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1. Introduction

This document describes the EMI policy to be followed when certifiying a new version of an EMI software productt.

2. Definition

Certification is the action done by a PT on a product tracked in a release task [R1] in order to certify that the PT has followed and applied the SA2 policies during the product development, documentation and testing phases.

3. Certification Report Template

The following template must be used by PTs to report about the actions performed when releasing a new version of their software products. The use of a common template will simplify the work of the QC task. The template below must be used by all PTs in order to certify a release task [R1].

* EMI Certification Report *
- Product: 

- Release Task:

- ETICS Subsystem Configuration Name:

- VCS Tag:

- EMI Major Release:

- Platforms:

- Author: 

- Date:

- Certification Report Template : v. 3.3


1. Release Task exists in the Release Tracker with core info properly provided:
    1.1. Proper product name AND version is specified [ Yes/No ]
    1.2. All the relevant RfCs are listed. [ Yes/No ]
    1.3. All the RfCs are "Tested" or "Not Tested"  [ Yes/No ]

2. VCS tag is available: [ Yes/No ]

3. The ETICS configuration is available: [ Yes/No ]
     3.1. The ETICS configuration is locked: [ Yes/No ]
     3.2. The ETICS configuration can be built in ETICS without errors: [ Yes/No ]

4. Binary packages are available in EMI registered repo: 
    4.1. rpms [ Yes/No ]
    4.2. tarballs [ Yes/No ]
    4.3. debs [ Yes/No ]

5. Source packages are available in EMI registered repo: 
    5.1. rpms [ Yes/No ]
    5.2. tarballs [ Yes/No ]
    5.3. debs [ Yes/No ]

6. List of binary packages are specified in the Release Task: [ Yes/No ]

7. List of source packages are specified in the Release Task: [ Yes/No ]

8. Licence information is provided in the Release Task and the product has an "EMI-compatible" licence: [ Yes/No/NA ]


9. The deployment of the new version of the product from the EMI repo performed by the PT was succesful: [ Yes/No ]

10. The Product Test Plan URL is specified in the Release Task: [ Yes/No ]

11. The Product Test Report is attached to the Release Task: [ Yes/No ]

12. The Test Report contains result/logs of :
      12.1. static code analysis: [ Yes/No/NA ]
      12.2. unit tests: [ Yes/No/NA ]
      12.3. deployment tests: [ Yes/No/NA ]
      12.4. functionality tests: [ Yes/No/NA ]
      12.5. regression tests: [ Yes/No/NA ]
      12.6. standard conformance tests: [ Yes/No/NA ]
      12.7. performance tests: [ Yes/No/NA ]
      12.8. scalability tests: [ Yes/No/NA ]


13. Component Release Notes are provided in the task: [ Yes/No ]

14. Are there documentation changes in this release? [ Yes/No ]

15. If Yes, are the changes reported in the Component Release Notes? [ Yes/No/NA ]

16. Up-to-date Minimum Required Documentation URLs are specified in the Release Task for: 
      16.1: Functional Description [ Yes/No/NA ]
      16.2: User Guide [ Yes/No/NA ]
      16.3: Client Installation and Configuration [ Yes/No/NA ]
      16.4: System Administrator Guide [ Yes/No/NA ]
      16.5: Service Reference Card [ Yes/No/NA ]


3.1. Certification Report in detail

Certification Report Header:

  • Product: EMI software product as specified in DNA1.3.2 - Technical Development Plan [R3].
  • Release Task: URL of the Savannah Release Task [R1] where the new version of the product is tracked.
  • ETICS Subsystem Configuration Name: Comma separated list (if more than one) of the ETICS Subsystem Configuration Names used to build the new packages included in the new version of the product.
  • VCS Tag: Comma separated list (if more than one) of the VCS tags used to build the new packages included in the new version of the product.
  • EMI Major Release: EMI 1, EMI 2 or EMI 3.
  • Platform: Name of the platform where the new version of the product is released (free text. i.e. sl5_x86_64 or SL5/64)
  • Author: Name of the person within the PT who did the certification.
  • Date: DD.MM.YYYY
Certification Report Checklist: Please, answer the different items from 1 to 16, by writing at the end of each question: Yes, No or NA, respecting this syntax. Questions applicable to more than one platform, have to be answered taking into account all the applicable platforms.

4. Certification Report Name

In order to automate the QC task, the name of the certification report attached to the release task must contain the words cert and report. The case is not sensitive, so both upper and lower case is allowed. Some valid examples are: VOMS_certification_report_1.1.txt or ReportCert_CREAM1.2.txt.

5. Certification Report Format

In order to automate the QC task, the certification report must be provided in txt format and must be attached to the release task with the name specified as described in the previous section 4. Certification Report Name.

6. Certification Process

PTs must certifiy that they have followed and applied the SA2 policies while developing, documenting and testing any new version of their software products.

Certifying a new version of a product has to be ALWAYS done for each EMI major release and supported platform, including Emergency Releases. For example, imagine EMI-1 and EMI-2 are the two major EMI releases supported, and you have to do a minor release of product emi-sherpa which fixes some bugs present in both EMI-1 and EMI-2. Imagine that EMI-1 is supported in SL5 and EMI-2 is supported in SL6 and Debian 6. You will need to certify:

  • emi-sherpa for EMI-1 SL5
  • emi-sherpa for EMI-2 SL6
  • emi-sherpa for EMI-2 Debian 6

The certification report is the output of the certification process in all the supported platforms. Only one certification report will be produced for all the supported platforms answering the questions taking into account the certification in every platform. The certification report must be included in the corresponding release task tracked in the EMI release tracker [R1].

Follow the EMI Release Check List [R2] to know what needs to be done, step by step, to release a new EMI software product version and use the Certification Template at the same time to report on every completed step.

7. Contacts


8. Table of References

Reference URL
R1 EMI Release Tracker
R2 EMI Release Check List
R3 EMI Technical Development Plan

9. Logbook

v3.3 (Approved on 23.01.2012)

  • 16.01.2012:
    • Adapt the certification report to debian

v3.2 (approved on 08.08.2011)

  • 08.08.2011:
    • Corrected a typo on the template for VCS and ETICS information. It was mentioned that they should be in the release task but this is not correct. The text was put back to what was originally available in v2.0.
    • Added a specific section on the format of the certification report. txt files are needed or otherwise the Dashboard won't be able to process the files.

v3.1 (approved 01.08.2011)

  • 01.08.2011:
    • as discussed at the EMT, adding a specific section about the certification report name syntax.
    • ARC feedback: adding a section to explain in detail de different parts of the report.
    • Changed component with product where applicable.

V3.0 (approved 28.07.2011)

  • 27.07.2011:
    • Added certification report template version since this is needed for the QC Dashboard.
  • 13.07.2011:
    • Reorganisation of the report.
    • Added information on documentation changes + confirmation that this is reported in the release notes.
    • Changed Fixed with Tested/Not Tested for the RfCs.
    • Added that ETICS configurations have to be locked.
  • 31.03.2011: Update certification report: aligned certification report with documentation policy.

v2.0 (approved 17.03.2011)

  • 17.03.2011:
    • Feedback from Balasz after RC1 exercise:
      • Update Certification Report. Point 13 should state whether RfCs have been fixed or not, instead of describing whether they have been certified or not.
      • Update Certification Report: New Point 14 to confirm whether succesfull in-house deployment of the Component has happened. * Feedback from Krysztof (UNICORE):
      • Update Certification Report: Add specific check for rpms and tarballs for sources and binaries.

v1.0 (approved 28.02.2011)

  • 03.03.2011: feedback from training. Improve Certification Report template to clarify that ETICS configuration name refers to the subystem. (I'm not creating a new version because of this change since it's a minor change).
  • 22.02.2011: meeting with PEB. Improvements done after their feedback.
  • 21.02.2011: First draft prepared.

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