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Project: EMI Deliverable or milestone identifier: D2.2.3
Title: DNA2.2.3 - Training Plan Doc. identifier: EMI-DXXX-CDSREF-Title-vx.x
Author(s): K. Cassidy Due date: 30/10/2012

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Name: M. Riedel Affiliation: JUELICH EMI Activity/External project or Institute: NA3

Review date 11/12/2012
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Page Section Observations and Replies Is Addressed?
1 6 Introduction It might be interesting to have a few words on the different markets we want to sell the products to (see NA3) and thus specific trainings although I understand the general manpower issues...
KC 21/11/2012 - I have added a paragraph to section 2 Training Strategy indicating how NA2 and NA3 might work together to help decide appropriate trianings for the markets identified by NA2. I don't want to put too much detail here as we really haven't talked about how this might work, but it is certainly worth including as part of our strategy.
2 6 Exec Summary change "upgrade paths" to "migration"
KC 21/11/2012 - changed
3 6 Exec Summary "Feedback for the user training sessions, although still positive, was not as high at 3.68 out of 6." I would distinguish here then because above you mentioned several events that not all can be influenced by EMI 2 releases.
KC 21/11/2012 - I have tried to clarify this here, and also in section 3.3.3, though this may make these sections a little repetitive now.
4 6 Exec Summary "over 200 new entries being added" good, but how do our customers know about that - is there a direct link from EGI to this location?
KC 21/11/2012 - Yes, the Documentation Library is advertised via the EGI Training Marketplace. I have now added this to section 3.5.1. I have not, however, explicitly stated it in the Executive Summary, as I don't want to repeat all of the detail here.
5 6 Exec Summary "One tutorial is now available via the FutureGrid portal, and a number of others are in development." perhaps add: It is expected that this remote training opportunity will be available also after the end of EMI and attracts new users from the US that traditionally rather used UT technology such as Globus and Genesis.
KC 21/11/2012 - added, and I have also expanded section 3.5.3.
6 6 Exec Summary "Several video tutorials are now also available on the EMI website based on webcasts of either face-toface or online training events." Are these available on you tube? these days I don't care about videos on websites - I would rather check youtube for it.
KC 21/11/2012 - This should be possible, we will look into it. I have added this in section 3.4.3.
7 6 Exec Summary "and receiving specific training inputs from EGI." what does this mean?
KC 21/11/2012 - I have changed "inputs" to "requests" to make this clear.
8 6 Exec Summary "An entirely new training infrastructure based on FutureGrid resources is now available for use by remote learners, and possibly also in face-to-face courses." already mentioned above? Perhaps merge.
KC 21/11/2012 - Sorry, yes this paragraph was redundant, and I think it is stated clearly enough above, so I have removed it and just edited the paragraph above instead.
9 6 Exec Summary "In general there was one page with status updates rather then plans. I would cut to one page: 50% status report and 50% plans for the future or what remains after the project ends..."
KC 21/11/2012 - I agree that this might be better, but the Executive Summary must summarise the content of the entire document. Unfortunately with only six months to run in the project, the plans section is naturally going to be shorter than the report on what was run in the previous twelve months. To be honest, it is difficult for NA2 to make concrete plans for activities beyond the end of the project, as we will rely even more on the individual partners to pursue their own training activities at that stage. I understand that this document is called a "Training Plan", but as an update to the previous plans I believe it has to fully report on the activities completed to date while also laying out future plans. If you disagree I can try to edit it in line with your comments.
10 7 Exec Summary "In DNA2.2.2 it was suggested that it might be possible to conduct a small-scale follow-up survey of trained users to determine the longer-term impact and effectiveness of EMI training activities. This was proposed to occur in advance of a full-scale survey. This proved infeasible, although the largescale follow-up survey is planned to go ahead before the end of the project." i don't understand this paragraph
KC 21/11/2012 - Yes, it was rather unclear, I have rephrased it and I hope it makes more sense now.
11 7 Exec Summary "The coverage of the training has been increased during this period, with more products being addressed, and the addition of application developer training." from number x to number y
KC 21/11/2012 - Added. Also see updated section 4.3 for more context on these numbers.
12 9 Section 2 "it has on occasion been difficult to engage the product teams in training activities." perhaps add a reason that is not too dramatic..(not necessarily overcommitment)
KC 21/11/2012 - Ok, I have added something, I am saying "other commitments", but not I think in a way that suggests that there are overcommitments, also sometimes nobody is available to travel to a particular event to give training and I have said that too. Now it reads "it has on occasion been difficult to engage the product teams in training activities, due to other commitments or unavailability of staff to travel to a training location, etc." Is this ok, or does it give a bad impression?
13 11 Section 3.1 "One of the objectives of the Technical Knowledge Management task of NA2 is to facilitate knowledge transfer within the EMI project by coordinating what are called “in-reach” events. These are training events aimed at members of the project which aim to introduce developers to the products of other product teams and also to ensure that all members are familiar with the project-wide policies, procedures, tools and technologies that they need in order to perform their work." clear by now - what did you different from the last ones (e.g. first and second) Our reviewers told us to focus only on differences... lessons learned from 1 and 2?
KC 21/11/2012 - Ok, I have shortened the introductory text and added something about how the online in-reach sessions were preferred as we got better attendance.
14 11 Section 3.2 "perhaps instead of big text - just provide a few pages with a table? it somehow seems to me while reading it much more intuitive, somthing like which products are where covered are easier to obtain etc."
KC 21/11/2012 - I have added a table for the section 3.2.1 and 3.2.3. 3.2.2 (GridKa School) I have left as it was as there were fewer topics.
15 16 3.4.3 "To date, six webcasts of end-user training sessions have been made and these are available on the EMI website [R7]." is there a way to put them in youtube also?
KC 21/11/2012 - I have indicated here and also in the table of future plans in Section 5.7 that this will be done.
16 18 3.5.3 FutureGrid, maybe add: it is expected that the training is available also after the EMI project
KC 21/11/2012 - Done, I have also mentioned this in section 3.6.2
17 18 3.6.1 missing reference
KC 21/11/2012 -Apologies, missing reference has been added now.
18 20 4.1 Metrics not met, perhaps add * reason is... or plans for mitigation are... to increase... in year 3...towards end...
KC 21/11/2012 - This metric is for Year 1 and was already reported in previous versions of the document, so I don't think it is necessary to justify it again here.
19 24 5.3 also here a table with plans rather than much text would help to see in which category or type training is foreseen and where not...e.g. to meet the target above... in particular the one missing
KC 21/11/2012 - There is already a table (Table 5) in Section 5.7 with a list of planned events, so I have added a reference to that table in this section rather than repeat the table here. Again, the missing target is from Year 1, so I don't think it is necessary to try to catch up with extra training sessions.
20 26 5.6 "interesting would be also another column about covered products"
KC 21/11/2012 - I agree, but we don't yet know the details of what products will be covered by this training, it will depend on input from EGI and the product teams and perhaps from NA3, so it's not really possible to include it yet.

Any other modification, spelling or grammatical corrections, etc must be done directly in the document using tracked changes or similar mechanisms that allows the authors to identify which correction is suggested.

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