FASER Tracker Commissioning

FASER tracker commissioning team

Name Institute Email Availability
Hidetoshi Otono Kyushu U. Hidetoshi.Otono@SPAMNOTcernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch In Japan Sep. 13-24 and Oct. 4-14.
Jamie Boyd CERN Jamie.Boyd@SPAMNOTcernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch  
Susanne Kuehn CERN Susanne.Kuehn@SPAMNOTcernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch around after Oct, 3
Yosuke Takubo KEK Yosuke.Takubo@SPAMNOTcernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch In Japan on Sep. 5 to 30th
Michaela Queitsch-Maitland CERN Michaela.Queitsch-Maitland@SPAMNOTcernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch  
Candan Dozen Tsinghua University Candan.Dozen@SPAMNOTcernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch  
Di Wang Tsinghua University Di.Wang@SPAMNOTcernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch  
Sergio Gonzalez Sevilla Geneva University Sergio.Gonzalez.Sevilla@SPAMNOTcernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch  

List of things to be done

Preparation of setup for tracker commissioning

  • Installation of setup by end of September
  • Commissioning September and October

Results of testing is logged here

Share of tasks

Item Developer Status to follow for commissioning
RO Hardware and Firmware Yannick TODO
RO Software, DAQ, Interface to FASER DAQ Kristof TODO
RO Software, Scans Yosuke, Sergio TODO
RO Analysis Code Yosuke, Sergio, Michaela TODO
Power supplies Henso, Didier TODO
TIM Di, Candan, Zhen TODO
Chiller EN-CV TODO
Cables Brian, Cable team TODO
Patch panel, flex cable Hide TODO
HV splitter circuit , LV protection circuit Hide TODO
HW Plane and sensors Franck TODO
Infastructure in B161 Susanne, Michaela TODO
Installation plane in setup Susanne, Franck, Michaela TODO
Commissioning coord. Michaela, Susanne TODO

Assembling the lab setup

Status Category Components Responsible/contact Comment
TODO 161 ethernet, grounding Susanne, Michaela add rails in rack, place grounding plate
TODO Cooling Chiller, adapter for frame, piping Franck, Susanne ok: flow 8l/min
TODO Dry air Flow meter, adapter for frame Susanne flow: tbd (low)
TODO Cables for patchpanel 2 cables with DB37 for LV, 1 cable with DB25 for TIM, 1 cable with DB9 for HV, 1 cable for PP power (2-pin) Michaela available; increased LV to cope with voltage drop on cables
TODO Power supply HV/LV power supply, GUI Henso MPOD from Berne in 161:ok , check operation and connection with cables with MPOD UniGE, add new HV unit
TODO HV splitter Unit (preliminary) unit, cables Michaela, Susanne Completed and tested
TODO HV splitter Unit (for detector) unit, cables Hide to design
TODO LV protection unit Unit unit, cables, to be tested first lab PSU, then Wiener PSU   not used for now
TODO DCS PC Computer, software, etc. ? use DCS PC: put in rack
TODO DCS server more details to be collected who?  
TODO TIM cable TIM, DCS (ethernet cables), software, check Zhen, Di, Candan To DO: calibration/scripts for temperature sensor calibration, fix problem with fixed IP, in new board two pins on DB25 will be swapped in order to make it compatible with patch panel (OK in board 2 and 3 ???), Pin test: TODO: test matrix (see TIM test list), implementation in FSM
TODO Interlock/monitoring Unit use TIM Di and Candan basic readout possible, if IP problem fixed, sensors to be calibrated/use correct script for conversion of values
TODO Readout PC Computer, software, firmware, module adapter card, rack Kristof, Michaela, Hide PC setup in 161 with fresh CentOS7 installation, for access contact Michaela or Kristof, to be placed in rack
TODO Readout hardware open Michaela, Hide PC ordered, to be installed
TODO Analysis scheme data format, scans Yosuke status? to be followed-up, add info on twiki
TODO Rack available Susanne parts to be mounted
TODO Data cables available Michaela 1x in 304, 7x in B161, 1x in UniGe with Yannick
TODO Patch panel available Hide in use with adapter boards, interlock to be tested with PSU, powering of patch panel needs 6V, and consumes ~400mA. Fuse for 500mA is also mounted on the patch panel. cable for 2nd patchpanel to be prepared, pin test
TODO Flex cable v2 in B161 Hide in protoype plane and single module testing ongoing, v3 small modification of connector tail to module?

List of cables for tracker: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zEY0-JsdYOE7ntG9G9S5cTBUf5W-DKCelK95iBHoOJM/edit#gid=0 List of mapping, testing: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v1ukgWCNRN4-jddhm86E3CjrbhacPQYt_o1PFF67xsE/edit?pli=1#gid=122952410

Readout of plane

Open questions:

  • Data format, delay scans
  • TrimDAC procedure
  • Delay scan procedure
  • Develop method to check L1 with LEDs and pulse generator
  • Check papers from SCT commissioning

To confirm before production

  • Frame:
    • Thermal test (8 modules + 2 on frame) with TIM?
    • Electrical test: configuration + basic scan of all 8 modules with UniGeGUI with IV scan and compare to old data from module QC (TODO: collect data)
    • Get all 8 TWINAX cables

  • Patchpanel + flex (confirm for single-module setup + compare to QA data):
    • L1 delay
    • Noise 3PtGain at 1.5 fC, 2 fC, 2.5 fC
    • Noise occupancy

Commissioning sequence

  1. A) Installation of infrastructure and verification of power supplies, readout, TIM, cooling
  2. B) Single module with GPIO board in module setup: ONGOING in Uni GE C) Configure modules in tracker plane D) Thermal validation of tacker frame with 8 modules configured E) Operation of single module in tracker plane : verification of flex cable F) Detailed testing of single module in tracker plane G) All modules in tracker plane: detailed verification by end of 2019

Workbook for testing:

  • Configuration
  • IV curve
  • Pin test
  • Calibration delay, strobe delay
  • Noise 3PtGain at 1.5 fC, 2 fC, 2.5 fC
  • TrimDAC tuning
  • Pipeline test
  • 3PtGain, 12PtGain -> noise, linearity of gain
  • Noise Occupancy
  • L1 delay with external trigger, prove of L1 readout

  • Optimization of grounding
  • Performance vs. temperature at 150 V and 100 V
  • Verification of standby voltage 50 V

  • Leak test
  • Connectivity test of environmental sensors

TIM test list

TIM test list

Useful links

-- SusanneKuehn - 2019-08-19

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