-17 T31-C M7-C1
ADC1-18 T32-S M7-S2
ADC1-19 T32-C M7-C2
ADC1-20 T26-S M7-S3
ADC1-21 T26-C M7-C3
ADC1-22 T25-S M7-S4
ADC1-23 T25-C M7-C4
ADC1-24 T33-S M8-S1
ADC1-25 T33-C M8-C1
ADC1-26 T34-S M8-S2
ADC1-27 T34-C M8-C2
ADC1-28 T28-S M8-S3
ADC1-29 T28-C M8-C3
ADC1-30 T27-S M8-S4
ADC1-31 T27-C M8-C4

ADC2 0x0600  
Readout Channel Tower signal Cable Label
ADC2-00 T35-S M9-S1
ADC2-01 T35-C M9-C1
ADC2-02 T36-S M9-S2
ADC2-03 T36-C M9-C2
ADC2-04 T30-S M9-S3
ADC2-05 T30-C M9-C3
ADC2-06 T29-S M9-S4
ADC2-07 T29-C M9-C4
ADC2-16 Al_Cu S1  
ADC2-17 Al_Cu C1  
ADC2-18 Al_Cu S2  
ADC2-19 Al_Cu C2  
ADC2-20 Al_Cu S3  
ADC2-21 Al_Cu C3  
ADC2-22 Al_Cu S4  
ADC2-23 Al_Cu C4  

ADC3 Leakage 0x0700
Readout Channel Tower signal Cable Label
ADC3-16 Leakage1  
ADC3-17 Leakage2  
ADC3-18 Leakage3  
ADC3-19 Leakage4  
ADC3-20 Leakage5  
ADC3-21 Leakage6  
ADC3-22 Leakage7  
ADC3-23 Leakage8  
ADC3-24 Leakage9  
ADC3-25 Leakage10  
ADC3-26 Leakage11  
ADC3-27 Leakage12  
ADC3-28 Leakage13  
ADC3-29 Leakage14  
ADC3-30 Leakage15  
ADC3-31 Leakage16  

ADC4 (multigate) 0x0300
Readout Channel Signal
ADC4-0 Leakage17
ADC4-1 Leakage18
ADC4-4 Leakage19
ADC4-3 Leakage20
ADC4-6 CET 3 (from run 11207 2015)
ADC4-7 CET 4 (from run 11207 2015)
ADC4-8 IT (from run 11724)
ADC4-10 TC
ADC4-11 mu


TDC   used for DWC chambers
Readout Channel Patch Panel
TDC-0 DWC1-Left (BC1)
TDC-1 DWC1-Right (BC2)
TDC-2 DWC1-Up (BC3)
TDC-3 DWC1-Down (BC4)
TDC-4 DWC2-Left (BC5)
TDC-5 DWC2-Right (BC6)
TDC-6 DWC2-Up (BC7)
TDC-7 DWC2-Down (BC8)


DRS ch RO Ch Signal Labels   DRS Ch RO ch Signal Labels
0 gr0 ch0 T15 S 5 S4   18 gr2 ch0 T 23 S 6 S1
1 gr0 ch1 T15 C 5 C4   19 gr2 ch1 T23 C 6 C1
2 gr0 ch2 T21 S 5 S1   20 gr2 ch2 leak 14 N 14
3 gr0 ch3 T21 C 5 C1   21 gr2 ch3 leak 4 N 4
4 gr0 ch4 T27 S 8 S4   22 gr2 ch4 leak 5 N 5
5 gr0 ch5 T 27 C 8 C4   23 gr2 ch5 leak 6 N 6
6 gr0 ch6 leak 2 N 2   24 gr2 ch6 leak 7 N 7
7 gr0 ch7 -- ---   25 gr2 ch7 -- --
8 -- trigger trigger   26   trigger trigger
9 gr1 ch0 leak 3 N 3   27 gr3 ch0 -- --
10 gr1 ch1 T22 S 5 S2   28 gr3 ch1 leak 15 N 15
11 gr1 ch2 T22 C 5 C2   29 gr3 ch2 T 36 S 9 S2
12 gr1 ch3 T33 S 8 S1   30 gr3 ch3 T 36 C 9 C2
13 gr1 ch4 T33 C 8 C1   31 gr3 ch4 T 29 S 9 S4
14 gr1 ch5 T34 S 8 S2   32 gr3 ch5 T 29 C 9 C4
15 gr1 ch6 T34 C 8 C2   33 gr3 ch6 leak 17 N 17
16 gr1 ch7 -- --   34 gr3 ch7 leak 20 N 20
17 trigger trigger --   35 trigger trigger trigger
-- MicheleCascella - 2014-11-27
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