FASER Test Assembly at ENH1 (Neutrino Plattform)

Work at ENH1 will be performed from Jan 5th 2020 until May 2020, before and interleaved with underground installation of FASER beginning April 2020. The full FASER detector construction, including mechanical support, powering and DAQ setup will be performed and tested and all sub detector components will undergo final commissioning before FASER will be installed underground in TI12 from April 2020 onwards.

This website collects various items to help organise and complete this task.

FASER Space at ENH1

Please find here a layout of the space. WIP, drawing will be updated ASAP.

ENH1lzyoutv2.png faserspace1.png faserspace2.png

Powering at ENH1

There is one 420V 62A power plug, which we will break into 5 times 220V 10-16A. The table and graphic below depict the powering setup of FASER. At ENH1 we will also be able to plug in Laptops and labe supply.

faserpower1.pdf faserpower2.pdf faserpower3.pdf

Link to the FASER Cabling Scheme Document

Link to the FASER Powering Scheme (Wiener Option chosen) Document

Ethernet at ENH1

Subdetector Commissioning


The last steps of the tracker commissioning will be done at ENH1. All 9 layers one-by-one will be commissioned at B161, once a set of 3 layers is commissioned a tracker station will be put together at ENH1 and tested.




Status Category Components Responsible/contact Comment
DONE TDAQ TLB Claire Will move to ENH1 when GPIO ethernet interface ready
DONE Tracker TRB    
DONE Calo Digitizer    
DONE TDAQ VME-Ethernet Brian Exists in sci-lab
DONE TDAQ Rack Brian Already in Prevessin; might need spare
DONE TDAQ PDUs Brian in Brian's office
DONE TDAQ Ethernet cables Brian in Brian's office
DONE TDAQ Ethernet switch Brian in Brian's office - will need rack mounting bracket
TODO TDAQ PC-DAQ ATLAS TDAQ Requires GPIO ethernet interface to be useful
TODO TDAQ Three screens    
TODO TDAQ Power supplies Brian Ordered - expected
TODO TDAQ VME crate Brian Arriving end of February


Status Category Components Responsible/contact Comment
TODO TDAQ FASER DAQ TLB Eliott / Claire Exp: Feb 20
TODO Tracker/TDAQ FASER DAQ TRB Ondrej Exp: Mar 20
TODO Calo/TDAQ FASER DAQ Digitizer Sam Exp: Feb 20
TODO TDAQ Monitoring TLB Claire Exp: Mar 20
TODO Tracker/TDAQ Monitoring TRB / Tracker Candan / Di Exp: Mar 20
TODO Calo/TDAQ Monitoring Digitizer / Calo / PMTs Sam Exp: Mar 20
TODO DCS DCS Henso Exp: Feb 20

Commissioning tests

Status Test Requires Approximate date
Before moving to ENH1 - in sci-lab
DONE TLB-digitizer standalone   Nov 19
TODO TLB-digitizer with FASER DAQ TLB in FASER DAQ End Jan 20
TODO TLB-TRB standalone   2nd half Jan 19
TODO TLB-TRB-digitizer standalone   2nd half Jan 19
TODO TLB-TRB-digitizer with FASER DAQ TLB and TRB and digitizer in FASER DAQ 1st half Mar 20
TODO Cosmic tests with TLB and digitizer standalone   End Jan 20
TODO Cosmic tests with TLB and digitizer with FASER DAQ   Feb 20
TODO On the above, add stress tests - standalone (optional) -
TODO On the above, add stress tests - with FASER DAQ (optional) -
Before moving to ENH1 - in B161
TODO TLB-TRB standalone (optional)  
TODO TLB-TRB with FASER DAQ (optional)  
TODO Cosmic tests including digitizer and TLB (optional)  
TODO All of the above (details to be added)    
TODO DCS tests to be defined    


Assembling the lab setup

Status Category Components Responsible/contact Comment
TODO Mechanics clarify cover up for floor preparation work (base plate, concrete slope) Franck? how much dust do we expect?
TODO Mechanics structure arrival to mount station for commissioning Franck? depending on arrival need temporary support for station commissioning on table
DONE ENH1 Infrastr. Clarify orientation of FASER detector Franck/Brian/Jamie needed to start shaping the ground slope
DONE ENH1 Infrastr. 3 chairs ENH1 team --
DONE ENH1 Infrastr. (1?) desks to work on ENH1 team --
DONE ENH1 Infrastr. (2?) Tables for station commissioning Hide/Susanne/Michaela any safety needs? the easier the better please
TODO ENH1 Infrastr. Magnets: clarify safety signs/conditions at ENH1 Jamie/ENH1 team? fence?signs? things to take care of?
DONE Powering "coffers de chantier" 5*10A,220V Jamie/ENH1team? --
DONE Powering Cable trays Jakob/ENH1 team? cable trays exist, need to be installed (clarify where/height)
DONE Powering Power Strips ?? how many? SCEM 06.61.81.B
TODO Powering PDU-to-PS cables Brian Mostly: SCEM but need to see what is on crates
DONE Ethernet switch Brian Have old ATLAS switch and some ethernet cables
DONE Racks deploy and prepare racks at ENH1 Brian/Jamie/Jakob? racks are at ENH1, but need to understand which more parts needed
TODO Racks deploy all existent Crates Brian/Jamie/Jakob? --
DONE Racks ATLAS HLT machines Brian Will get three additional rack PCs. Will not be enough if USB3 connection is needed. What about monitors? Rack PCs have VGA and would need extension cables
TODO Tracker Dry-Air tubes/pipes to table/detector ?? same as in B161, what length?
DONE Tracker Fix Dry-Air point of distribution Jakob/Jamie --
TODO Tracker Dry Air Filter Jamie? same as in B161 (ordered by Piotr)
TODO Tracker Dry Air Pressure regulator ENH1 team same as in B161
TODO Tracker Spare Chiller Frank UniGe can provide one we need to work on the other) should be available from start of Feb. for 2 months
TODO Tracker Cooling tube/pipes to table/detector Franck same as in B161? What Length?
TODO Power Supplies Final MPOD system Brian Expected 24/1/20 (will then need setting up/testing)
TODO DCS Integrating MPOD system with FSM / DCS Henso Needed for Tracker Station Commissioning (and PS validation?)

For TDAQ see material list above

Items we will need for tracker station commissioning (should be in place by early-Feb):

Status Components Responsible/contact Comment
TODO Patch-panel mechanics Franck Final design wont be ready in time, Franck proposes a to use a temporary (quick) version for the first tracker station testing
TODO Mini-rack with backplane Franck / Yannick Mechanics expected to ready by end-of-Jan - will need testing after integration of backplane (where will it be tested?)
TODO Temporary Tracker stations mechanics Friedemann / Elisa Propose simple (Bosch profile) mechanics for holding a tracker station, and supporting cables (design done)
TODO Power Supply Box Enrique Needed for powering mini-crate/TRBs, TIMs. Procurement ongoing
TODO TIM Canden/Di TIM board already at CERN. Need setting up in ENH1 environment (network etc..), also how will it be housed in ENH1? It will need 4 fixed Network Adresses
TODO VME Crate PS (24V) -- for TIM otherwise Lab PS`s needed
TODO HV splitter Hide Expected to be available in early-Jan (but with no mechanics). How will this be housed?
TODO LV protection Hide Not really needed for first tests
DONE Main Cables Brian/Jamie Most cables are in ENH1 (LV,HV,DCS TIM/TRB powering)
TODO Tracker RO Cables Hide? TRB RO cables will be fitted when stations made.
TODO Ethernet Cables Brian Some Ethernet in ENH1. Rest can easily be ordered.
TODO Ethernet capability of TRBs Yannick Firmware implementation/testing work ongoing
TODO Dry-Air supply -- Need to finalise final supply to all 3 tracker stations (flowmeters, valves, pipes...)
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