JRA1 Work Plans


The first version of this page corresponds to the content of the JRA1 milestone document MJRA1.3.

A snapshot of this page at the time of the submission of the JRA1 milestone document MJRA1.6 is available at https://edms.cern.ch/file/816743/1/EGEE_EGEEgLiteWorkPlans-MJRA1.6.pdf.

The main priority for the JRA1 developers will be the support to the production infrastructure. All the activities implicit in the preparation of the gLite 3.1 release will continue. These include the full adoption of the ETICS build system, the support for SL4 and of the gcc 3.4 compiler, the migration to VDT 1.6.0 and higher. Support to 64bit architectures will be provided as soon as the previous points are fulfilled. Support of other platforms will be provided starting from Linux Debian distributions.

The complexity of the gLite middleware makes difficult to make modifications in order to support new platforms. The need for structural changes, in particular dis-entangling of dependencies, in the gLite distribution was identified. To improve the situation it was proposed to make a radical examination of the code base with a view to removing unnecessary dependencies and cleaning up sections of the code that cause build and porting difficulties. This process, known as the gLite restructuring, started recently as part of the migration to SL4, and will continue until at least the summer of 2007. The gLite restructuring process coexists with the current activities needed to support the applications on the production infrastructure, i.e. critical bug fixing, provision of security patches, important improvements in the middleware that are recognized as critical by the applications and the TCG.

Detailed work plans

A few activities do not appear explicitly in the prioritized list because are supposed to be addressed by all developers:

  • Revision of the documentation and of the functional relations among components.
  • Activities related to interoperability with other projects and adherence to international standards.

With only a few exceptions the performance and stability requirements do not have an explicit requirement in the TCG Prioritized list and thus the number is not reported.

The explanation of the table content is the following:

Task Description of the activity
# Number of the requirement in the TCG Prioritized list. "Sites" and "JSPG" are used for recently added requirements by these two groups. Activities not directly related to a TCG requirement have "---"
Institute The JRA1 partner responsible for the activity
Start The foreseen start date of the activity, if known
End The foreseen end date for the activity or the duration of the activity if the start date is unknown

Text in red corresponds to items not yet approved by the TCG. Text in green corresponds the software tags where functionality was first implemented (where applicable). As we now have to accomodate two years, the dates should now be expressed with the year appended such as: April07 etc.

The plans for the SWITCH partner on Shibboleth interoperability are described in dedicated documents ( MJRA1.4, MJRA1.5, and MJRA1.7).

The detailed plans for CREAM are available on the CREAM Checklist page.

ID Task # Institute End
1 Checking for VOMSAdmin memory leak in util-java --- UH.HIP Ended, no memory leaks found.
2 Re-evaluate Trust Manager need --- UH.HIP Ended. No need for change.
3 Namespace enforcement in trust-manager. The namespace definition parser should handle old and new formats. Overhaul the loading of CA cert, CRL, namespace files. Implement a new option of securityDir where one can load CA, CRL, namespace files --- UH.HIP Feb 08
4 Hostname checking in client side during handshake --- UH.HIP After Feb 08
5 VOMS server cert in VOMS AC - Server, and for the Java APIs (done for the C/C++ APIs) --- INFN glite-security-voms_R_1_7_9
6 Support for vomses directory structure and VO name restriction support for Java API --- INFN glite-security-voms_R_1_7_9
7 Synchronization of C/C++/Java APIs for VOMS --- INFN glite-security-voms_R_1_7_7
8 Java version of VOMS clients NA4 list INFN glite-security-voms_R_1_7_15_1
9 Generic attributes support in VOMS JSPG INFN glite-security-voms_R_1_7_0
10 Generic attributes support in VOMS-Admin JSPG INFN glite-security-voms-admin-server_R_2_0_2_1 (in gLite 3.1)
11 VOMS restructuring - dependencies PMB INFN Done.
12 VOMS-Admin restructuring - dependencies PMB INFN Done.
13 VOMS/VOMS-Admin Support for multiple user certificates - INFN In progress Feb08
14 VOMS Removal of globus dependencies - INFN Phase 1 completed. Phase 2/3 in progress
15 VOMS/VOMS-Admin Authorization system redesign & Tag/Task system JSPG INFN Feb08 March08
16 VOMS syslog logging - INFN glite-security-voms_R_1_8_0
17 VOMS Porting to Mac - INFN glite-security-voms_R_1_8_0
18 VOMS Small FQAN support - INFN glite-security-voms_R_1_8_0
19 Deployment of glexec+LCAS+LCMAPS on a CE head node for testing. Later also on WNs with the code as is 313 NIKHEF Under testing with CREAM on PTB.
20 The error of glexec itself should be separable from the error returned by the command run by glexec. OSG NIKHEF Underway
21 In addition to running a command as a certain user it should be possible with glexec to copy a file and chown() it. OSG NIKHEF Halted, Condor requirements to come from WMS
22 Fine-grained error codes for glexec 313 NIKHEF Underway
23 The use of a glexec configuration file with a hardcoded location --- NIKHEF glite-security-glexec_R_0_5_7
24 Clean up of glexec code (Get rid of the unused apache suexec code). --- NIKHEF Done glite-security-glexec_R_0_5_22_1
25 Dependency check (for restructuring) of glexec code PMB NIKHEF Done
26 Refine the proxy lifetime checking in the corresponding lcas/lcmaps plugin --- NIKHEF Done Waiting for tag number
27 Implement globus C authZ call-out interface to be able to plug LCAS/LCMAPS into GT3,GT4 services 313 NIKHEF Done glite-security-lcas-lcmaps-gt4-interface-R_0_0_13_1
28 Include the validation of the VOMS credentials to the proxy lifetime checking JSPG NIKHEF Done Waiting for tag number
29 Finer grained error codes in LCAS/LCMAPS --- NIKHEF Still On hold
30 Service frontend for LCAS and LCMAPS, which allows for a centralized management of LCAS and LCMAPS. This is in particular important for deployment of glexec on worker nodes 313 NIKHEF On going Jun08
31 Call-out to remote authZ and credential mapping services in LCAS/LCMAPS 313 NIKHEF Ongoing Feb08
32 Wildcard matching in grid/group mapfiles in LCAS/LCMAPS --- NIKHEF Awaiting further info June08
33 Dependency check (for restructuring) of LCAS/LCMAPS code PMB NIKHEF Done
34 Job Repository ready for gLite 3.x 313 NIKHEF Stopped
35 Deployment of Job Repository and tests with glexec --- NIKHEF Stopped
36 glexec version for VDT distribution OSG NIKHEF Done glite-security-glexec_R_0_5_22_1
37 Review gLite Java Authorization Framework (gJAF) (current implementation) and GT4-AuthZ frameworks with goal discussion to define possible updates and integration --- UvA No tag associated
38 Review known XACML PDP implementation in GT4-AuthZ and Generic AAA Authorisation Framework (GAAA-AuthZ) with goal to integrate into gJAF --- UvA No tag associated
39 Define possible updates to gJAF and estimate required efforts against benefits for applications and users --- UvA No tag associated
40 Develop and integrate test classes for the current gJAF functionality for suggested extensions to support XACML and SAML. Developer's tool. --- UvA Added to SAML-XACML extension library.
41 Add internal XACML PDP to gJAF, first version to support boolean PDP/XACML decision --- Done Waiting tag number
42 Re-design gJAF AuthZ chain to support XACML Policy Obligation and AuthZ session context. --- UvA Stopped. no demand.
43 Extend functionality or redesign internal XACML PDP to support XACML policy Obligations --- UvA XACML PDP in place.
44 G-PBOX plug-ins for LCAS/LCMAPS and site G-PBOX to support resource access based on G-PBOX policies on CE 101 INFN glite-gpbox_R_2_0_1
45 Deployment of G-PBOX-aware WMS on the preview test-bed and test by applications and Job Priorities WG 101 INFN
46 G-PBOX compatible WMS in gLite 3.X 101 INFN
47 Define requirements and integration for SAML attributes handler plugin, in particular, to support Shibboleth attributes (in cooperation/coordination with SWITCH's Shibboleth work) in gJAF --- UiB Unknown
48 Develop SAML attribute handler to support Shibboleth attribute assertions and callouts --- UiB Unknown (Check. Depends on above)
49 Create demo/test installation for gJAF in a basic gLite environment to support external Shibboleth and G-PBox callouts development. --- UiB G-PBox callout is done WAiting tag number
50 Define requirements and gJAF components for G-PBox integration. Start with simple functionality without gJAF AuthZ chain re-design. --- UvA, UiB June07
51 Extend external G-PBox callout to support XACML policy Obligation. --- UvA Underway
52 Update gJAF Developer's Guide. --- UvA, UiB Depends on time available
53 gJAF dependencies for gLite restructuring. PMB UvA, UiB Feb07 Done.
54 Key split/join implementation in C in Encrypted Data Storage 582 UiB glite-security-ssss_R_0_1_0_1
55 ssss dependencies for re-structuring PMB Feb07 Done.
56 CGSI_gSOAP based SSL caching save and reuse SSL context in/from a client side cache in Encrypted Data Storage --- HIP/KTH
57 Proxy renewal within the service. This is the proxy renewal library 103a CESNET glite-security-proxyrenewal_R_1_3_4_1
58 Establishment of trust between the service and myproxy 103b CESNET MyProxy v3.6 (in VDT 1.60) in gLite 3.1
59 GSI handshaking troubleshooting. GSI is insecure until the handshake is completed therefore cannot send diagnostics. We can add try to supplement the info returned by the UI by adding diagnostics on the gridftp port. We could also take advantage of the list of supported CAs returned during the GSI handshake Sites KTH On hold
60 Security HOW-TO Guide TCG UH.HIP
61 Security Audits SCG/Sites UH.HIP/KTH November07 Done. November 5th
61 glexec to log actions to syslog SCG/Sites NIKHEF November07 Underway
62 Implement system/regression testing suite for VOMS - INFN
63 Pseudonymity Service --- HIP Underway Feb08
Resource access
1 Migration to Condor 6.7.19 on gLite CE 304 INFN (no tag associated)
2 Migration to Condor 6.8.4 on gLite CE 304 INFN In certification
3 Use of information pass-through by BLAH to control job execution on CE 530 INFN The code is available and can be tested.
4 Access to CE by restricted shell assuming outbound network connectivity from the WN and inbound network connectivity to the UI. Note: still need to define exactly which commands should be allowed by the restricted shell. 310 INFN 2 months development + 1 month testing. This task needs to be postponed due to gLite Restructuring, moreover the actual lack of resources available to CREAM development make it difficult to program the work.
5 Deployment of the CREAM CE on the preview test-bed and test by applications 311 304 INFN Deployed, testing started
6 CREAM CE ready for gLite 3.X. Deployment model will be to have both CREAM and Condor_C interfaces at the sites 311 304 INFN
7 Reduced and disentangled dependencies per component for CREAM subsystem. PMB INFN Unknown, depends on how many dependencies are affected, which is an unknown factor.
8 Cleaner separation between client and server code for the CREAM subsystem PMB INFN 3 weeks.
9 Support for publication of VOViews on CEs for Job Priorities WG tests 101 INFN According to WG needs
10 Comprehensive information collection script for the CE that administrators can run and provide for support (similar to the show tech-support command in Cisco routers....). This should complement the SFT results. Sites INFN Postponed after gLite Restructuring.
11 Reduced and disentangled dependencies per component for BLAH subsystem. PMB INFN 4 weeks
12 BLAH calls glexec to change identity --- INFN Depends on testing.
Job Management services
1 Use of new proxy renewal library in WMS without WMS dependencies --- INFN glite-security-proxyrenewal_R_1_3_4_1
2 Support for Short Deadline Jobs in WMS/UI 511 Datamat
3 Job Prologue/Epilogue 523 INFN
4 Support for VOViews in match-making 101 INFN
5 Streamlined logging of bulk jobs in WMproxy 304 Datamat glite-lb_R_1_3_4 glite-wms_R_3_1_0
(in gLite 3.1)
6 Configuration on the UI that defines a set of primary RB's to be used by the VO for load balancing and fall-back to Service Discovery in case the primary set is not available. This includes the detection of overloaded WMSs 301 Datamat glite-wms_R_3_1_7 Mods merged into 3.1 in July) Available in both gLite 3.0 and 3.1
7 "Hot standby" configuration of a pool of WMS services. Currently testing the LCG HAGD. Clients will use the existing failover mechanism. Note: Will need to configure a highly available database (MySQL) back-end; The 'filelists' used for internal communication need to be replaced with mailboxes that can be efficiently run on a distributed filesystem, shared among the nodes. 303 INFN, Datamat, CESNET September + 2 months testing. L&B in June 2007 (delayed by more urgent tasks)
Code for mailboxes available for gLite 3.1
Bulk match-making in WMS, based on user-specified "significant" attributes
304 INFN April 2007 , code available and under test.
9 Decouple bulk-submitted jobs from DAGs in WMS and LB 304 INFN CESNET Tests started in Feb07. glite-lb_R_1_4_0_1 (being continuously improved)
10 Remove bottlenecks in LB: logging events via logd (but the most productive LB event sources already use LB proxy, though), and registering large collections 304 CESNET glite-lb_R_1_4_0_1 (in gLite 3.1)
11 Allow subscriptions to LB information for all jobs in a VO for selected VO users 324 CESNET 1 month (Req need to be clarified)
12 Support Input Sandbox files via HTTP (and HTTP proxies) using htcp from Gridsite 306 INFN glite-wms_R_3_1_48_1)
13 WM and Jobwrapper code cleanup --- INFN Continous, Some improvements already available, but most of the work will be performed during the restructuring activity.
14 Status and statistics collection on WMS node Sites INFN
15 Methods for building statistics from LB --- CESNET and JRA2 glite-lb_R_1_3_0 (in gLite 3.1) Needs feedback from JRA2
16 Deployment of the ICE-compatible WMS on the preview test-bed and test by applications 311 304 INFN Oct07
17 ICE-compatible WMS in gLite 3.X 311 304 INFN
18 Adopt the common logging format for the ICE component --- INFN One to two weeks depending on the complexity of the changes.
19 JSDL2JDL translator --- Datamat Postponed to november 2007 due to gLite restructuring.
20 Deployment of Job Provenance system on preview test-bed and test by applications --- CESNET Done, tested in Prov Challenge
21 Job Provenance in gLite 3.X --- CESNET glite-jp_R_1_3_5_1 (in gLite 3.1)
22 Job Provenance deployment support: modified L&B deployment, default deployment modules of JP services, "seemless" client integration into glite-job-status (to access data migrated from L&B to JP) --- CESNET September 2007 (1-2 PM effort)
23 L&B and JP graphical job browser --- CESNET to be clarified
24 Document all possible status reasons for events logged by the L&B. The goal here is to have one well-defined cause per message. sites INFN CESNET Datamat Continuous activity
25 Comprehensive information collection script for the WMS that administrators can run and provide for support (similar to the show tech-support command in Cisco routers....). This should complement the SFT results. Sites INFN Unknown Postponed after gLite restructuring.
26 Enable LB to relate system-level events to active jobs. sites CESNET INFN
27 L&B & JP restructuring, phase 1: start with 3.1, conservative clean up of dependencies, build cleanup (e.g. generated files) PMB CESNET March 2007 (2PM effort) done
28 Review and eliminate as many miscellaneous L&B dependencies (wms-utils, trio, ...) as possible PMB CESNET June 2007 (1PM effort)
29 Resolve mutual L&B <-> JP dependencies PMB CESNET June 2007 (0.5 PM effort)
30 Factorize common L&B and JP code PMB CESNET June 2007 (1PM effort)
31 Cleanup interface/implementation and client/server in L&B; make the client as thin as possible; split components (mainly common) to avoid chaining dependencies; PMB CESNET August 2007 (3PM effort)
32 Unify L&B server and proxy PMB CESNET August 2007 (3PM effort)
33 Support non-gLite jobs in L&B --- CESNET PBS jobs: Done; paper for HPDC workshop: Done; Condor jobs: mostly done, further interaction with Condor team is necessary (4PM effort)
34 Participation in Provenance Challenge 2 Standardization CESNET Phase 1 (data exchange format) -- Feb; Phase 2 (interoperability with other systems) -- June (at HPDC) 2007 (3PM effort)
35 Adopt common logging format in L&B -- CESNET 3 weeks
36 Adopt common logging format in JP -- CESNET 3 weeks
37 Reduced and disentangled dependencies per component for UI and WMProxy PMB Datamat, INFN May 2007
38 Cleaned Client/Server code for UI and WMProxy PMB Datamat, INFN July 2007
39 Reduced and disentangled dependencies per component for WMS components. PMB INFN May 2007
40 Cleaned Client/Server code for WMS components PMB INFN July 2007
41 Adopt the common logging format on WMS components (including WMProxy) --- Datamat, INFN 3 to 5 weeks depending on the complexity of the needed changes.
42 Adopt the common logging format on the UI components --- Datamat 2 to 3 weeks.
43 Modification to JDL library, WMS clients and APIs for implementing MPI-WG recommendation about parallel jobs support --- Datamat 2 weeks (including test)
44 Modification to WMS (JobAdapter /JobWrapper) for implementing MPI-WG recommendation about parallel jobs support --- INFN 2 weeks (including non-regression test only)
Full testing requires Information System, Site Configuration and CE/WN configuration changes; this makes timing unknow at the moment.
Data Management services
Last modified by AkosFrohner 12 December 2007
1 Implementing timeouts on retries in LFC client --- CERN Done LFC 1.5.8 and later
2 ACL consistency at the storage element between file replicas in LFC (i) first step suggest preparation of CLI tool for ACL modification 264 CERN EGEE-III TASK:7522
3 Key splitting between hydra (not using Perroquet) --- CERN Done glite-data-hydra-service v1.3.0, glite-data-hydra-cli v3.1.0
4 Support for replicas of LFC service instances 263 CERN Done Oracle Streams deployment ongoing for multiple LFC instances.
5 Have DPM-FTP moved to build in gLite build system --- CERN Done DPM 1.6.3
6 Work for common RFIO library and specific DPM plugin. Will coordinate with the Castor team, who will develop the Castor specific plugin --- CERN EGEE-III TASK:7523
7 Packaging and testing of DPM ftp based on gridftp2. --- CERN Done DPM 1.6.5
8 Mysql DPM Nameserver database backup --- CERN Done Operational procedure documented in DPM operations wiki
9 Alice-specific xrootd plugin for DPM. --- CERN Done DPM 1.6.7
10 Provide SRM Copy for DPM --- CERN EGEE-III TASK:7524
11 https data access protocol to DPM --- CERN Done DPM 1.6.7
12 Use of DPM with BIOMED DICOM-SRM (1) Change of DPM state machine --- CERN Done DPM 1.6.10
13 Use of DPM with BIOMED DICOM-SRM (2) Test suit and test of new DPM state machine --- CERN Testing DPM 1.6.10
14 Use of DPM with BIOMED DICOM-SRM (3) Write plugin to perform copies between DICOM and DPM --- CERN Testing DPM 1.6.10
15 Modification of Csec (i.e. LFC/DPM control conn) to allow for application of encryption --- CERN EGEE-III TASK:7525
16 GFAL to use SRM v2.2/lcg_utils to lookup SRM version number 123 CERN Done DPM 1.6.3
17 GFAL information system cache --- CERN EGEE-III BUG:39786
18 lcg_utils retry with different replica in case of failure --- CERN EGEE-III BUG:39787
19 Integration of GFAL to EDS --- CERN Done glite-data-hydra-cli v3.1.0
20 New FTS proxy renewal agent 216 CERN Done FTS 2.0
21 Adding delegation to the FTS 216 CERN Done FTS 2.0
22 Update MySQL FTS to bring into line with Oracle version --- CERN Canceled
23 Refactoring of FTS component: transfer-url-copy --- CERN Done FTS 2.0
24 FTS addition of SRM v2.2 capability 123 CERN Done FTS 2.0
- beta SRM 2.2. functionality
25 Addition of SRM v2.2 server to DPM (and associated changes in DPM) 123 CERN Done DPM 1.6.3
26 DPM Quotas Tier2 sites CERN EGEE-III TASK:7526
27 DPM Stream limit per pool node --- CERN EGEE-III BUG:39788
28 Checking of unnecessary castor RFIO cient dependency on DPM/other nodes --- CERN Done gLite R3.1 WN and UI
29 ACLs on DPM Pools --- CERN Done DPM 1.6.5
30 Better DPM scheduler for pool/fs selection --- CERN EGEE-III TASK:7527
31 Support for secondary VOMS groups by DPM --- CERN Done DPM 1.6.4
32 Support for secondary VOMS groups by LFC (much of this work overlaps with work needed for DPM, but the total needed DPM changes are larger) --- CERN Done LFC 1.6.4
33 New administrative and monitoring tools for DPM; including DPNS-disc consistency checking/file listing in case of failure capability --- CERN EGEE-III TASK:7528
34 Bulk delete method for LFC --- CERN Done Q4 2007, in DPM v.1.6.8
35 Bulk delete method for SEs (i.e. this relates to DPM for JRA1-DM) --- CERN Done DPM 1.6.1 (implemented as bulk srmRm)
36 Monitoring (assessed in workshop as top prioirity 1/4) FTS
CERN Ongoing, also in EGEE-III TASK:7529
37 SRM/gridftp communication split (workshop priority 2/4) FTS
CERN Q2 2008 tracked as BUG:33895
38 Site sets and static clouds (workshop priority 3/4) FTS
CERN Q4 2008 1 month work, tracked as BUG:35758
39 Non-shared star channels (workshop priority 4/4) - performance improvements. FTS
CERN Q2 2008 tracked as BUG:35757
40 CLI Timeouts (not explicitly prioritised, but considered a minor task) FTS
CERN 2008 sometime tracked as BUG:35756
41 Blacklisting (workshop priority 2.5/4) FTS
CERN Cancelled
42 Restructure: Rationalise gSoap versions (settle on 2.7.9) PMB CERN Done GFAL 1.10.5-1, lcg_util 1.6.4, DPM/LFC 1.6.6, FTS2
43 Restructure: Remove unnecessary CGSI_gSoap usage PMB CERN not started 2 months. Tracked as BUG:35754
44 Restructure: Use libxml2 in DM components PMB CERN Q4 2007 committed/tagged -- will be in the FTS2/SLC4 release
45 Restructure: Test data management code with new VDT (i.e. 1.6) PMB CERN Done GFAL 1.10.5-1, lcg_util 1.6.4, DPM/LFC 1.6.6, FTS2
46 Restructure: General clean-up of unnecessary build dependencies PMB CERN Done DPM 1.6.5, FTS2 and hydra w/o gLite I/O
47 WS-I compliant interface CMS, ATLAS CERN Q2 2008 tracked as BUG:32946
Information services, monitoring and accounting
1 Version 1.3 of the Glue Schema --- CERN CCLRC Done Done
2 Write GIP Info Provider for Services --- CCLRC Ongoing May 2007. See https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?17623
3 R-GMA Inspector (to trouble-shoot R-GMA problems) Sites CCLRC Done https://rgma19.pp.rl.ac.uk:8443/Inspector/ It requires JDK 5 so will go out as part of gLite 3.1
4 Set of scripts to monitor an R-GMA installation Sites CCLRC Done Distributed informally but will be tagged properly
5 Extending GIN to deal with Services --- CCLRC Done glite-rgma-gin_R_5_0_7
6 The R-GMA registry no longer sends out notifications. This should increase reliability and does make registry replication much easier to implement --- CCLRC Ongoing Jan 2008 - being tested
7 There will only be one socket open for streaming from one machine to another in R-GMA --- CCLRC Ongoing Jan 2008 - being tested
8 Regular handling of remote invocation (time-outs etc) in R-GMA --- CCLRC Ongoing Jan 2008 - being tested
9 Database independence in R-GMA --- CCLRC Ongoing Jan 2008 - being tested
10 Managed tuple stores - essential to support authz in R-GMA 101 CCLRC Ongoing Jan 2008 - being tested
11 Multiple VDB support in R-GMA but without the ability to issue a query spanning more than one VDB --- CCLRC Ongoing Jan 2008 - being tested
12 Queries over multiple VDBs in R-GMA --- CCLRC Ongoing Jan 2008 - being tested
13 Authz by VDB based on attributes in the certificate (VOMS) in R-GMA 101 CCLRC Jan 2007 Jan 2008 - being tested
14 Registry replication in R-GMA --- CCLRC 2007 Jan 2008 - being tested
15 Schema replication in R-GMA --- CCLRC 2007 Jan 2008 - being tested
16 Oracle support in R-GMA --- CCLRC 2007 Probably not in EGEE-II
17 Adopt common logging format in R-GMA --- CCLRC When definition available Jan 2008 - being tested
18 Eliminate logging dependencies from R-GMA clients --- CCLRC May 2007 Patch 1423
19 Parallel invocation of plug-ins in Service Discovery --- CCLRC Ongoing Probably not in EGEE-II
20 Resolve caching issues in SD or utilities using SD 111 CCLRC Ongoing Being addressed in utilities
21 "Configuration-free" SD which is useful as a bootstrap mechanism as it can locate the R-GMA server on the local subnet --- CCLRC 2007 Unknown
22 Make use of the SD APIs in all components --- All Dec 2006 Unknown
23 SAGA Based SD using 3 filter strings with BDII and R-GMA support --- CCLRC Ongoing Jan 2008 - being tested
24 Investigate the Debian system that gives a standard way to tar up logs and send them to whoever needs them. Sites All Cancelled
25 DGAS ready for gLite 3.X 331 INFN Ongoing September (On INFNGrid now, tags ready by end of march 2007)
26 DGAS:Reduce dependencies: remove perlDBD and perl DBI dependencies. PMB INFN May 2007 June 2007
27 DGAS:Clean client/server code: better decopling between client APIs and CE sensors. PMB INFN May 2007 June 2007
28 DGAS/APEL interoperability using the same sensors --- INFN/RAL Ongoing Code ready and being deployed on INFNGrid, some sites already publishing, needs chek for information consistency between DGAS and GOC.
29 Adopt the common logging format for DGAS --- INFN When definition available 3 weeks.
30 Use the standard format for the usage record --- INFN Ongoing
31 APEL: port to ETICS --- CCLRC May 2007 Adjustments to APELs build.xml file required
32 APEL: User-Level Accounting --- CCLRC Mar 2007 Capture FQAN chain and on-the-fly encryption of User-DN. In certification
33 APEL: Local Job Accounting --- CCLRC Planning Stage Estimate non-grid usage and show on portal bug# 26995
34 APEL: Offline Accounting Processor --- CCLRC Ongoing Process FQAN chain to derive primaryt Group and Role, Decrypt User-DN, Aggregation for user-level and intra-VO accounting
35 Accounting Portal --- CCLRC/CESGA Ongoing Views of data (above) using access control and JSPG's five actors (VO Resource manager, user, vo member, goc administrator, site administrator)
36 APEL: Data sharing --- CCLRC/Brunel --- Implement prototype RUS for central accounting repository.
37 BDII: Benchmarking LDAP --- CERN April Done
38 BDII: Benchmarking LDAP with Indexes --- CERN May Done
39 BDII: Benchmarking MySQL --- CERN June Done
40 BDII: Performance Testing Methodology --- CERN June Done
41 BDII: Information System Testing --- CERN July September
42 Indexed BDII --- CERN June Done
43 BDII: Service Version Publishing --- CERN June Done
44 BDII: Service Discovery API --- CERN August October
45 IPv6 Support for BDII --- CERN June July
46 BDII: Re-arrange LDAP hierachy --- CERN June September

-- ClaudioGrandi - 28 Jun 2007

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