Release Contents

Each section could contain:

  • New Features
  • Bug FIxed

See also SA1ReleaseProcess

ETICS 3.1 (Jan 2010)

New Features:

  • Job Submission

ETICS 3.0 (Xmas)

New Features:

  • Multi-node
  • Multi-packaging
  • VM LOader

ETICS 2.5.0 (end November)

New Features:

  • Dashboard
    • New Features
      • Integration in Etics's build processes (CVS and Configuration)
      • Each widget configuration is contains the project name and define all parameters needed by the widget. So the dashboard page may contains some widget related to a different projects.
      • Change in naming system used for configuration files. Now the configuration file name unrelated to the project name. So is possible to define a specific configuration file ( eg. named "manager-view.conf.xml" ) that define the list of usefull widget from multiple project and with its own business logics. (eg. a list of metrics useful for developer or team manager ).
      • Clickable Chart in Disseminator Widget
      • Refactory of the layout of dashboard using a FlexTable.
    • Bug
      • Fixed the Portability Widget job loading process
      • Checked the Platforms and Statuses in "Submitting" for JobHistory Widget (only for "org.etics" project)

Disseminator (2.0.0)

  • New features
    • Working Servlet for communication with the Dashboard
    • Adding of the info query below the chart
  • Bug
    • Fixing of the charts' title and unit of the metrics

  • AQCM reports
  • Deployment scripts

Buildsystem (1.5.12)

Buildsystem Web Services (1.5.10)

  • Bug fixing: locking problem when dependencies are in the same tree that is being tried to be locked.
  • Bug fixing: user permissions are not accessible after module deletion.
  • Bug fixing: cloning action introduce wrong permissions.

Portal (1.4.8)

Web Portal (1.1.13)

  • Single TAB mode and new parameters for deployment added

ETICS 2.4.10


ETICS 2.4.9 (mid November)

Bug Fixes:

  • Repository fixes
  • Deployment script fixes (release 1.4.10)
    • defaut AFS cache size
    • tables set for backup (removing not necessary ones)
    • build artefacts retention on the disk - reduction
    • WA session timeout extention
    • preliminary integration of submitter interface (NMI, gLite)
    • rights granting for monitoring node -- correction
    • adding test of ETICS Testing CA presence

Release ETICS 2.4.5

  • Repository AFS Failover
  • Repository client new commands: remove-file, remove-job
  • PMDPlugin, JccnPlugin, CocomoPlugin, PyCoveragePlugin
  • Configuration diff??
  • DB cleaning and new Logging System??

Release ETICS 2.4.4

- Tomcat Session Timeout changed to 4 hours for the Configuration WA - DB Migration scripts applied for VCSROOT fix

Buildsystem Web Services (1.5.8)


  • VCSROOT fix
  • new diffConfigurations method

Web App

Configuration Web App (1.3.21)


  • VCSROOT fix

DB Schema (1.3.1)


  • VCSROOT fix

Release ETICS 2.4.3

Deployment modules ( v1.4.9)

  • Adding programatic registration of ETICS Administrator (additional site-specific configuratoin file)
  • Extending the test set
  • enhanced backup policy
  • bug fix fort code granting rights for SLS monitoring node
  • generalised backup policy

ETICS CA ( v1.4.0)

  • Changing the ETICS CA certificate

External Changes

  • Jackrabbit (1.4.1 -> 1.4.9)

Repository webservice (1.3.7)



  • Listed all global YUM repositories in case the package is noarch


  • Bug fixed when listing PM on legacyItems (#49743)
  • jackrabbit-core library updated to 1.4.9 (#49744)
  • ClientAbortException caught in case the user aborts the stream (#49746)
  • Multiple packages with the same name are now versioned (#49748)
  • Changed method to list packages for YUM to include the noarch built on a different platform (#49749)
  • Bug in the global YUM repository refresh fixed (#49780)
  • Error when build-status.xml is incomplete now solved (#49745)

Repository web-portlet (1.3.4)

  • Listed all global YUM repositories in case the package is noarch

Buildsystem Web Services (1.5.6)


  • Fixed bug when a module is tried to be removed in the WA.


  • Added changes for locking (when default platform is not present).
  • Messages in locking have been reviewed to add more useful information.
  • Dependencies are correctly deleted when a platform is detached.
  • Changes to have a temporal "submitting" state between the user send a job and the job is accepted by the submitter.

Web App

Welcome (1.1.4)


Configuration Web App (1.3.20)


  • removed check on internet availability at startup (to enable local installations)

Administration Web App (1.4.0)


  • Added token in config file: @@etics_admin_email@@

Release ETICS 2.4.2

Buildsystem Web Services (1.5.4)

  • Added modifications in case the default platform is not present (need testing).

Welcome (1.1.3)
  • Fixed a problem in accept/deny new external if is not a multiplatform request.

Configuration Web Application (1.3.19)


  • fixed bug: "after build/test submission items are shown in floating boxes instead that in viewer panel"


  • locked configurations shown with different icon (including a small lock) in workspace
  • fixed bug with IE8: "loading via JS nonsecure content (e.g. images) throws an exception if the user accepted only secure content to be displayed"
  • workaround to broken dependencies in the DB (message shown along with the dep entry + issue logged)
  • remote submission now returns the prompt immediately
  • submit button not enabled if no platform is selected

Release ETICS 2.4.1

Buildsystem Web Services (1.5.3)

  • Fixed locking problem with >= (GGUS: 46084)

Release ETICS 2.4.0


NMI scripts (1.5.2)
  • re-enabled "config_eticsplat_jobtype" link generation for backward compatibility with package list in reports

  • Fixed $linkName error
  • variables and email added in logs

  • YUM option added to the repository client call
  • YUM and urlname links added to the user email
  • old links for the repository browser commented out

CLI Client


Repository Web Service (1.3.4)
  • added logging for file creation in datastore

  • bug on src.tar.gz archives fixed

  • retagging due to existing old 1.3.1 TAG

  • @@repository_node_name@@ added in log4j SMTPAppender
  • added protection option to YUM repositories

  • pm servlet added for package management
  • dicumentation added in the server pages
  • repomd (YUM) implementation added
  • added reportName in query.xsd
  • depth backup added in order to avoid OutOfMemoryException on restore
  • ingestLegacyFile now also accepts module administrators of the project
  • Memory monitoring ongoing on etics-hd. So far no major leaks

Repository Web Portlet (1.3.3)

  • retagging due to existing old 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 TAGs

  • YUM repository links added in package and reports
  • Details added in reports

Repository Client (1.3.2)
  • Return codes added (Bug #48006)

  • Double artefacts with same location bug fixed

  • Packages taken from permanent repository added in the submission for package management
  • register-file command now accepts also module administrators of the project (i.e. externals)

Web App

  • Build form: 'client_req_pmrep' option now made public
  • Build form: 'register' option always available for any config, unless 'ignorelocking' specified
  • Build form: introduced option '--runtimedeps' in build submit form
  • fixed bug [#45333] "Wrong name for the default HEAD configuration"
  • fixed bug [#39337] "Strange behaviour when editing subconfigrations"
  • updated 'about' window content

Web Portal (1.1.11)

  • fixed problem with new externals requests

  • quotes removed in repositoryWebServiceURL param

  • Added failureServerMessageFile in config file
  • Added repositoryServiceURL in config file

Web Commons (1.6.4)


  • nmi related parameters and handlers removed because not used anymore in submission-portlet

  • requirements field added in JobBean


Since HEAD is taken for the MultiPackage development, there is a new branch etics-portal-webcommons_branch_1_5

  • bug #46159: Resizing the split in the repository portlet gets stuck with IFRAMEs
  • Moved eticsRepositoryDAO from RepositoryPortlet to web-commons because it is also used by the Trend Analysis portlet
  • GlassPanel added for alpha coverage of pages
  • FailureManager and FailurePanel added in case of connection errors with the web servers

Submissions (1.2.5)
  • Fixed bug that shows links in submission detail even if the submission is not finished.

  • Fixed the link to YUM repository
  • Fixed the user identity for resubmittions

  • Changed the mouse cursor to wait state while it is getting the answer from submitter

  • Added an alert window to notify the result of resubmit the job.

  • Fix a bug opening submission details.

  • Now links to packages are also show even if job status is "Failed"
  • Selected elements in the tree can be removed by clicking them in the selected elements list
  • Tree status and selected elements are restored from cookies
  • If there were elements in the cookie, job list is refreshed when you open the browser
  • Name of modules in selected elements list is now the full name

  • Added the rebuild with the same options to each submission.
  • Auto refresh value is know stored in a cookie.
  • Add YUM links in submissions

Welcome (1.1.2)
  • Modified the accept/deny new externals to show Failure Manager in case the user has not enough permissions.

  • Added Failure manager.

  • Fixed problem with new externals

  • External registration request fixed

Buildsystem Web Services (1.5.2)

  • Fixed locking problem (GGUS: 46084)

  • Added to two methods that when a configuration is cloned, also clone the permissions of the configuration and the object.

Deployment (etics-deployment)

  • bug fixed for speeding up the database import
  • integrating generated yum repository in the deployment
  • skeleton for administrator rights granting
  • added more tests for repository
  • added checks for installed packages
  • added more verbose comment to etics.server.conf
  • added more verbose checks for nmi installation

  • added tomcat5 stop when reconfiguring
  • correcting rights granting and filenames
  • added check for repository DN
  • additional copy for backup file / new backup script

  • spliting server and repository parts
  • added cleaning of tomcat5 caches after reconfiguration
  • porting X-Site migration code

ETICS Test Certificates (etics-utilities-certificates_R_1_3_0_1)

  • new version of certificates as previous ones expired

Release ETICS 2.3.5-1

Client 1.4.6-1

Bug fix release

Fixed #47574: v1.4.5 regression: package.userspec fails to work

Release ETICS 2.3.4-1

Client 1.4.5-1

This release introduces a new command line option for the etics-build command that allows to select which package formats to produce. This option overrides the default package formats specfied in the client packageTypes.xml configuration file (in $ETICS_HOME/etc)

Fixed #47304 Unexpected error when dynamic dependency not resolved Fixed #47275 etics-configuration prepare error message suggests wrong option Fixed #47272 It is not possible to commit new project configurations with the CLI Fixed #46853 etics-client-setup 1.4.4-1 refers to lib/python2.* always for log4py Fixed #46412 etics-client-setup has porblems with log4py location Fixed #45469 Request for PYTHONPATH instructions

Release ETICS 2.3.3-1

Client 1.4.4-1

  • Fixed #46719 Dependency locations becomes inconsistent if more than one is specified
  • Fixed #46447 Unresolved dependencies do not generate "Dependencies" section in reports

Release ETICS 2.3.2-1

Client 1.4.3-1

  • Fixed a bug that prevents the chrpath plugin from running (#46362)
  • Fixed architecture name used by the debian packager on 64bit (must be amd64 instead of x86_64)

Release ETICS 2.3.1-1

Client 1.4.2-1

  • Added compatibility with Debian 64bit

Repository Java Client (1.2.1)

  • Added handling of modules with currentstatus="Unresolved" in build-status.xml
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