Q&A related to UNICORE questions

Are all components built in ETICS?

  • No. Some UNICORE components are not in ETICS and therefore do not appear in metric software reporting.

What is the prioritisation on metrics?

In bug-tracking:
  • defect tracking takes precedence over feature tracking.
  • currently, immediate and high priority bugs open bugs should be highlighted in the EMT.
  • the trend in immediate and high priority closed bug turnaround time is much more important than medium and low priority bugs, in Priority Bugs and Backlog management Index (BMI). In software metrics:
  • High priority FindBugs and memory leaks in cppcheck are top priorities.

Is total bug density increasing over time and therefore uninterpretable?

  • No, you assess the total bug density in a time period, so you calculate the number of open or closed bugs in a certain period and then normalise with respect to the kLOC.

Is total bug density a realistic metric when refactoring code results in a large decrease in kLOC?

  • Yes and no.
  • Not realistic if you forget to compare the total bug density with total bugs. If compared with total bugs, the refactoring will be noticed.
  • Otherwise it is realistic, since after the code is refactored, you expect the bug density to decrease over time. If the refactoring is bad, the bug density will increase (in some cases dramatically) which will be shown in the trend graphs.

Is the FindBugs threshold zero?

  • No, the documented threshold and formula is out of date. The plan is to only highlight high priority bugs, not medium or low priority bugs. False positives must be ignored or filtered.

Is checkstyle useful?

  • not really, too many possible things to interpret.

-- EamonnKenny - 13-May-2011

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