SA1 Job Interview Questions

Building and Testing

  1. Build systems experience, what are the tool used to build and what do they solve?
  2. Testing tools, what kind of testing do you know?

section to be completed


  1. How would you write a SQL query to retrieve the number of rows of a table
  2. How would you model 1:n and n:n relation in a data-base?
  3. What is an inner and an outer join (differences)?
  4. What is the difference between 'union all' & 'union'?
  5. What is a subquery and a corelated subquery (differences)?
  6. You have a huge table with ID (primary key) and NAME. Most of the time you scan the table looking for a NAME. What would you do to improve performance?
  7. How database views are executed in MySQL when used in a query?
  8. What is the difference between InnoDB and MyISAM tables in MySQL?


  1. How would you manage data-base connections from a typical web-application to a data-base?
  2. What is the difference between a Statement and PreparedStatement in JDBC model?
  3. How do you execute transactions with JDBC?
  4. What are Cursors?

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  1. Describe the HTML elements that can be present inside a
  2. How do you print output to the user in JavaScript?
  3. What is a DOM in the context of HTML and JavaScript?
  4. Can you create classes in JavaScript? How would you do it?
  5. Can you assign more than one CSS style to the same HTML object at the same time?
  6. Is there any hierarchy you can use when defining CSS styles?
  7. How do you manage thread synchronization in JavaScript?


  1. What is the difference between synchronous and asynchornous call?
  2. How do you collect results from asynchronous calls?
  3. You have a web-application that presents a file content, user wants to be notified automatically (on the web-page) whenever file is changed on the server side. How would you implement it?
  4. What is a GWT-compiler, what is the difference between client-side and server-side code in GWT?
  5. How do you manage thread synchronization in GWT client-side code?


  1. Describe all the access modifiers for methods.
  2. When finally block is executed in a try-catch-finally statement?
  3. What does keyword 'final' means in respect to class attributes and method variables?
  4. How do you log the execution?
  5. What is the difference between Abstract classes and interfaces?
  6. What is the difference between Exception and RuntimeException?
  7. What is reflection in Java? How do you access it? Pros and Cons?
  8. What is autoboxing in java 5?
  9. What do you have to do to change a class to be not modifiable?
  10. What is the relation between equals and hashcode?
  11. What is singleton? What is the main problem with Singleton and OOP?
  12. Difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder
  13. List all the Collection interface with the main characteristics
  14. When would you use LinkedList and when ArrayList?
  15. Who is faster TreeMap or HashMap? WHY?
  16. How do you declare a generics to be compatible with some old 1.4 code? Is it possible to avoid warnings?
  17. How would you implement a fixed max size cache? And a variable max size cache?
  18. Why would you put final in an parameter of a method?
  19. Overloading is resolved compile-time or run-time? And Overriding?
  20. Why is not recommended to call a public method in a Constructor?


  1. What do you use to verify the test conditions in Junit?
  2. In average, how many tests do you write per class?
  3. When does JUnit test fails?
  4. How does the Junit framework recognize the tests?
  5. How do you structure and organize your tests?
  6. How do you test private parts of a class?
  7. Can you throw an exception of class java.lang.Exception from an JUnit test?


  1. What is ANT? What can you do with it? What does it give you?
  2. What is the main difference between Makefile and ANT?
  3. How would you compile a Java program using ANT?
  4. How do you add custom tags in ANT?
  5. What is a property in ANT build script? Can a property be modified at execution time?

WebApplications, Tomcat

  1. What is the different between HTTP GET and HTTP POST?
  2. What is HTTP session? What are the requirements to store an object in an HTTPSession at server-side?
  3. What is ApplicationContext?
  4. What is the HTTP servlet life-cycle? When servlet is created and destroyed?
  5. How do you deploy an application in web-application container such as Tomcat?

Web Services

  1. What protocol is most often used to call a web-service method?
  2. What are REST Web Services? What is JAXB?
  3. Is a Web Service statefull?
  4. What is WSDL?
  5. What are stub and skeleton? How do you generate them?
  6. What are the limitation of beans passed through Web Services?
  7. What are the limitations of Apache AXIS?

-- AlbertoAimar - 20 Feb 2008

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