This page contains information on how to migrate hadronics category code for the upcoming Geant4 version 10. For a longer description of the issued summarized here please refer to the presentation given at the January 23rd, 2013 Had WG meeting:

This is not a detailed document on multi-threading or Geant4 MT, but only a very rough list of todos for this category!

The Geant4 Multi Threading Task Force has a twiki.

What needs to be done

In current design of MT only memory consuming classes are shared among threads (geometry and EM physics tables). This mean that, for hadronics module, each thread has its own instances of the relevant classes.

As a consequence special attention has to be put with static and global variables: for their nature these variables are shared among threads. If their content vary between events, a possible issue arise: different threads can change the content of these variables while another thread is still using the old value.

This problem can be solved transforming the variable to be thread-local-storage. This is done adding a special keyword at the variable declaration as in the following example:

class G4MyHadClass {
   static G4double aVariable;
is transformed to:
class G4MyHadClass {
   static G4ThreadLocal G4double aVariable;
The G4ThreadLocal keyword in Linux is a typedef to __thread. For more details on this subject please see the document Mini guide to G4MT for developers (this document will become obsolete when an improved version will be integrated in the developers user guide).

Important note

It should be noted that these changes are needed only if the variable has a mutable state, if it is to be used in "read-only" (for example it contains a constant data table) the modification is not needed! The change to thread-local-storage does not come for free: first of all there is a small memory penalty since each thread has its own copy of the variable, second there is some CPU degradation since there is a additional code for each thread to access its own private copy. In the final release of Geant4 version 10 this technique should be used only when needed. The top priority is to have a code that works correctly in multi-threaded, to guarantee this, in the current development version all instances of static and global variables have been transformed automatically to be G4ThreadLocal independently if they are mutable or not.

Current Status (January 2013) of Hadronics module: Automatic conversion

The tag geant4-09-06-ref-02 is the first one to contain multi-threaded transformed code. Once again: to avoid problems with possible shared variables all instances of static and global variables used in the code have been automatically transformed to thread-local-storage. As discussed in the Important Note this is probably not needed in most of the cases, since in hadroncis module the use of static variables is generally intended to contain invariants of the code (data tables, constants values). We need to switch back the changes of the code. It is very important that this effort is coordinated within the Hadronic WG, the Testing team and the people responsible for multi-threading in doubt contact Andrea Dotti. The file contains a list of all files modified by the automatic conversion procedure.

What to do if you want to remove the multi-threaded changes

If you are absolutely sure that the static variables you use in your code should be shared by all threads you can remove the G4ThreadLocal keyword from your code. However before removing this keyword you should make a tag with the current status of the code.

You can also use a special tag we created when we did the automatic conversion to remove at once all G4ThreadLocal keywords. To do this you need to (for example starting from first mt-aware tag):

g4svn co geant4-09-06-ref-02
cd <your-category>
g4svn switch trunk
g4svn tag <aNewInternalTag>
g4svn merge geant4-09-06-refmt-01-seq
The last command will revert back the changes to the code just before the multi-threading modifications were applied (see [[#ListOfTags][here] for a complete list of tags in this global tag). Very important: This procedure is valid for hadronics module, you cannot apply blindly this procedure for other modules, please contact Andrea Dotti in case of questions! Note that if you do a clean-up by hand class-by-class you do not need anymore to do the merge.

List of directories to analyze

This is a prioritized list of the directories and categories to be checkedd (sub-dirs of source/processes/hadronic):
Directory/module Number of files modified Responsible/Contact Status Notes
models/cascade 76 Mike Green led High priority. Internal tag hadr-casc-V09-06-01
cross_section 33 Witek/Andrea   High priority
models/de_excitation 27 Vladimir I. Green led  
models/inclxx 23 Davide Green led  
models/binary_cascade 29 Gunter Green led both: im_r_matrix and binary_cascade directories
models/neutron_hp 23 Tatsumi Yellow led  
models/lll_fission 11 Dennis Green led Proposed tag hadr-lllfis-V09-06-01
models/coherent_elastic 5 Vladimir I. Green led Proposed tag hadr-cohe-V09-06-02
models/parton_string 4 Vladimir U./Gunter Yellow led  
models/pre_equilibrium 4 Vladimir I. Green led Accepted tag hadr-pre-V09-06-01
models/lend 4 Tatsumi    
stopping 4 Julia Green led Accepted tag hadr-stopping-V09-06-02
models/management 2 Witek + ?    
models/qmd 2 Tatsumi    
models/quasi_elastic 2 Witek    
models/rpg 22 Dennis Gray led Deprecated, do not touch
models/high_energy 25   Gray led Deprecated, leave it like this?
models/low_energy 10   Gray led Deprecated, leave it like this?
management 2 Witek + ?    
util 5      
models/util 6      

Gray led = Will not touch, leave as after automatic transformation
Yellow led = Started
Green led = Completed
Red led = Issues found, to be discussed what to do

List of tags contained in geant4-09-06-refmt-01-seq

The tag geant4-09-06-refmt-01-seq includes the following list of tags on top of geant4-09-06-ref-01:
source/geometry/solids/specific            geom-specific-V09-06-03
source/materials                               materials-V09-06-00
source/processes/CMakeLists.txt            processes-cmk-V09-06-02
source/processes/GNUmakefile               processes-gmk-V09-06-01
source/processes/electromagnetic/highenergy emhighenergy-V09-06-02
source/processes/electromagnetic/lowenergy       emlowen-V09-06-06
source/processes/electromagnetic/standard        emstand-V09-06-06
source/processes/electromagnetic/utils           emutils-V09-06-03
source/processes/hadronic/CMakeLists.txt        hadr-cmk-V09-06-00
source/processes/hadronic/GNUmakefile           hadr-gmk-V09-06-01
source/processes/hadronic/cross_sections      hadr-cross-V09-06-03
source/processes/hadronic/models/CMakeLists.txt had-mod-cmk-V09-06-02
source/processes/hadronic/models/GNUmakefile had-mod-gmk-V09-06-02
source/processes/hadronic/models/binary_cascade had-binary-V09-06-02
source/processes/hadronic/models/im_r_matrix   hadr-im_r-V09-06-00
source/processes/hadronic/models/inclxx      hadr-inclxx-V09-06-01
source/processes/hadronic/models/isotope_production     -ARCHIVED-
source/processes/hadronic/models/management  hadr-modman-V09-06-02
source/processes/hadronic/models/neutron_hp     hadr-hpn-V09-06-03
source/processes/hadronic/models/qmd            hadr-qmd-V09-06-01
source/processes/hadronic/models/radioactive_decay radioactive_decay-V09-06-01
source/tracking                                 tracking-V09-06-01

examples/extended/analysis/N03Con          exampleN03Con-V09-06-00
examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm7        testem7-V09-06-03
examples/extended/exoticphysics/monopole        monopole-V09-06-00
examples/extended/hadronic/Hadr03               exhadr03-V09-06-01
examples/extended/optical/OpNovice              OpNovice-V09-06-00
examples/extended/runAndEvent              exRunAndEvent-V09-06-00
examples/extended/runAndEvent/RE02           exampleRE02-V09-06-01
examples/novice                                 exNovice-V09-06-03
examples/novice/N03                           exampleN03-V09-06-00

tests/ctests                                      ctests-V09-06-06
tests/test30                                      test30-V09-06-03
tests/test67                                      test67-V09-06-01
tests/test68                                      test68-V09-06-00

Q&A and common pitfalls

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