Extended Examples Review 2013

The items to be reviewed:

1) Example compiles, runs (with all provided macros)

2) If an external software is used, the documentation (README) provides:

  • where to get the external software
  • its version which the example was tested with
3) Which classes are specific to the feature demonstrated in this example and which classes can be replaced from the common repository (see the existing classes in extended/common)

Special attention should be given to the physics list: It is recommended to use the physics list classes and physics builders provided in Geant4 unless there is a specific reason for using an explicitly defined physics list.

4) Revise the messenger classes:

  • a) Check if the commands introduced in the examples are not available in Geant4 kernel

  • b) Check if all commands defined in the example work as expected and in all application states which they are defined for
5) Review the code:

  • a) Report on obsolete code (eg. using features which are deprecated)

  • b) Report on inefficient code (if you see something can be done in an easier way)

  • c) Give your recommendations to the example owner
6) Review documentation (does the README file provide enough information?)

7) Review the adequacy of the example in its physics domain (skip this item if you are not an expert in physics demonstrated in the example)

8) See if any of the questions in the "Users questions to be addressed in examples" document can be naturally addressed in the reviewed example

The template text file for examples review:


Table of Examples with the Review Status:

example month owner (A) reviewer (B) reviews
analysis/A01 I joseph    
analysis/AnaEx01 I michel ivana B
analysis/AnaEx02 I jean ivana B
analysis/N03Con I tatsumi    
biasing/B01 I alexandr    
biasing/B02 II alexandr    
biasing/ReverseMC01 II laurent   A
electromagnetic/TestEm0 III michel ivana, peter B, general recommendations, em1new.tar.gz
electromagnetic/TestEm1 III vladimir_iv ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm2 III vladimir_iv ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm3 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm4 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm5 III vladimir_iv ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm6 III vladimir_iv ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm7 III vladimir_iv ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm8 III vladimir_gr ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm9 III vladimir_iv ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm10 III vladimir_gr ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm11 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm12 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm13 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm14 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm15 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm16 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm17 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
electromagnetic/TestEm18 III michel ivana, peter see TestEm0
errorpropagation/ep01 I pedro   A
eventgenerator/exgps II laurent   A
eventgenerator/HepMC/HepMCEx01 I koichi    
eventgenerator/HepMC/HepMCEx02 I koichi    
eventgenerator/particleGun I michel    
eventgenerator/pythia I ivana   A
exoticphysics/monopole II vladimir_iv   review done by author
field/BlineTracer II laurent    
field/field01 I john_ap peter  
field/field02 I john_ap peter  
field/field03 II john_ap    
field/field04 I peter    
field/field05 II peter    
field/field06 II peter    
g3tog4/clGeometry II ivana   A
g3tog4/cltog4 II ivana   A
geometry/olap I gabriele pedro  
geometry/transforms II michel    
hadronic/Hadr00 I vladimir_iv, dennis Gunter A, B
hadronic/Hadr01 I vladimir_iv, dennis Gunter A, B
hadronic/Hadr02 II vladimir_iv, dennis    
medical/DICOM I pedro jonathan A B
medical/electronScattering I michel, paul    
medical/electronScattering2 II joseph    
medical/fanoCavity II michel, paul pedro  
medical/fanoCavity2 II michel, paul    
medical/GammaTherapy II vladimir_iv, paul   review done by author
optical/LXe I peter    
optical/wls II peter    
parallel/MPI/exMPI01 II koichi    
parallel/MPI/exMPI02 II koichi    
parallel/ParN02 I gene    
parallel/ParN04 II gene    
parameterisations/gflash I marc    
persistency/gdml/G01 I witold norman, hans review_G01.txt
persistency/gdml/G02 I witold norman, hans  
persistency/gdml/G03 I witold norman, hans  
persistency/gdml/G04 II witold norman, hans review_G04.txt
persistency/P01 II witold norman, hans review_P01_B.txt
persistency/P02 II witold norman, hans review_P02_B.txt, CMakeLists.txt
persistency/P03 II pedro norman, hans review_P03_A.txt
polarisation/Pol01 I vladimir_iv    
radioactivedecay/rdecay01 I laurent    
radioactivedecay/rdecay02 I laurent    
runAndEvent/RE01 I makoto joseph  
runAndEvent/RE02 I makoto joseph  
runAndEvent/RE03 II makoto joseph  
runAndEvent/RE04 II makoto joseph  
visualization/perspective I john_al    
visualization/standalone I john_al    
visualization/userVisAction II john_al    

Comments: month I: by 15th April; month II: by 15th May; month III: by 30th June

-- IvanaHrivnacova - Moved at new location (2013): 11 Apr 2014

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Texttxt ReviewA_exgps.txt r1 manage 2.9 K 2012-06-12 - 11:47 LaurentDesorgher exgps example review A
Texttxt analysis_AnaEx01_review_B.txt r1 manage 2.2 K 2012-04-16 - 15:34 IvanaHrivnacova analysis_AnaEx01 example review
Texttxt analysis_AnaEx02_review_B.txt r1 manage 3.0 K 2012-04-16 - 15:35 IvanaHrivnacova analysis_AnaEx02 example review
Unknown file formatgz em1new.tar.gz r1 manage 64.0 K 2012-07-29 - 21:40 IvanaHrivnacova New TestEm1 example demonstarting some of the reviewers recommendations
Texttxt eventgenerator_pythia_decayer6_review_A.txt r1 manage 1.2 K 2012-04-11 - 21:20 IvanaHrivnacova eventgenerator_pythia_decayer6 example owner review
Texttxt g3tog4_clGeometry_review_A.txt r1 manage 2.1 K 2012-04-11 - 21:19 IvanaHrivnacova g3tog4_clGeometry example owner review
Texttxt g3tog4_cltog4_review_A.txt r1 manage 2.1 K 2012-04-11 - 21:19 IvanaHrivnacova g3tog4_cltog4 example owner review
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Texttxt medical_DICOM_review_B.txt r1 manage 2.8 K 2012-04-18 - 10:35 IvanaHrivnacova medical_DICOM example review (by Jonathan)
Texttxt review_DICOM_A.txt r2 r1 manage 1.5 K 2012-06-12 - 14:15 IvanaHrivnacova medical_DICOM_example owner review
Texttxt review_EM.txt r1 manage 5.5 K 2012-07-29 - 21:30 IvanaHrivnacova EM examples review
PDFpdf review_EM_recommendations.pdf r1 manage 42.5 K 2012-07-29 - 21:35 IvanaHrivnacova general recommendations for EM examples
Texttxt review_G01.txt r1 manage 2.6 K 2012-05-21 - 17:52 HansWenzel  
Texttxt review_G04.txt r1 manage 2.9 K 2012-05-21 - 22:30 HansWenzel  
Texttxt review_P01.txt r1 manage 5.9 K 2012-05-21 - 17:21 HansWenzel  
Texttxt review_P02.txt r1 manage 2.7 K 2012-05-21 - 21:18 HansWenzel  
Texttxt review_errorProp_A.txt r1 manage 1.1 K 2012-06-12 - 10:00 IvanaHrivnacova errorPropagation example owner review
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Texttxt review_hadr01.txt r1 manage 2.3 K 2013-08-20 - 17:37 IvanaHrivnacova Hadr01 example review (by Gunter)
Texttxt review_persistency_P03_A.txt r1 manage 1.4 K 2012-06-12 - 10:01 IvanaHrivnacova persistency_P03 example owner review
Texttxt review_template.txt r2 r1 manage 1.0 K 2012-04-11 - 21:14 IvanaHrivnacova The template file for examples review
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