DJRA1.2.2 Data Area Work Plan and Status Report (M12)

Data Area Work Plan and Status Report: This deliverable contains the detailed work plan of the Data Services technical area compliant with the overall EMI Technical Development Plan. The plan is released early in the project life and updated every year including a status report on the achievements of the past 12 months compared to the planned objectives. The status report at M03 will cover the state-of-the art while the work plan at M36 will provide recommendations for further work. (M12)

This deliverable is an update of DJRA1.2.1 (M3)


  • Author sends ToC to PEB 08-Apr
  • Author sends high quality complete WP-leader approved first draft of deliverable for review 18-May
  • Reviewers send comments on first draft 22-May
  • Author sends second draft for reviewers' acceptance 24-May
  • Reviewers acceptance of second draft or critical comments that must be addressed in the final draft 26-May
  • Author sends final draft to PO 27-May

JRA1 internal

  • Proposed TOC Revision 0.1
  • Patrick will upload TOC in the afternoon of 2011-04-08
  • Patrick uploaded TOC at 11:30
  • Second revision of TOC available. The GUNTT chart it not yet finished. It will look very similiar to that one.
  • May 18 10:00 Section 3 (Work in in EMI-1) ready for review.
  • May 22 9:00 Secion 4 ready for review: Missing : 'executive summary' and the responce to Marias review'
  • May 23, 17:30 V6 including Maria's suggestions.
  • May 29 : Version 0.8
    • Included Marias review suggestions on section 4 and created Marias review track page
    • Double checked against DNA 1.3.2
      • Objective phrasing unified between both.
      • One objective was missing in DJRA 1.2.2, fixed. (DNA1.3.2-X1)
      • One objective missing in DNA1.3.2. (DJRA1.2.2-9.0). Informed Balazs.
      • One objective phrasing has to be slightly changed in DNA1.3.2-D16. Informed Balazs.
      • Executive summary still missing.
  • May 31 : Version 0.9: References moved from 5.0 to 1.5 as requested by Jedrzej.
  • June 02: Version 0.10: Executive summary added. Document formally completed. Waiting for final review.
  • June 03: Version 0.11: PO review suggestions applied.
  • June 03: Version 0.12: Florida's text concerning the offical GANTT chart added.

Review Tracking

  • 08/04/11 ToC available for review
  • 15/04/11 ToC sent to reviewers for comments; deadline 19/04
  • 18/05/11 Chapter 3 sent to reviewers for early feedback; deadline 19/05
  • 19/05/11 Maria's comments to Chapter 3.
  • 23/05/11 Chapter 4 sent to reviewers for early feedback; deadline 24/05
  • 24/05/11 Maria's comments to Chapter 4.
  • 24/05/11 M. Alandes has accepted v0.6 which has addressed her Chapter 3 comments
  • Reminder sent to A. Taga, comments by COB 25/05 if any
  • 26/05/11 A. Taga review comments received
  • 01/06/11 M. Alandes has accepted Chapter 4
  • 02/06/11 Final document (v0.10), including Executive summary, sent to reviewers.
  • Further revision from reviewers expected noon 03/06
  • PO comments expected 02/06
  • PO review suggestions applied to document 03/06 (Version 0.11)
  • PO review suggestions on GANTT Chart added (Version 0.12)
  • PO to create final version based on v0.12
  • 05/06/11 PO message to reviewers: I will go ahead and create a final version based on v0.12 sent by Patrick; I will do the usual PO checking I do with all deliverables. I feel uncomfortable not waiting for your confirmation that you are happy with v0.12. However, with the Monday 06/06 internal deadline for the deliverable to reach the EC on 07/06 I have to push ahead and finalise this. If you have critical comments you would like addressed after the document has been released, we can attempt a post-revision and re-submit. I hope Patrick is OK with this, should it come to that.
  • Final pdf uploaded to CDS
  • Warning, important PO observations and future work considerations
    1. harmonisation is only mentioned once; it should be much more explicit in the future, specially with Data Area as there are many opportunities for this
    2. review the associated KPIs per objective, the list per objective may not be exhaustive
    3. would it be possible to have the same general sub structure per objective?



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