Test on electron forward scattering from foils at 13-20 MeV

Main authors:B. Faddegon, University of California, San Francisco, US.

Short description: A mono-energetic electron pencil beam (normal incidence) of either 13 MeV or 20 MeV, and Gaussian circular spot of 0.1 cm FWHM travels through an exit window, a scattering foil made of Al, C, Ti or Be with different thickness, a monitor chamber, and 2 Mylar bags that limit a slab made of Helium.

Reference publication: Bruce A Faddegon, Iwan Kawrakow, Yuri Kubyshin, Joseph Perl, Josep Sempau, and Laszlo Urban, “The accuracy of EGSnrc, Geant4 and PENELOPE Monte Carlo systems for simulation of electron scatter in external beam radiotherapy,” Phys. Med. Biol. 54:6151-6163, 2009.

Geant4 code: to be added

Geant-val layout: to be added

Reference data: to be added

Tested EM physics constructors:

  • EMStandard_opt0
  • EMStandard_opt3
  • EMStandard_opt4
  • Livermore
  • Penelope

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