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The goals of the FCC visual identity is to support the efforts that FCC becomes a reality.

The visual identity is based on the following project core values:

The 3 O's (Openness)

  1. Open innovation
  2. Open science
  3. Open to the world

Further key values are:

  1. Positivity, being optimistic about the future
  2. Vision, be visionary about the future
  3. Creativity, be curious and inspire people
  4. Collaboration, federate a diverse community of people from all over the world
  5. Transparency, be honest about the project's needs and potentials
  6. Scientific excellence, provide a research infrastructure that attracts the largest number of scientists for the longest duration possible
  7. Exploration, enlarge the horizon of our current understanding of the Universe
  8. Durable values, create lasting assets for the benefit of the society on which future generations can build
  9. Responsibility, use natural and monetary resources in responsible and sustainable ways


The visual identity amplifies a number of goals that are relevant for the FCC project:

Scientific goals

  • Explore uncharted territories
  • Develop a new understanding of the "Origin of Everything"

Business goals

  • Help to achieve proper funding of the project
  • Attract the best scientific talents in the world and keep them

Communication goals

  • Strengthen Europe's leadership in excellent science for many decades
  • Inspire and inform people about particle physics

Brand goals

  • Create an independent identity for FCC, which is embedded with CERN

Target groups

The visual identity addresses the following target groups:

Decision makers

  • government agencies
  • funding agencies


  • every member of the society, in particular those that contribute with their taxes

Media professionals

  • journalists
  • influencers
  • bloggers
  • authors
  • artists
  • ... and many more

Scientists and engineers worldwide

Design principles that address requirements

Requirement 1: In order to appeal to the target groups, the visual identity has to bridge the gap between high-end science and popular culture. Solution 1: The visual identity combines a scientific and visionary expression with engaging elements. It introduces short, but inspiring science elements, which are presented in an appealing and positive way.

Requirement 2: The project should feel open and approachable to everyone. Solution 2: The design plays with open and inviting shapes, namely the "open circle", which becomes a closed circle from a specific viewing angle. The communication principles include "behind the scene" contents, such as intriguing people who work for the project.

Requirement 3: In order to support the efforts that the project raises the necessary funds, key stakeholders need to be informed about the immense value and potential of the project for the society for a long duration. Solution 3: The visual identity radiates trust and a sense of excellence. Communications highlight technical, scientific and organisational advantages of the project.

The open circle

The key element of the visual identity is a minimalistic and clean open circle. Depending on the viewpoint, it is either a closed circle, a spiral, a wave or particle traces. The full power of this visual element is best explored in an animation. Therefore, the open circle logo is also made available as an animated clip that can be included in presentations and web pages or as lead-in and lead-out sequences in video clips.

open circle.png

Examples for how the visual identity can be used everyday are shown in the brand application booklet.

The website toolkit booklet gives an impression on how to use the visual identity on websites.

The FCC brand house

fcc brand house.png

Logo and logo usage

The stylesheet in PDF format describes how to use the logo, the colours and fonts including recommendations on embedding the logo such as margins.

The logo comes in gradient colour, monocolor and rasterised versions. Wherever possible, the logo with the full text ("Future Circular Collider") in horizontal layout should be used. Use the vertical logo and the logo with the FCC abbreviation only where not enough space is available.

FCC logo overview.png

The logos are available for everyone in .png file format. For particular, professional use (creation of banners for instance), the logo is made available in Adobe illustrator .ai format on request from the FCC office.

For the FCCIS H2020 EU co-funded project, use the logo with the "Innovation Study" tagline.

When placing the logo, make sure there is a safety margin kept and enough space around the logo as shown in the image below.

FCC logo spatial guidelines.png


The main colour is "Deep Blue" and it should be used wherever possible. Deep blue is related to the motherbrand CERN. It ensures high readability.

To give a more lively and modern flavour, "Radiant Blue" is an alternative color.

Additional colours can be used if needed on a case-by-case basis.

FCC color overview.png

The following secondary colors can be used in presentations, documents and any media created. Together they assured that a coherent and consistent FCC brand is promoted. Stick to the combination of primary and secondary colors. Seek advice from the FCC office before you add additional colors.

FCC color secondary.png

The visual identity also includes colour sets that are available as CMYK and RGB sets in .ase format.


Roobert has been selected as the FCC brand font. It can be obtained from the FCC office if needed.

FCC font Roobert.png

Otherwise use the Arial font wherever possible in presentations, since it will ensure that presentations look the same on all platforms.

For a monospace font use Space Mono.

FCC logo set

Description Download
Future Circular Collider (full text) logo
Future Circular Collider logo black RGB .png, CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo deep blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider radiant deep blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo white RGB .png, CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo monocolor black CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo monocolor deep blue CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo monocolor white CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo rasterized black CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo rasterized deep blue CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo rasterized white CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider (FCC abbreviation)
FCC logo black RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC logo deep blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC radiant deep blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC logo white RGB .png, CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo with tagline (Expanding our horizons)
FCC logo black RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC logo deep blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC logo white RGB .png, CMYK .png
Future Circular Collider logo with FCCIS tagline (Innovation Study)
FCC logo black RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC logo deep blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC logo white RGB .png, CMYK .png
Open circle icon
Open circle black RGB .png, CMYK .png
Open circle deep blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
Open circle radiant blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
Open circle white RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC vertical logo
FCC vertical logo full text black RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC vertical logo full text deep blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC vertical logo full text white RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC vertical logo abbreviation black RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC vertical logo abbreviation deep blue RGB .png, CMYK .png
FCC vertical logo abbreviation white RGB .png, CMYK .png

FCC document templates

Description Download
16x9 on screen powerpoint presentation template .potx
16x9 on screen powerpoint presentation example .pptx
16x9 on screen blank presentation template .potx
A4 MS Word project document template V5.0 .docx
R&D feasibility agreement Template

Note: Slide numbers are not automatically enabled in Powerpoint presentation templates. Open the Insert menu and select Slide Number to add a slide number on the right top of a page.

Logo animations

Description Download
Logo animation for presentations (Future Circular Collider) .mp4 7.4 MB
Logo animation for presentations (FCC abbreviation only) .mp4 7 MB
Open circle animation for presentations (circle only) .mp4 7.1 MB

Graphical elements

Description Download
Energetic gradient deep blue .png
Energetic gradient radiant blue .png
Energetic gradient white .png
Energetic monocolor deep blue .png
Energetic monocolor radiant blue .png
Energetic monocolor white .png

-- JohannesGutleber - 2020-11-12

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