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Technical Infrastructures

Infrastructure and Operation Working Group (IOWG)

From January 2014 to May 2021, the concept studies for technical infrastructures were carried out in a working group called "Infrastructure and Operation". The following table provides an overview of the different topics dealt with and provides direct links to the Indico pages and minutes of each meeting. The information created therein remains a working baseline during the FCC Feasibility Study. As of June 2021 the work of the IOWG was continued by the TIWG.

Meeting Date (Indico) Minutes (EDMS) Topics
75 19/5/2021 2318052 FCC feasibility study organisation (MB), technical infrastructure WG (KH), FCC placement (JG), civil engineering (AT), integration (FVG)
74 14/4/2021 2318050 Technical infrastructure WG (KH), civil engineering (AT)
73 17/3/2021 2318049 Announcements (VM), scenario check status (VM), civil engineering (AT), integration (FVG), cooling and ventilation for FCC: status and perspectives (GP)
72 18/2/2021 2318031 Future WG organisation (VM), news on placement (VM), civil engineering (AT), integration (FVG), CV status and plans (GP), radiation levels in FCC-ee arc from synchrotron radiation (BH), open questions/points to address (VM)
71 2/12/2020 2143137 FCC feasibility study organisation (MB), integration (FVG), civil engineering (AT), Helium spill in FCC tunnel (CK)
70 28/10/2020 2143135 Integration (FVG), civil engineering (AT), FCC-ee transport and logistics study (DK)
69 30/9/2020 2143134 Integration (FVG), civil engineering (AT)
68 26/8/2020 2143133 Work plan after strategy update (VM), civil engineering (AT), ventilation considerations for FCC-ee 4IP (GP)
67 22/7/2020 2143132 Feasibility study (MB), footprint exploration (VM), FCC-ee 4 IP option (VM)
66 17/6/2020 2143131 Tool development (VM), Host state activities (JG), surface site description sheet (JG), ee logistics study (DK), CE pre-construction schedule (AT)
65 22/4/2020 2143122 Integration (FVG), civil engineering (AT), calculations for rail mounted robot fixation (ILF)
64 10/2/2020 2143119 Integration (FVG), civil engineering (JO), Management of excavated materials (MATEX) (LU)
63 18/12/2019 2012694 Proposal for a robotics solution (HG), survey and alignment - automation possibilities (MJ)
62 20/11/2019 2012691 Integration (FVG), tunneling workshop (JO/AT), dip immunity (TH), geodetic infrastructure and alignment (MJ)
61 16/10/2019 2012685 Integration (FVG), civil engineering (AT), conference abstract: Performance-Based Design to develop and assess a Fire Safety Concept: The FCC study case (OR, AA, SlM)
60 25/9/2019 2012683 Integration (FVG), water mist systems at XFEL/DESY (OR)
59 28/8/2019 1894158 Integration (FVG), civil engineering (AT)
58 3/7/2019 1894156 -
57 5/6/2019 1894155 FCC Week preparation (VM), outline of IO related presentations at FCC Week 2019 (Brussels): CE cost drivers, risk factors, schedule for preparatory phase (AT), analysis of excavation materials in view of re-use (MH), study of HE-LHC ventilation strategy in case of fire (OR), update on R2E and heat load simulations (JH), geodetic infrastructure and alignment – planning and studies (MJ), integration (FVG), principle of F G H exploration (VM), footprint exploration (AT), personnel transport (IR)
56 8/5/2019 1894154 FCC Week preparation (VM), integration (FVG)
55 10/4/2019 1894153 FCC Week preparation (VM), SC transmission line (AB), integration (FVG)
54 13/3/2019 1887382 FCC Week preparation (VM), integration (FVG)
53 13/2/2019 1887380 CGM news (VM), FCC Week 2019 (VM), work themes 2019 (VM)
52 12/12/2018 1887377 CDR preparation (VM), R2E studies for FCC (AI), integration (VB), HE-LHC civil engineering (AT)
51 10/3/2018 1887371 HE-LHC civil engineering (AT), CDR preparation (VM), IO work programme (VM), integration - data base management (VB), LHC for dummies (VB), civil engineering ILF Phase 3 report (AT)
50 5/9/2018 1887363 CDR preparation (VM), IO work programme 2018-2020 (VM), integration (FVG), HE-LHC civil engineering (AT), traveling exhibition "Code of the Universe" (CERN)
49 1/8/2018 1821422 CDR preparation (VM), integration (FVG)
48 13/6/2018 1821415 CDR preparation (VM), IAC comments (IAC), feedback from IAC Review (JS, VM), superconducting transmission line study (AB), integration (FVG), energy efficiency (LT)
47 14/3/2018 1821413 CDR preparation (VM), FCC-ee RF staging and cryogenics layout (VM), reference drawings for FCC Week (FVG), outline of IO related presentations at FCC Week 2018 (Amsterdam): CE developments (JO), cooling and ventilation systems (MN), conceptual powering for FCC-hh, FCC-ee and HE-LHC (DB), advanced power-quality technologies (ThH), maintenance aspects and operational cycle (AN), radiation protection studies (MW), performance based safety design and results on cryogenics hazards (SlM), fire safety assessment for FCC (ORR), integration (FVG)
46 28/2/2018 1821412 CDR preparation (VM), FCC Week preparation (VM), integration (FVG), radiation environment assessment in the experimental insertion region (AI, VM), on FCC-hh electrical power requirements (VM), electrical power (DB), FCC-hh operational schedule and maintenance aspects (AN), FIML report on transport and logistics (IR)
45 17/1/2018 1821409 CDR preparation (VM), FCC Week preparation (VM), integration (FVG), electrical power (DB), cooling and ventilation (GP), report from maintenance WG (KF)
44 6/12/2017 1821407 CDR preparation (VM), FCC Week preparation (VM), integration (FVG), fire safety and VR safety experiment (OR), energy efficiency analysis and selected projects (SC, VM)
43 8/11/2017 1757115 CDR preparation (VM), FCC Week preparation (VM), CE (JS), integration (FVG), electrical network and powering options (ThH)
42 18/10/2017 1757104 CDR preparation (VM), FCC Week preparation (VM), proposals on shaft positions for PE and PF (JS), integration (FVG), updated thermal loads to cooling water (GP), superconducting power transmission line (AB), Finland at CERN (JG, VM)
41 20/9/2017 1757102 CDR preparation (VM), Selected IAC comments and recommendations - IOWG comments/replies, resulting actions (VM), IAC comments and recommendations on CE (VM), comparison of FCC footprint alternatives following ECOTEC‘s draft report (VM), integration (FVG), operational margin for cryogenics (LT), radioprotection (MW), EN-EL cost model (DB), power to cooling water (GP)
40 16/8/2017 1757099 Integration (FVG), CDR preparation (VM), new maintenance and powering sub-WGs (VM), power transmission network studies (DB), cryogenic hazards (AH), timeline for civil engineering and cryogenics study items (VM)
39 19/7/2017 1757098 Fire safety study intermediate report (SlM), CE consulting - specifications for phase III (JLS)
38 14/6/2017 1707691 CDR preparation (VM), CDR table of contents, points still to address (part I) (VM), Intermediate status report of conceptual safety study (ThO), FLUKA Monte Carlo modelling of the FCC arc cell: radiation environment due to beam-gas interaction (AI), integration news (FVG), FCC injector power consumption (DB)
37 10/5/2017 1690853 CE optimisation and design development (JLS), outline of IO related presentations at FCC Week 2017 (Berlin): supply and distribution of electrical energy (DB), ventilation system (GP), towards a conceptual design for FCC cryogenics (LT), FCC-hh operation schedule and turn-around cycle (AN), FCC availability and integrated luminosity (AA), FCC safety strategy for the CDR (ThO), radioprotection matters (MW); status of ongoing work: proceedings from FCC Week 2017 (VM), storage of CAD drawings (FVG), integration (FVG)
36 12/4/2017 1690851 NO DOC LOADED IO related programme for FCC Week 2017 (VM), preparation for CDR (VM), proposal for FCC performance based safety design (SB), integration (FVG), ventilation (MN), footprint optimisation (JLS)
35 15/3/2017 1690850 NO DOC LOADED FCC Week 2017 programme (VM), CDR roadmap (VM), integration (FVG)
34 15/2/2017 1690849 NO DOC LOADED FCC Week 2017 programme preparation (VM), integration (FVG), structural slab study - update (JO), phase 2 variations for CE C&S study (JLS)
33 18/1/2017 1690848 NO DOC LOADED Upcoming FCC-hh layout baseline (FB), schedule WG overview (MB), FCC Week 2017 programme preparation (VM), integration (FVG), LHC power consumption 2016 and FCC power estimate (MM)
32 7/12/2016 1690847 FCC underground network simulations (NIS), power consumption and dissipation in the arc (MM), minimum safety requirements for FCC baseline (AH)
31 9/11/2016 1690844 NO DOC LOADED CE (JO), lift layout and parameters (IR), transport and handling mini-workshop with FIML (IR)
30 12/10/2016 1690843 NO DOC LOADED -
29 14/9/2016 1690840 NO DOC LOADED Status of layout optimisation process (DS), recall of "naming convention quick guide" (JLS), proposal for naming convention of CE features (JLS), dimensions of CE features for consulting contracts on cost and schedule (JLS)
28 3/8/2016 1690839 NO DOC LOADED Integration (SM, YM), usefulness of inclined tunnels (CC)
27 29/6/2016 1690835 Visit report FIML Dortmund (IR)
26 1/6/2016 1574007 Situation and next 12 months (except CE part shown on 18.5.2016) (VM), CE and layout iterations (MB), tunnelling through moraines - shallow option (CC), integration drawings (VM), R2E simulations (AI), status of safety simulations, ITSF impressions (SlM)
25 18/5/2016 1574006 Situation and next 12 months (CE part) (VM), CE (CC), preliminary summary of the sub-WGs on tunnel options and shafts (VM)
24 23/3/2016 1574005 Outline of presentations at FCC Week 2016 (Rome): CE (CC), FCC-he CE (CC), electrical distribution (MM, DB), CV (MN), survey (MJ), safety (AH, MW, RT), availability (AA); status of ongoing work: cost modeling (JG), FCC-hh heat load estimate (MN)
23 24/2/2016 1574004 Review of IO contributions to FCC Week 2016 (VM), posters with schematic 3D-views of tunnels and shafts (CC), data collection exercises (VM), ventilation (GP)
22 20/1/2016 1574000 Comparative risk analysis for CE (CC), review of the IO contributions to FCC Week 2016 (VM), proposal for additional abstract (DB), methodology for data collection and geographical mapping (DB)
21 16/12/2015 1568926 Review of IOWG contributions to FCC Week 2016 (VM), proposal for 3D-view of tunnel and shafts (JO)
20 25/11/2015 LINK (NOT IN EDMS) DESY / XFEL - tunnel layout, transport and handling solution (IR), review of IOWG contributions to FCC Week 2016 (VM)
19 28/10/2015 1562744 Update on the cryogenics study (LT), deformations and movements of CERN installations (MJ), First results from reliability study (AN)
18 23/9/2015 1548459 Combining FCC-hh and FCC-ee: CE challenges (CC), power estimates for cooling and ventilation (DB, GP), CFD simulations for the design of the FCC ventilation system (AJR)
17 26/8/2015 1537241 -
16 29/7/2015 1531990 LHC as FCC injector -­ status of dose rate maps (MW), Summary of LHC power consumption and scaling to FCC-hh (PhL), tunnel footprint and location for the CDR (CC)
15 24/6/2015 1519986 Outcome of the review of the FCC tunnel footprint and implantation (PhL), first results from the study of the LHC cycle power consumption (DB), présentation du projet Cigéo (ANDRA) (IR), transport system for inclined tunnel (IR)
14 27/5/2015 1513213 Update on optimization of tunnel footprint and location(JO), updated IOWG mandate (PhL)
13 22/4/2015 1508346 Pipe diameters in tunnels (MN), (HL-)LHC elements to replace as 3.3 TeV FCC HEB (BG), main changes to LHC layout for reuse as FCC-hh High Energy Booster (WB, BG, PhL, AM), outcome of the FCC Week 2015: work program for the second year of the study (PhL), FCC - HSE study program 2015 and beyond (HSE)
12 25/2/2015 1477300 Power consumption for LHC cooling and ventilation (GP), Power consumption for LHC cooling and ventilation including peak consumption in summer conditions (GP), depth distribution of boreholes in FCC area (CC), Updated FCC-hh tunnel cross-sections (JO), first look at the FCC-ee tunnel (PhL), FCC Week 2015 program of IO presentations (PhL), IO parallel sessions (PhL), modifications to the functionality and accessibility matrix suggested by HSE (AH)
11 28/1/2015 1465627 General information (PhL), update on the CE study (CC), FCC Week 2015 program of IO presentations (PhL)
10 17/12/2014 1459817 New technical solutions for lifts and cranes in deep shafts (IR), HSE comments on general layouts (AH, MW), proposed work program for reliability studies (AA), dates of FCC IOWG meetings in first half of 2015 (PhL), CV power consumption in LHC ()
9 26/11/2014 1447565 Update on power consumption estimates (PS), update on CE studies (JO), IO presentations for the FCC week 2015 (PC)
8 22/10/2014 1425521 FCC layout: naming, numbering, lengths, preliminary siting (PhL)
7 1/10/2014 1419412 Generic FCC footprints (PhL), follow-up on RAMS study (PS), geological study and siting decision model (JO), follow-up on resource estimates for the FCC study (PhL)
6 30/7/2014 1403093 Smoke extraction systems: a first proposal (SlM), follow-up of the geological study (PhL), follow-up on resource estimates for the FCC study (PhL)
5 28/5/2014 1387266 Update on the Horizon 2020 proposal for a FCC Design Study (MB), interim report on the geology study (JO), first estimates of power consumption (PC), progress on tunnel cross-section options (JO, PhL)
4 16/4/2014 1374462 Review of input/boundary conditions from accelerator design studies (PhL), personnel resources for the FCC study (JG), guideline for personnel estimates (JG), preliminary resources 2014 JG(), table resources 2014-2018 (JG), comments about a possible installation of a near field powered (10 ... 20 KHz range) electric trolley system (FC, FS)
3 26/3/2014 1369876 Preparation of Horizon 2020 proposal for a FCC Design Study (MB), first discussion on tunnel cross-sections (JO, PC, PhL), accessibility matrix (HSE)
2 26/2/2014 1360685 Outcome of the FCC kick-off meeting and work program (PC, PhL), Outcome of the FCC kick-off meeting and work program (slides completed after discussion) (PC, PhL), Dates of forthcoming meetings (PC, PhL)
1 22/1/2014 1346656 IO studies: objectives, work program, organisation (PC, PhL), WBS for Technical Systems (JG), guidelines for WBS entry (JG), WU description example (JG)

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