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FTS presentations page

This page contains presentations that have been given for FTS together with Visio diagrams and other presentation fodder.



In reverse chronological order

JRA1 - Prague 2008

EGEE-JRA1 Conference: FTS Status ppt

CERN/IT/DM Technical Meeting

FTS Tutorial - February 2008: ppt pdf

WLCG Service Reliability Workshop

SRM2.2 Deployment Workshop - November 2007

FTS introduction; SRM interactions; explanation of some errors. Paolo Tedesco.


JRA1 All Hands Meeting - October 2007

FTS architecture, status and plans. Paolo Tedesco.


CHEP 2007 - September 2006

FTS presentation. Markus Schulz.


WLCG Mumbai T2s workshop in Asia - December 2006

FTS Tutorial for T2 Administrators. Paolo Badino.


  • Remark: by definition, there's no T0 import: it's import into CAF (CERN Analysis Facility). The presentation should be fixed.

How to debug FTS related problem (for T2 Administrators). Paolo Badino.


FTS workshop - September 2006

New features in FTS. Paolo Badino.


FTS adminstration tutorial. Gavin McCance.
(see FtsTutorial for all tutorials).


LCG FTS schedules. James Casey.


WLCG FTS channel discussion. Gavin McCance.


All presentations and agenda are available at

Service Challenge technical meeting - September 2006

Cross-site problem resolution proposal (focus on transfer service operations). Gavin McCance.


ATLAS DDM meeting - September 2006

Describes the current planning and priorities for FTS. Gavin McCance.


SRM 2.2 Workshop - September 2006

Describes the current status and plan for the SRM 2.2 support. Paolo Badino.

FTS 2.2 status.ppt

Service Challenge Meeting - June 2006

Problems setting up production services (review of T1 sites). Gavin McCance.


FTS failure handling policies and design. Gavin McCance.


Tier-2 FTS administration tutorial - June 2006

How to administer FTS channels for tier-2 admins and overview of FTS WLCG deployment model. Gavin McCance.


API description for GGF DMIS working group - May 2006.

API descriptions and general overview for DMIS. GGF17. James Casey.


ATLAS Workshop: Status and Plans - April 2006

Report on the current focus and development of new features. Paolo Badino.


JRA1 All Hands Meeting - March 2006

Security aspects: roles, delegation, renewal. Paolo Badino.


EGEE User Forum - March 2006

FTS overview (more or less the same as the CHEP06 one); it includes statistics from SC3 rerun. Paolo Badino.


Mumbai Service Challenge Workshop - February 2006

Transfer service status and directions. Gavin McCance.


Channel Management Concepts. Gavin McCance.


CHEP06 - February 2006

FTS overview and usage in SC3. Paolo Badino.


FTS Workshop - November 2005

FTA overview for the LCG experiments. It includes guide to Catalog connectors (C++ and Python). Paolo Badino.


Current status of transfer service. Gavin McCance.


Summary of experiment issues. Gavin McCance.


Report of FTS workshop. Gavin McCance.


LCG Project Execution Board - July 2005

Implementation status and plans for FTS. Gavin McCance.


Grid Deployment Board meeting - July 2005

Multi-VO FTS design and monitoring. Gavin McCance.


UK Tier-1 Meeting (Imperial College) - May 2005

UK Tier-1 and Tier-2 meeting - FTS overview and requirements. Gavin McCance.


HEPIX - May 2005

FTS Overview and hardware requirements. Gavin McCance.


Taipei Service Challenge Meeting - April 2005

Overview, FTS deployment, and experiment integraion. Gavin McCance.


LCG storage management workshop - April 2005

FTS requirements, design and integration options. Gavin McCance


Lyon Service Challenge Meeting - March 2005

Reliable File Transfer Architecture and Design. Review of FTS performance in service challenge. Gavin McCance.


Diagrams, etc

Visio Diagrams


  • FTSMonPage.png: Screenshot of the FTS channel administration interface

Other Stuff

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GIFgif RetryLogic.gif r1 manage 25.2 K 2006-05-09 - 10:21 UnknownUser FTA improved retry logic
PowerPointppt FTSAPI.ppt r1 manage 51.5 K 2006-05-09 - 09:36 GavinMcCance  
PNGpng Job_StateMachine_improved.png r1 manage 52.5 K 2006-08-18 - 10:29 PaoloBadino Job State Machine (revision for new version) as PNG
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)svg Job_StateMachine_improved.svg r2 r1 manage 52.8 K 2006-08-18 - 11:45 PaoloBadino Job State Machine (revision for new version) as SVG
PowerPointppt Report_of_FTS_developers_workshop-readable.ppt r1 manage 63.0 K 2006-09-14 - 17:23 GavinMcCance Report of FTS workshop
PowerPointppt Summary_of_issues.ppt r1 manage 64.5 K 2006-09-14 - 17:24 GavinMcCance Summary of experiment issues
Visio documentvsd Job_StateMachine.vsd r1 manage 70.5 K 2006-05-09 - 10:09 UnknownUser Job State Machine (simplified)
Visio documentvsd Agent-parameters.vsd r1 manage 74.0 K 2006-10-24 - 14:59 GavinMcCance YAIM parameter structure for agents
Visio documentvsd Job_StateMachine_improved.vsd r2 r1 manage 76.5 K 2006-08-18 - 10:27 PaoloBadino Job State Machine (revision for new version)
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls SC4_Stats.xls r1 manage 83.5 K 2006-05-09 - 10:20 UnknownUser FTS Statistics of SC4 throughput tests
PowerPointppt Current_status_of_transfer_service.ppt r1 manage 86.0 K 2006-09-14 - 17:22 GavinMcCance Status of transfer service
Visio documentvsd FTA_Structure.vsd r1 manage 89.0 K 2006-05-09 - 10:15 UnknownUser FTA Modules Structure
PNGpng map-lhcopn-current.png r1 manage 109.2 K 2006-05-09 - 10:22 UnknownUser LCG OPN diagram
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)svg File_StateMachine_improved.svg r2 r1 manage 116.1 K 2006-08-18 - 11:45 PaoloBadino File State Machine (revision for new version) as SVG
Visio documentvsd File_StateMachine.vsd r1 manage 121.0 K 2006-05-09 - 10:09 UnknownUser File State Machine (simplified)
Visio documentvsd agents-split-deployment.vsd r1 manage 128.5 K 2006-10-24 - 15:00 GavinMcCance Agents split over multiple boxes
PNGpng FTSMonPage.png r1 manage 149.7 K 2006-05-09 - 10:21 UnknownUser Screenshot of the FTS Monitoring page
PNGpng File_StateMachine_improved.png r1 manage 153.6 K 2006-08-18 - 10:28 PaoloBadino File State Machine (revision for new version) as PNG
Visio documentvsd QueueViews.vsd r1 manage 156.5 K 2006-05-09 - 10:11 UnknownUser VO and Channel Views on the FTS Queue
Visio documentvsd File_StateMachine_improved.vsd r2 r1 manage 157.0 K 2006-08-18 - 10:27 PaoloBadino File State Machine (revision for new version)
Visio documentvsd DelegationPortType.vsd r1 manage 170.5 K 2006-05-09 - 10:08 UnknownUser Delegation in FTS
PowerPointppt FTS_improvements.ppt r1 manage 251.5 K 2006-09-15 - 09:48 GavinMcCance FTS improvmeents July 2005
Visio documentvsd Channels.vsd r1 manage 252.0 K 2006-05-09 - 10:08 UnknownUser Channels deployment scenario
PowerPointppt Atlas-DDM-plans.ppt r1 manage 254.0 K 2006-09-14 - 17:04 GavinMcCance FTS plans presented to Atlas DDM meeting
PowerPointppt FTS_failure_handling.ppt r1 manage 260.0 K 2006-09-14 - 17:49 GavinMcCance FTS failure handling design
Visio documentvsd web-service-load-balance.vsd r1 manage 261.5 K 2006-10-24 - 15:00 GavinMcCance Load balanced web-services
PowerPointppt FTS_channel_discussion_introduction.ppt r1 manage 272.0 K 2006-10-24 - 10:56 GavinMcCance WLC channel configuration
PowerPointppt Cross_site_problem_resolution.ppt r1 manage 284.5 K 2006-09-15 - 15:49 GavinMcCance Cross-site probloem resolution proposal
PowerPointppt Channel-Management-Concept.ppt r1 manage 286.5 K 2006-09-14 - 17:17 GavinMcCance Channel management concept - what are channels?
PowerPointppt problems_setting_up_services.ppt r1 manage 299.0 K 2006-09-14 - 17:50 GavinMcCance Common problems setting up services (tier-1 review)
PowerPointppt EGEE-JRA1-AH-2008-11-05_DM-FTS.ppt r1 manage 309.0 K 2008-12-08 - 16:48 RosaGarciaRioja EGEE-JRA1 FTS Status
Visio documentvsd Architecture_with_Renewal.vsd r1 manage 329.5 K 2006-05-09 - 10:07 UnknownUser Interaction between the FTS WS, FTAs and proxy renewal agent
PowerPointppt FTS_Administration_for_Tier-2s.ppt r1 manage 341.0 K 2006-09-14 - 17:42 GavinMcCance Tier-2 FTS administration tutorial.
PowerPointppt GDB-FTS_-_20_July_2005.ppt r1 manage 350.0 K 2006-09-15 - 09:42 GavinMcCance GDB multi-VO status
PowerPointppt filetransfer-lcg-storage_-_6_April_2005.ppt r1 manage 389.0 K 2006-09-15 - 10:00 GavinMcCance FTS architecture. design and integration options
Unknown file formatpptx FTS_reliability-WLCG_Service_Reliability_Workshop.pptx r1 manage 401.2 K 2007-11-29 - 11:07 PaoloTedesco FTS reliability: architecture and design principles
PowerPointppt filetransfer-taipei.ppt r1 manage 406.5 K 2006-09-14 - 17:34 GavinMcCance Status at Taipei SC meeting
PowerPointppt File-Transfer-Service-HEPIX-long.ppt r1 manage 409.5 K 2006-09-14 - 17:30 GavinMcCance HEPIX 2005 presentation
PowerPointppt File-Transfer-Service-Imperial.ppt r1 manage 409.5 K 2006-09-14 - 17:37 GavinMcCance UK Tier-1 FTS presentation
PowerPointppt Transfer-service-status-and-directions.ppt r1 manage 503.0 K 2006-09-14 - 17:15 GavinMcCance Status and plans for Transfer Service
Visio documentvsd Architecture.vsd r2 r1 manage 504.0 K 2006-10-24 - 15:01 GavinMcCance Architecture 2
Unknown file formatpptx FTS_JRA1_All_Hands_10-07.pptx r1 manage 608.4 K 2007-10-25 - 11:07 PaoloTedesco FTS architecture, status and plans - JRA1 All Hands Meeting October 2007
PDFpdf FTS_IT-DM_Technical_Meeting_26-02-08.pdf r1 manage 646.4 K 2008-09-18 - 17:22 AkosFrohner  
PowerPointppt FTSWorkshop05.ppt r1 manage 724.5 K 2006-05-09 - 10:19 UnknownUser FTS Workshop Presentation given on 16-09-2005
PowerPointppt Debug_FTS_problems.ppt r1 manage 838.5 K 2006-12-11 - 11:09 PaoloBadino Debug FTS problems - for T2 admins
PowerPointppt 0610-FTS-Workshop-Release-Schedules.ppt r1 manage 883.0 K 2006-10-24 - 10:56 GavinMcCance LCG release schedules
PowerPointppt FTS_admin_tutorial.ppt r1 manage 998.0 K 2006-10-24 - 10:55 GavinMcCance FTS administration tutorial
PowerPointppt Lyon_SC_meeting_-_15_March_2005.ppt r1 manage 1076.0 K 2006-09-15 - 09:55 GavinMcCance FTS status and review of perfonmance in service challenge
PowerPointppt FTS-CHEP07.ppt r3 r2 r1 manage 1232.5 K 2007-09-03 - 10:10 GavinMcCance CHEP 2007 FTS presentation
Unknown file formatpptx FTS_SRM2.2_Deployment_Workshop_11-07.pptx r1 manage 1276.8 K 2007-11-19 - 11:47 PaoloTedesco FTS introduction; SRM interactions; explanation of some errors
PowerPointppt FTS_Tutorial_for_T2s.ppt r1 manage 1414.0 K 2006-12-11 - 11:06 PaoloBadino FTs Tutorial for T2s
PowerPointppt FTS-2.2-status.ppt r1 manage 1600.0 K 2006-08-28 - 17:16 PaoloBadino SRM 2.2 support status
PowerPointppt FTS_AtlasWorkshop06.ppt r1 manage 1900.5 K 2006-05-09 - 09:47 UnknownUser Presentation for the ATLAS Workshop given on 27-04-2006
PowerPointppt FTS-features.ppt r1 manage 2044.0 K 2006-10-24 - 10:54 GavinMcCance FTS new features
PowerPointppt FTS_JRA1AllHand06.ppt r1 manage 2142.5 K 2006-05-09 - 09:46 UnknownUser JRA1 All Hand Meeting Presentation given on 23-03-2006
PowerPointppt FTS_CHEP06.ppt r1 manage 3141.0 K 2006-05-09 - 09:43 UnknownUser CHEP06 Presentation given on 13-02-2006
PowerPointppt FTS_IT-DM_Technical_Meeting_26-02-08.ppt r1 manage 3323.5 K 2008-09-18 - 17:21 AkosFrohner  
PowerPointppt FTS_EGEEUserForum06.ppt r1 manage 3964.0 K 2006-05-09 - 09:45 UnknownUser Presentation given on 02-03-2006
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