Release procedures for frontier-related software

The Frontier system has many releasable pieces to it, and here are the procedures for each piece for developers to use.

This is what is on this page:


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frontier-squid tarball

  1. Update the SRC and RELEASE variables in squid/Makefile
  2. Set an environment variable for the new version, for example:
  3. If it is a new upstream squid version, do these steps
    SQUIDVER="`echo $FSQUIDVER|sed 's/-.*//'`"
    cd ~/src/frontier/tarballs/frontier-squid4/distrib
    git rm squid-*.tar.gz*
    rm -rf squid-*
    git add squid-$SQUIDVER.tar.gz*
    gpg --verify squid-$SQUIDVER.tar.gz.asc squid-$SQUIDVER.tar.gz
    cd /tmp
    tar xzf $OLDPWD/squid-$SQUIDVER.tar.gz
    cd squid-$SQUIDVER
    scl enable devtoolset-2 "./configure --disable-wccp"
    scl enable devtoolset-2 make
    Then compare /tmp/squid-$SQUIDVER/src/squid.conf.documented to squid/files/postinstall/squid.conf.documented and update it and the corresponding squid.conf.proto with the things that have changed (at minimum, the version number will always change).
  4. Add notes in the RELEASE_NOTES file for the new version.
  5. Commit all changes into git
  6. Create a new version tag for the new release and push to the repository, for example:
    git tag frontier-squid-$FSQUIDVER
    git push
    git push --tags
  8. Create a tarball:
    mkdir /tmp/extract
    cd /tmp/extract
    wget -qO- "$FSQUIDVER"|tar xzf -
    mv * frontier-squid-$FSQUIDVER
    tar czvf ../frontier-squid-$FSQUIDVER.tar.gz frontier-squid-$FSQUIDVER
    cd ..
    rm -rf extract
  9. scp /tmp/frontier-squid-$FSQUIDVER.tar.gz
  10. Update InstallSquidTarball twiki with new version

frontier-awstats tarball

Basically similar to the frontier-squid tarball except without the copy of the release notes or twiki update. The only user is the rpm.

  1. Set an environment variable for the new version, for example:
  2. Commit all changes into git
  3. Create a new version tag for the new release and push to the repository, for example:
    git tag frontier-awstats-$FAWSTATSVER
    git push
    git push --tags
  4. Create a tarball:
    mkdir /tmp/extract
    cd /tmp/extract
    wget -qO- "$FAWSTATSVER"|tar xzf -
    mv * frontier-awstats-$FAWSTATSVER
    tar cvf ../frontier-awstats-$FAWSTATSVER.tgz frontier-awstats-$FAWSTATSVER
    cd ..
    rm -rf extract
  5. scp /tmp/frontier-awstats-$FAWSTATSVER.tgz


Frontier rpm releases have these steps in common (replace "package" with individual package name):

  1. If updating the tomcat version in frontier-tomcat, compare its conf/server.xml with src/conf/server.xml.O. If there are changes, update server.xml.O and server.xml.proto.
  2. Commit your changes to git.
  3. Make sure you have created a working directory according to the instructions under "Building frontier rpms" step 1, a directory called "rpms" where each repository for doc, scripts, and all frontier-* packages are checked out under their own name.
  4. Update frontier-package/SPECS/frontier-package.spec with the new version, release4source, and releasenum, and commit to git.
  5. If the spec file has a %changelog, add a new entry and commit to git, otherwise edit frontier-package/doc/frontier-packageRELEASE_NOTES with the new version number and release notes, and commit that to git.
  6. Do git push to upload changes to the git server.
  7. In directory frontier-package/scripts on an SL6-based system, run ../../scripts/ including entering your passphrase for the signature.
  8. In the same directory, run ../../scripts/ /home/dbfrontier/dist/rpms-debug to publish the release to the cernvm-frontier-debug repo. You need to be on a machine on which you can do 'sudo -u dbfrontier' and which is set up with an ssh key to be able to scp from that account to
  9. In the same directory, run ../../scripts/ to install to the regular cernvm-frontier repo. Answer "yes" to the prompt.
  10. In the same directory, run ../../scripts/ to create the release tag.
  11. Send a release announcement to
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