HW / OS Info Description:

HOSTNAME (Monitor LINK) Physical/Virtual x32/x64 bit CPU RAM DISK OS Version Kernel
xen-ep-emi-tb-se-4.desy.de Virtual x64 - 1GB 10 GB SL 5.4 2.6.18-194.17.1.el5xen

Host configuration

Deployed service version
22.March 2011 dCache SE: production-1.9.12-10

Service Configuration:

  • Service Version Installed: production-1.9.12-10
  • Configuration info:
    • VOs enabled: testers.eu-emi.eu
    • Space reservation is enabled

Service Updates Logbook 1 (DATE of update and ADMINISTRATOR performing it):

-- ChristianBernardt - 23-Nov-2011

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