CERN Data Management - LFC Requirements


Catalogue consistency EMI project and the LFC/DPM.

One-way reliable data transfer between N producers and M consumers.

Client types


1 producer per Storage Element or Catalogue. Mostly WAN distributed.

1 consumer per Storage Element or Catalogue. Mostly WAN distributed.

Destination types

2 by now.

For a give destination type:

  • instances number: 100-200 hundreds
  • messages content: file metadata
  • messages size: few KB up to roughly 1MB
  • format of the messages body: JMS MapMessages, eventually translated
  • messages lifetime: days
  • maximum latency: < 2 seconds
  • permanent vs occasional connections: permanent connections
  • security requirements: SSL connections

For a given destination instance:

  • order of 100 producers
  • 1 consumer per virtual destination
  • tens of messages per second up to 1K/s

For a given destination type:
  • order of 100 producers
  • order of 100 consumers
  • 1000 messages per second in total, peaks up to 10K/s

Programming Languages


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