EMI 2 Updates status at EGI-GridOperationMeeting

Status - 01.06.2012

  • Backward incompatible:
    • ARC CE:
      • Compatibility of ARC WS endpoints with older ARC 11.05 clients that relied on incomplete GLUE2 to communicate to pre-production WS endpoints are broken due to the more compliant GLUE2 LDAP and XML rendering introduced in this release. Upgrade to new ARC 12.05 Clients is highly recommended.
      • No backward incompatibility is introduced w.r.t. the production gridftp interface.
    • ARC Clients:
      • Compute client library is completely rewritten, making client API backward incompatible. This requires re-writing all 3rd party tools based on the library. See Extended Release Notes for details.
      • Note that older ARC clients from ARC 11.05 are not forward compatible with newer ARC 12.05 WS endpoints that use more complete GLUE2 information schema, thus an upgrade to new clients is highly recommended.
    • ARC InfoSYS:
      • Note that the completed GLUE2 implementation breaks backwards compatibility with ARC 11.05 clients that relied on an incomplete implementation to interact with pre-production WS interfaces.
    • EMi-UI
      • dcap & srm-client:
        • The dCache client files of dCap and srmclient now all reside in FHS compliant locations. There is no migration script for switching form one version to another. An update deprecates the old tunnel packages and updates the old dCap package
      • WMS client:
        • removed option --default-jdl from the glite-wms-job-list-match command
        • removed the --output option from the glite-wms-job-output command

Status - 18.06.2012

  • EMI products planned updates
    • Minor updates: - EMI 2
      • DPM/LFC v. 1.8.4:
      • GFAL/lcg_util, v. 1.13.0
      • StoRM SE v. 1.10.0
    • Revision updates: EMI 1 & EMI 2
      • BDII top v. 1.0.2
      • BLAH, v. 1.16.6/1.18.1
      • WNoDeS v. 2.0.1
      • StoRM SE v. 1.8.3 (EMI 1)
    • Repackage updates:
      • GFAL/lcg_util v. 1.12.0 - EMI 1/SL5/i386
      • EMI UI v. 2.0.0-2 - EMI 2

Status - 16.07.2012

  • to be released on 19.07.2012: - EMI products updates ready
    • EMI 1: BDII top, BLAH; gLite-gsoap/gss
    • EMI 2: BDII top, BLAH; gLite-gsoap/gss, StoRM, WNoDES

-- DoinaCristinaAiftimiei - 01-Jun-2012

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