Integration Testing Task Force

Timeline for Y3 tests

  • JRA1 management announces MANDATORY interproduct tests to be run as part of EMI 3 testing, based on the interproduct tests already defined for Y2: 25th January
  • PTs may communicate back potential issues: 28th January.
  • PTs checks their existing Testbed installations and are available for any kind of config/setup adjustments: 30th January
  • Inter product tests are executed on the Testbed, test outcome (not complete report) recorded: 1st February
  • Complete test reports, as part of the product certification documents, are verifyed by the QC: 18 February

EMI 3 inter product test


  • all service endpoints are to be discovered from the testbed EMIR:
  • All tests should be run on services deployed as part of the EMI testbed. If a service is available for more than one platform (i.e. both SL5 and SL6) then the test only needs to be run against one of the platforms.
  • The testing VO should be authorized on all services and testers should be registered in VO
  • Please record the testbed availibility (Y or no) and direct contact(s) of sysadmins for your products in the Contact table.
  • Test id: ID
  • Involved products: All the products involved in the integration test
  • Responsible PT: PT responsible for making the test plan, implementing the test and submitting the test report for the RC3 integration testing campaign
  • Short description: A high-level description of the test
  • Fields to be filled by PTs:
    • Test page: Link to the detailed test plan or a dedicated test area, if available. If special configurations of the testbed are needed, these should be stated here.(Old descriptions are kept, please update it or remove.)
    • Comment: A comment
    • Test outcome: For executed tests this field should be either FAILED or SUCCESS. If available, please provide URLs of problem tickets (FAILED) or URL to the test report.

Test id Involved products Responsible PT Short description Test Page Comment Test outcome
1 CEMon, Argus CREAM CEMon to use Argus for authorization test plan   NOT RUN
2 APEL client, CREAM LSF, CREAM SGE, CREAM Torque, CREAM CE APEL CREAM CAR accounting. CREAM jobs executed under different backends is properly reported via CAR records in APEL     SUCCESS
3 dCache, DPM, StoRM, FTS CERN Data FTS move files between the three EMI SEs test plan Logs are available at, SUCCESS
4 gLite MPI, ARC-CE, CREAM, UNICORE gLite MPI Submit an MPI job to a CREAM, UNICORE and ARC CEs and ensure that they can be executed without issues test plan Test details and logs at SUCCESS
5 L&B, CREAM L&B Executed jobs on CREAM monitor through L&B Problematic, issues reported to TD and EMT 28 Jan 2013
For lack of response, I am attaching the next best thing. L&B-side functionality for CREAM jobs and combined CREAM/WMS jobs is tested by the regular test suite, test Test report for EMI-3 Final RC available at
6 VOMS, BDII Core VOMS Check that VOMS correctly publishes GLUE2 information in the BDII   RUN
7 ARC compute CLI, UNICORE/X, CREAM CE, A-REX ARC Clients Use arc client to execute and monitor jobs on CREAM and UNICORE EMI-ES services test plan. Logs are available at SUCCESS
8 ARIS, Top BDII ARC Infosys Top BDII to consume GLUE2 LDAP from ARIS test plan see point 7 here: SUCCESS
9 A-REX, DPM, dCache, StoRM, ARC CE Execute jobs on A-REX with data stage-in/stage-out using the EMI SEs Test plan Test result, Test files SUCCESS
10 ARIS, Top BDII ARC Infosys Run a basic functionality test to see if BDII backend of ARIS runs and info is there test plan see point 6 here: SUCCESS
11 CREAM, VOMS, Argus CREAM Do authorization filtering in CREAM based on VOMS attributes and ARGUS authorization test plan   NOT RUN
12 ARC-CE, VOMS, ARGUS ARC CE Do authorization filtering in AREX based on VOMS attributes and ARGUS authorization test plan The test succeeds with deployment description and test log described in link: SUCCESS
13 AMGA, BDII Core AMGA Test that the AMGA GLUE2 service information is correctly published in the BDII test plan This test was included in EMI-3 release task. You can see the test result in the EMI_3_Test_Report_AMGA(4.6 Integration tests section). Release Task Direct link for test report SUCCESS
14 STS, UNICORE UNICORE Convert username/passwrd to X509 in Unicore using STS   The task to include STS support in UNICORE client was moved by Balazs after EMI3 release . So nothing to be tested. NOT RUN
15 Argus EES, EMI-WN Argus-EES Test Argus EES with a WN     NOT RUN
16 lcg_util, DPM, dCache, StoRM dCache Data upload/download to EMI SEs using http(s) directly test plan   NOT RUN
17 ARC data clients, emi datalib (libarcdata, GFAL2), dCache, DPM ARC Clients ARC data clients to exercise third party transfer using emi datalib among a dcache and DPM SE test plan SUCCESS
18 Hydra, Pseudonymity, dCache, DPM, StoRM gLite Security Testing the end-to-end encrypted storage solution     NOT RUN
19 HiLA, UNICORE/X, A-REX, CREAM UNICORE client USE HILA to submit and monitor jobs on ARC, UNICORE and CREAM EMI-ES deployments Test plan Successful except for easy data export of results from ARC. ARC only offers stage out via HTTP, which is only poorly supported in HiLA. Workarounds are available, e.g. retrieving HTTP URL from HiLA and using it in the web browser (may be preferred by some users anyway). SUCCESS
20 JURA, AREX, APEL-SSM ARC CE AREX CAR accounting. AREX jobs executed and properly reported via JURA and CAR records in APEL test plan   SUCCESS
21 UNICORE, APEL UNICORE UNICORE Compute accounting: UNICORE jobs executed and properly reported via unicore SSM implementation and CAR records in APEL   The CAR records were produced and successfully sent from UNICORE to APEL. However the records were not accepted. APEL PT reported two issues on their side: (1) quoted printable MIME encoding is not supported (the SSM specification is neutral wrt this) and (2) APEL couldn't handle timezones correctly in date statements. APEL PT declared that both issues are already fixed, but the current testing endpoint is not yet updated. UPDATE (28.02): APEL endpoint was updated to the fixed version and the records were accepted. SUCCESS
22 dcache, APEL-SSM dcache Storage accounting for dcache: dcache generated STAR records transmitted via SSM and appearing in APEL     NOT RUN
23 DPM, APEL-SSM CERN Data Storage accounting for DPM: DPM generated STAR records transmitted via SSM and appearing in APEL     SUCCESS
24 WNODES, CREAM WNODES Utilize WNODES provided virtualization in CREAM   SUCCESS
25 EMIR, all services EMIR EMIR rollout: Verify service registration records for ALL EMI services in EMIR Integration Test Page Refer to the adjacent link to find all EMI services in EMIR SUCCESS
26 WMS, CREAM, LB WMS Send jobs to CREAM, check job tracking in L&B     SUCCESS


This table should be kept updated by the participating PTs!


  • Product: Name of product
  • Fields to be filled by PTs:
    • Contact: The email address on which direct and immediate help can be obtained regarding service configuration
    • Testbed availability: yes/no; yes means that at least the EMI 3 RC1 binary is deployed on the testbed (default is no)
    • Comment: A comment

Product Contact Testbed availability Comment
APEL test server, No Not part of EMI testbed
ARC CE, Yes,
ARC Clients, Yes (SL6), - request access by email !
ARC InfoSys, Yes (SL6),
dCache Yes
EMI-WN Yes (under emi-demo13)
FTS2 Yes
FTS3 No  
Hydra   No  
L&B Yes  
StoRM Yes
STS No  
Top BDII yes Please, contact David Smith to include your services in the EMI 3 top level BDII in the CERN testbed
UNICORE CE,, Yes KB: I'm a contact in the understanding of the description which is found just above the table and not in the understanding from the section 'EMI 3 inter product test' - I'm not testbed admin. What is more I'm a contact person for the test #21 (UNICORE and APEL) BH: contact me and send me your DN, if you need access to the UNICORE Testbed. We DO NOT support the testers VO.
WMS marco.cecchi@CNAF Yes
WNoDeS Yes,
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