Certification report patch 4395

Author(s): Dennis van Dok, dennisvd@nikhef.nl

Patch: https://savannah.cern.ch/patch/?4395, glexec 0.8 update

Outcome: Certified

Clean installation

Installation was done on a minimal, up-to-date CentOS 5.5 VM by running yum install glite-GLEXEC_wn. Although this is not a node-type in itself and should always be accompanied with glite-WN, this is not actually a strict requirement for testing gLExec.

The following packages were installed:

 Package                                      Arch   Version          Repository               Size
 glite-GLEXEC_wn                              x86_64 3.2.2-2.sl5      glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates 4.0 k
Installing for dependencies:
 curl                                         x86_64 7.15.5-9.el5     base                    230 k
 edg-mkgridmap                                noarch 3.0.0-1          glite-GLEXEC_wn          37 k
 glexec-wrapper-scripts                       noarch 0.0.3-1          glite-GLEXEC_wn         4.6 k
 glite-authz-pep-c                            x86_64 1.3.0-4.sl5      glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates 245 k
 glite-security-glexec                        x86_64 0.7.0-2.sl5      glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates  51 k
 glite-security-lcas                          x86_64 1.3.11-3.1.sl5   glite-GLEXEC_wn          89 k
 glite-security-lcas-interface                x86_64 1.3.11-1.sl5     glite-GLEXEC_wn          11 k
 glite-security-lcas-plugins-basic            x86_64 1.3.2-3.sl5      glite-GLEXEC_wn          70 k
 glite-security-lcas-plugins-check-executable x86_64 1.2.1-3.sl5      glite-GLEXEC_wn          12 k
 glite-security-lcas-plugins-voms             x86_64 1.3.5-2.1.sl5    glite-GLEXEC_wn          85 k
 glite-security-lcmaps                        x86_64 1.4.11-2.sl5     glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates 283 k
 glite-security-lcmaps-plugins-basic          x86_64 1.4.0-1.sl5      glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates 126 k
 glite-security-lcmaps-plugins-c-pep          x86_64 1.0.4-2.sl5      glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates  73 k
 glite-security-lcmaps-plugins-scas-client    x86_64 0.2.11-1.sl5     glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates 116 k
 glite-security-lcmaps-plugins-verify-proxy   x86_64 1.4.7-1.sl5      glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates  72 k
 glite-security-lcmaps-plugins-voms           x86_64 1.4.0-1.sl5      glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates 178 k
 glite-security-saml2-xacml2-c-lib            x86_64 0.0.15-5.sl5     glite-GLEXEC_wn         3.3 M
 glite-security-voms-api-c                    x86_64 1.9.17-1.sl5     glite-WN_updates        3.7 M
 glite-security-voms-api-cpp                  x86_64 1.9.17-1.sl5     glite-WN_updates        4.4 M
 glite-yaim-core                              noarch 4.0.12-1         glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates 123 k
 glite-yaim-glexec-wn                         noarch 2.0.3-0          glite-GLEXEC_wn_updates  15 k
 gpt                                          x86_64 3.2autotools2004_NMI_9.0_x86_64_rhap_5-1
                                                                      glite-WN_ext            883 k
 gridsite-shared                              x86_64   glite-WN_updates        106 k
 libidn                                       x86_64 0.6.5-1.1        base                    195 k
 perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2                      x86_64 2.031-1.el5.rf   dag                     111 k
 perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib                       x86_64 2.030-1.el5.rf   dag                     181 k
 perl-Convert-ASN1                            noarch 0.22-1.el5.rf    dag                      46 k
 perl-Crypt-SSLeay                            x86_64 0.57-3.el5.rf    dag                      96 k
 perl-Date-Manip                              noarch 5.56-1.el5.rf    dag                     211 k
 perl-HTML-Parser                             x86_64 3.68-1.el5.rf    dag                     151 k
 perl-HTML-Tagset                             noarch 3.20-1.el5.rf    dag                      14 k
 perl-IO-Compress                             noarch 2.030-2.el5.rf   dag                     243 k
 perl-IO-Socket-SSL                           noarch 1.33-1.el5.rf    dag                      56 k
 perl-LDAP                                    noarch 1:0.33-3.fc6     base                    316 k
 perl-Net-SSLeay                              x86_64 1.36-1.el5.rf    dag                     334 k
 perl-TermReadKey                             x86_64 2.30-3.el5.rf    dag                      57 k
 perl-URI                                     noarch 1.35-3           base                    116 k
 perl-XML-DOM                                 noarch 1.44-2.el5.rf    dag                     188 k
 perl-XML-NamespaceSupport                    noarch 1.11-1.el5.rf    dag                      16 k
 perl-XML-Parser                              x86_64 2.36-1.el5.rf    dag                     318 k
 perl-XML-RegExp                              noarch 0.03-1.2.el5.rf  dag                     8.0 k
 perl-XML-SAX                                 noarch 0.96-1.el5.rf    dag                      79 k
 perl-libwww-perl                             noarch 5.805-1.1.1      base                    376 k
 vdt_globus_essentials                        x86_64 VDT1.10.1x86_64_rhap_5-4
                                                                      glite-WN_ext             13 M

The YAIM installation was done by calling

/opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s siteinfo/site-info.def -n glite-GLEXEC_wn

Since the full WN wasn't configured this required some additional tweaks, like editing /etc/ld.so.conf to add a few library paths and adding /etc/grid-security/vomsdir/ entries.

Test report

The gLExec tool was verified by modifying and running the automated script made by the developer, that goes through a number of scenarios. The script is available with the glexec source code but needs local modifications before it will run.


Most of the bugs could be verified by running glexec on the command line after setting up a suitable environment (grid-mapfile, gridmapdir, etc) and inspecting the outcome.

Upgrade from production

The upgrade from production was tested to the extent that

  • a successful installation of the production version of glexec was made first
  • this installation was tested by successfully running glexec as a user
  • the new repository for the patch version was added
  • an upgrade was run with yum
  • without any further changes, glexec ran again successfully

    Arch    Version
               Repository                                                                      Size
    x86_64  3.2.3-2.sl5
               ETICS-registered-build-a26236d3-5ddc-49a8-af34-842f9143958d-sl5_x86_64_gcc412  4.2 k
Installing for dependencies:
    noarch  0.0.1-1
               ETICS-registered-build-a26236d3-5ddc-49a8-af34-842f9143958d-sl5_x86_64_gcc412  4.5 k
Updating for dependencies:
    noarch  0.0.4-1
               ETICS-registered-build-a26236d3-5ddc-49a8-af34-842f9143958d-sl5_x86_64_gcc412  4.9 k
    x86_64  1.3.1-1.sl5
               ETICS-registered-build-a26236d3-5ddc-49a8-af34-842f9143958d-sl5_x86_64_gcc412  247 k
    x86_64  0.8.0-2.sl5
               ETICS-registered-build-a26236d3-5ddc-49a8-af34-842f9143958d-sl5_x86_64_gcc412   57 k
    x86_64  1.9.18-1.sl5
               ETICS-registered-build-a26236d3-5ddc-49a8-af34-842f9143958d-sl5_x86_64_gcc412  3.7 M
    x86_64  1.9.18-1.sl5
               ETICS-registered-build-a26236d3-5ddc-49a8-af34-842f9143958d-sl5_x86_64_gcc412  4.5 M
    noarch  4.0.13-2
               ETICS-registered-build-a26236d3-5ddc-49a8-af34-842f9143958d-sl5_x86_64_gcc412  124 k

Transaction Summary
Install       1 Package(s)
Upgrade       7 Package(s)

-- DennisVanDok - 27-Oct-2010

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