Condor batch system with lcg-CE or creamCE as Condor Submitter

Installation of the Condor software

This step is required both for the Condor Server/Condor Client and the Condor Submitter. It can be done independently from the other steps, but should be done before running YAIM.

Download the latest stable Condor package condor-7.2.X-linux-x86-rhel3-dynamic-1.i386.rpm from and installed it in the node.

$ yum localinstall condor-7.2.x-linux-x86-rhel3-dynamic-1.i386.rpm

Be aware that running Condor has security implications. You are adviced to consult the Condor manual about security, and stay up-to-date with security fixes.

A) Installation of a Condor Server (central manager)

First of all, download the repository and update the system.

$ wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-CONDOR_utils.repo
$ yum update

Then, download and install latest glite-yaim-condor-server package from A Condor central manager node does not need a full gLite installation, only needs glite-yaim-core and glite-version which should be pulled as dependencies of glite-yaim-condor-server.

$ yum localinstall glite-yaim-condor-server-4.X.X-X.noarch.rpm

Edit site-info.def and adjust the following variables:

BATCH_SERVER=«hostname of this machine»
BATCH_VERSION=«Condor version (i.e 7.2.4)»

Finally, configure with YAIM.

$ /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n glite-CONDOR_server

B) Installation of a Condor Client (execute node)

First of all, update the repositories and upgrade the system.

$ rm /etc/yum.repos.d/jpackage.repo
$ wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jpackage.repo 
$ wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-CONDOR_utils.repo
$ wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-WN.repo
$ yum update

Then, download and install latest glite-yaim-condor-client package from In this case, a condor execute node needs a full gLite WN installation below, so install it too.

$ yum install glite-WN
$ yum localinstall glite-yaim-condor-client-4.X.X-X.noarch.rpm

Edit site-info.def and adjust the following variables:

BATCH_SERVER=«hostname of condor head node»
BATCH_VERSION=«Condor version (i.e 7.2.4)»

Add this machine to the execution node list.

grep `hostname` wn-list.conf || echo `hostname` >> wn-list.conf

Finally, configure with YAIM.

$ /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n glite-WN -n glite-CONDOR_client

C) Installation of the Condor Submitter

We support the installation of the Condor Submitter together with the installation of a lcg-CE or a creamCE. First of all, make sure you have one of those CE installed (may be not configured).

Then, download the repository and update the system.

$ wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-CONDOR_utils.repo
$ yum update

There are three ways of installing the CONDOR_utils:

1. Using the production repo (recommended):

$ yum install glite-CONDOR_utils

2. Using SA3 repository (for certification):

$ cat > /etc/yum.repos.d/condor-utils-certification.repo << EOF
  name=gLite 3.1 patchXXXX
$ yum install glite-CONDOR_utils

3. Downloading manually from ETICS certification repository (

$ yum localinstall glite-yaim-condor-utils-4.1.2-1.noarch.rpm

Next, ensure the required configuration variables have a proper value:

- If you have LCG-CE, ensure that the variables are set in in services/glite-condor-utils:


- Keep also an eye on the values that are set in the site-info.def, especially:

CE_HOST=<<hostname of this machine>>
BATCH_SERVER=<<hostname of condor headnode>>
BATCH_VERSION=<<Condor version (i.e.: 7.2.4)>>
#BATCH_LOG_DIR is the path where condor history file is located
BATCH_LOG_DIR=/opt/condor-$BATCH_VERSION/local.<<short hostname of this machine>>/spool
QUEUES="<<short hostname of this machine>>"

Warning: Only a single queue per Condor CE is officially supported, and its name MUST be the short hostname of the CE machine. Please, ensure that QUEUES variable has the proper value. If you need more than one queue, you can try the following instructions for multiple queues.

Finally, configure the node with YAIM. Due to a bug in yaim you need to set the path to the condor binaries (PATH=$PATH:/opt/condor-7.2.4/bin) if it is the first run of yaim.

- For LCG-CE:

$ /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n lcg-CE -n glite-CONDOR_utils

- For creamCE:

$ /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n creamCE -n glite-CONDOR_utils

-- PauTallada - 24-Nov-2009

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