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Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.09-src.tar r1 manage 260.0 K 2012-07-22 - 20:44 AhmedShirazMemonExCern v1.09: xsd schemas reflecting the v1.14 of the spec. document
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.14.0-src.tar r1 manage 260.0 K 2012-07-25 - 13:49 AhmedShirazMemonExCern v1.14.0 (fixed wsdl bindings' faults, matching version number with the spec.)
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.14.1-src.tar r1 manage 260.0 K 2012-07-27 - 16:51 AhmedShirazMemonExCern update wsdl port types: "Service" prefix removed from each type
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.14.2-src.tar r1 manage 260.0 K 2012-08-02 - 17:04 AhmedShirazMemonExCern updated wsdl port type in bindings;put UnknownActivtiyIDFault in Get ActivityInfo of ActivityMgmt.wsdl
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.14.3-src.tar r1 manage 270.0 K 2012-08-07 - 12:26 AhmedShirazMemonExCern Declared specific faults within responses (of vector operations); handled "attributes" in GetActivityInfo operation; fixed Delegation port's binding name
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.14.4-src.tar r1 manage 270.0 K 2012-08-23 - 15:23 AhmedShirazMemonExCern changed attribute value type from xs:anySimpleType to xs:String - to avoid compilation errors on axis2; added AccessContolFault into the createActivity Operation
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.14.5-src.tar r1 manage 270.0 K 2012-08-24 - 17:20 AhmedShirazMemonExCern defined new activity-info derived from glue2 activity; updated list activities; refined the act. history element
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_draft.odt r17 r16 r15 r14 r13 manage 209.4 K 2010-12-17 - 21:54 BerndThomasSchullerExCern revised version: Massimo's comments + some more changes
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.0.odt r1 manage 209.7 K 2010-12-20 - 14:48 BerndThomasSchullerExCern Version 1.0 of the specification document
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.01.odt r1 manage 210.0 K 2011-02-17 - 09:03 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.01 (moved QueueName into Resources element)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.02.odt r1 manage 210.0 K 2011-08-04 - 21:04 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.02 (removed AccessControlFault where it was not necessary)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.03.odt r1 manage 211.8 K 2011-09-07 - 14:24 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.03 (Changes suggested by Eric and Luigi, approved by Aleksander and Bernd)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.04.odt r1 manage 212.5 K 2011-11-03 - 17:06 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.04 (Changes suggested by Martin and the MPI task force)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.05.odt r2 r1 manage 212.5 K 2011-12-05 - 12:39 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.05 (changes suggested by Aleksander and Shiraz)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.06.odt r1 manage 212.5 K 2011-12-15 - 08:44 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.06 (minor change from A. Dorigo)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.08.odt r1 manage 213.5 K 2012-06-13 - 11:23 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.08 (QueryResourceInfo returns a list of result)
Compressed Zip archivetar emi-schemas-1.02-src.tar r1 manage 160.0 K 2011-08-04 - 21:08 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.02 (changes from Luigi and Aleksandr)
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.0-src.tar r1 manage 150.0 K 2010-12-20 - 14:51 BerndThomasSchullerExCern Version 1.0 of the XML schema and WSDL files
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.01-src.tar r1 manage 150.0 K 2011-02-17 - 08:56 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.01 (moved QueueName into Resources element)
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.03-src.tar r1 manage 160.0 K 2011-09-09 - 11:03 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.03
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.04-src.tar r1 manage 170.0 K 2011-11-03 - 17:04 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.04
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.05-src.tar r4 r3 r2 r1 manage 180.0 K 2011-12-12 - 08:43 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.05
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.06-src.tar r1 manage 180.0 K 2011-12-15 - 08:44 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.06 (Changes from Lisa)
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.07-src.tar r2 r1 manage 180.0 K 2012-03-29 - 08:29 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.07 rename CreateActivies to CreateActivity to fix Axis2 issue in Cream-ES
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.08-src.tar r1 manage 180.0 K 2012-06-06 - 09:14 BerndThomasSchullerExCern v1.08: fix QueryResourceInfo : add known query dialects, return list of results
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.09.odt r1 manage 220.7 K 2012-06-15 - 14:39 FloridoPaganelli v1.09 (Better defined getActivityInfo and Activity representation section, wrt GLUE2 Added comments on various issues)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.10.odt r1 manage 201.9 K 2012-07-12 - 13:19 FloridoPaganelli v1.10, Accepted all changes, start rewriting Architecture section, changed CreateActivity operation response
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.11.odt r1 manage 201.8 K 2012-07-13 - 16:24 FloridoPaganelli v1.11 Changed Create port-type to ActivityCreation, rewritten ResourceInfo port-Type section but not changed API; added two sample resource documents to section 8
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.12.odt r1 manage 201.3 K 2012-07-16 - 19:49 FloridoPaganelli v1.12 (Added detailed description of GLUE2 attributes for the resource document, defined EMI-ES specific Capabilities)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.13.odt r1 manage 215.1 K 2012-07-18 - 18:56 FloridoPaganelli v1.13 (Defined EMI-ES activity information document, changed GetActivityInfo request, revised QueryResourceInfo operation)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.14-1.odt r1 manage 215.7 K 2012-08-27 - 13:33 FloridoPaganelli v1.14-1 (Small update to add back AccessControlFault to ActivityCreation, small fixes in examples)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.14.odt r1 manage 215.5 K 2012-07-20 - 12:34 FloridoPaganelli v1.14 (Changed IntefaceNames to org.ogf.glue prefix, added comment on multiple endpoints per port-type, clarified query language strings.)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.15.odt r2 r1 manage 240.2 K 2012-10-19 - 19:08 FloridoPaganelli Another revised version with a lot of style cleaning and SOAP fault sorted out. Removed HealthState from ComputingService in ResourceInfo
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES_GLUE2_profile_v0.1.odt r1 manage 42.0 K 2012-05-14 - 19:57 FloridoPaganelli EMI-ES GLUE2 profile including examples for different middlewares implementations
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES_GLUE2_profile_v0.2.odt r1 manage 140.3 K 2012-05-25 - 20:27 FloridoPaganelli DRAFT - Complete rewrite of EMI-ES GLUE2 profile. Actual LDAP and XML renderings have to be revised.
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.07.odt r1 manage 206.7 K 2011-12-21 - 22:30 UnknownUser v1.07 (GLUE2 bindings)
Unknown file formatodt EMI-ES-Specification_v1.16.odt r1 manage 208.8 K 2012-11-14 - 20:36 UnknownUser Version 1.16 - definitions enhancements
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.15-src.tar r1 manage 210.0 K 2012-10-09 - 11:10 UnknownUser Another revised version with a lot of style cleaning and SOAP fault sorted out.
Compressed Zip archivetar es-schemas-1.16-src.tar r1 manage 200.0 K 2012-11-14 - 20:37 UnknownUser New glue2 and gridsite delegation schemas added.
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