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FTS Error Classification

This page describes how FTS classifies errors for files and transfers.

Files and transfers have the following error-related properties:

  • Category: the error code.
  • Scope: determines where the error occurred (source or destination SRM, transfer, internal error).
  • Phase: determines when, in the file lifecycle, the error occurred (allocation, transfer preparation etc).
  • Message: the error message

The tables in this page list the values for the category, scope and phase properties. The tables columns have the following meaning:

  • version: the FTS version when the code was introduced; 2.1 if not specified.
  • database: the value stored in the database.
  • python: the value for the python API (retry logic, etc).
  • c++: the value in the c++ interface.
  • #: the value as a number. Negative numbers indicate a deprecated value.
  • Description: a description for the item.

Error Category

Version Database python c++ # Description
TRANSFER_ERROR Transfer TRANSFER 1 Transfer Error (if no more specific catch-all category is provided)
SECURITY_ERROR Security SECURITY 2 Security Error
NETWORK_ERROR Network NETWORK 3 Network problem between two remote servers
CONFIGURATION_ERROR Configuration CONFIGURATION 4 Configuration Problem
CONSISTENCY_ERROR Consistency CONSISTENCY 5 Consistency Problem
CATALOG_ERROR Catalog CATALOG 6 Generic Catalog Error
USER_ERROR User USER 7 The user provided invalid data, e.g. invalid surl format
FILE_EXISTS FileExists FILE_EXISTS 8 Destination file already exists
INVALID_PATH InvalidPath INVALID_PATH 9 Source file does not exist or is not possible to create destination directory path
NO_SPACE_LEFT NoSpaceLeft NO_SPACE_LEFT 10 No space left on target device
INVALID_SIZE InvalidSize INVALID_SIZE 11 Inconsistent file size at source and destination after transfer
REQUEST_FAILURE RequestFailure REQUEST_FAILURE 12 Failed to invoke remote method (RPC failure), e.g. SOAP_FAULT returned
CONNECTION_ERROR Connection CONNECTION 13 Connection error in contacting remote server (SRM,GRIDFTP,catalog)
REQUEST_TIMEOUT RequestTimeout REQUEST_TIMEOUT 15 Timeout in completing asynchronous request
TRANSFER_TIMEOUT TransferTimeout TRANSFER_TIMEOUT 16 The transfer didn't complete in the expected time
INTERNAL_ERROR InternalError INTERNAL_ERROR 17 Agent internal error, e.g. Logic error in the agent
ABORTED Aborted ABORTED 18 The request has been aborted
GENERAL_FAILURE GeneralFailure GENERAL_FAILURE 19 Generic error, catch-all category
LOST Lost LOST 20 The transfer was lost (dead, killed)
STORAGE_INTERNAL_ERROR StorageInternalError STORAGE_INTERNAL_ERROR 21 Storage Element internal error
GRIDFTP_ERROR GridFtp GRIDFTP 22 Griftp failure
TRANSFER_MARKERS_TIMEOUT MarkersTimeout MARKERS_TIMEOUT 23 Transfer Markers Timeout
SRM_COPY SrmCopy SRM_COPY 24 SrmCopy failure (catch-all category for srmcopy transfer errors)
CATALOG_INTERNAL_ERROR CatalogInternalError CATALOG_INTERNAL_ERROR 25 catalog error catch-all category
2.2 LOCALITY Locality LOCALITY 26 The file failed because of its location, e.g. the file was nearline and the 'fail nearline' option was specified
2.2 FIRST_MARKER_TIMEOUT FirstMarkerTimeout FIRST_MARKER_TIMEOUT 27 The first non-zero transfer marker was not received within the expected time
2.2 NO_PROGRESS NoProgress NO_PROGRESS 28 The transfer markers indicated no progress for more than the maximum allowed time
AGENT_ERROR Agent AGENT -1 Generic Agent Error [now INTERNAL_ERROR]
SOURCE_SRM_ERROR Source SOURCE -2 Generic problem with the Source SE
SOURCE_PREP_SRM_ERROR SourcePreparation SOURCE_PREP -3 Problem with the file preparation on the Source SE
SOURCE_FINAL_SRM_ERROR SourceFinalization SOURCE_FINAL -4 Problem with the file finalization on the Source SE
DEST_SRM_ERROR Destination DESTINATION -5 Generic problem with the Destination SE
DEST_PREP_SRM_ERROR DestinationPreparation DESTINATION_PREP -6 Problem with the file preparation on the Destination SE
DEST_FINAL_SRM_ERROR DestinationFinalization DESTINATION_FINAL -7 Problem with the file finalization on the Destination SE
REMOTE_ERROR Remote REMOTE -8 Generic problem in contacting a remote server [now CONNECTION]
SOURCE_CATALOG_ERROR CatalogSource CATALOG_SRC -9 Generic Catalog problem for the source file
SOURCE_CATALOG_RESOLUTION_ERROR CatalogSrcResolution CATALOG_SRC_RES -10 Problem during Source Name Resolution
DEST_CATALOG_ERROR CatalogDestination CATALOG_DST -11 Generic Catalog problem for the destination file
DEST_CATALOG_RESOLUTION_ERROR CatalogDestResolution CATALOG_DST_RES -12 Problem during Destination Name Resolution
DEST_CATALOG_REGISTRATION_ERROR CatalogDestRegistration CATALOG_DST_REG -13 Problem during Registration to the Destination Catalog

Error Scope

Database python c++ # Description
Undef S_UNDEF 0
SOURCE Source S_SOURCE 1 source remote server (SRM, gridftp, catalog)
DESTINATION Destination S_DESTINATION 2 destination remote server (SRM, gridftp, catalog)
TRANSFER Transfer S_TRANSFER 3 transfer
AGENT Agent S_AGENT 4 internal agent problem (inconsistency, file system errors, etc)

Error Phase

Database python c++ # Description
Undef P_UNDEF 0
TRANSFER_PREPARATION TxPreparation P_TX_PREPARATION 1 transfer preparation phase
TRANSFER_FINALIZATION TxFinalization P_TX_FINALIZATION 2 transfer finalization phase
TRANSFER Transfer P_TRANSFER 3 transfer phase
ALLOCATION Allocation P_ALLOCATION 4 file allocation to channel phase
CATALOG_RESOLUTION CatalogResolution P_CATALOG_RESOLUTION 5 catalog resolution
CATALOG_REGISTRATION CatalogRegistration P_CATALOG_REGISTRATION 6 catalog registration
PRESTAGING Prestaging P_PRESTAGING 7 prestaging phase
FINALIZATION Finalization P_FINALIZATION 8 file finalization phase
WAITING Waiting P_WAITING 9 used only for constistency errors during retry logic evaluation
WAITING_CATALOG WaitingCatalog P_WAITING_CATALOG 10 used only for constistency errors during catalog retry logic evaluation
CANCELING Canceling P_CANCELING 11 error during cancelation
TRANSFER_SERVICE TxService P_TX_SERVICE 12 error during interaction with transfer service (fetching file, checking state)
PRE_TRANSFER PreTransfer P_PRE_TRANSFER 13 error in pre transfer hook (VO-specific validation failed)
POST_TRANSFER PostTransfer P_POST_TRANSFER 14 error in pre transfer hook (VO-specific validation failed)
CHECK_READINESS CheckReadiness P_CHECK_READINESS 15 error in check readyness phase

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