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Powering Tests - Sector 7-8 - 30/05/2007

Yesterday was devoted to perform tests on RD2.L8 and RQ4.L8

    • RD2.L8 has been successfully commissioned up to PNO.8d (Current cycle up to nominal current)
    • Missing tests for RD2.L8: Fast Power Abort from PIC (PNO.9). The detection threshold needs to be modified. Possibly done while powering at unison (like PNO.9 for RQ5)
    • RQ4.L8:
        • Unbalanced cycle up to nominal (3610 A) for B1 and 2000 A for B2. While ramping B1 converter tripped. The attempt of PO expert to recover control made the quench detector trip (same problem as last week)
        • Second trial of unbalanced cycle up to nominal: with B1 at nominal current and B2 ramping up to nominal, the latter quenched at 3590 A. Test failed.

Proposal for the activity of today (30/05/2007)

  • Complete P2N of all the 120-80A correctors of Q4 and Q5.
  • Continue P2N of RQ4.L8. Two options: * Unbalanced ramp up and quench with both apertures at nominal current (PNO.7a) or/and * Unbalanced cycle and quench with one aperture at nominal and the other at 50%.

  • ElQA activities: Morning: * Full qualification of the 3 circuits selected on DFBAN * TFM on circuits powered via DFBMH * preparation for the HV qualification of the 600A circuits Afternoon * HV qualification on 600 A circuits powered via DFBAO

  • QPS: Interlock tests .


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