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Powering Tests Sector 7-8 - Report 02.07.2007

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PlanningW27_020707.xls:

Test Report from Monday 02.07.2007

* RQF.A78, RQF.A78 and RB.A78: Stability tests completed.

* RCBCH5.L8B1 stability test completed.

* 60A Closed Orbit Correctors: PNO completed for all the circuits released by ElQA. Tests OK except for two natural quenches in the circuits: RCBH28.L8B2 and RCBH25.L8B1

* 600A Correctors:

  • PCC and PIC2 completed for all the circuits available in DFBAO except RQTD.A78B1 and RQTD.A78B2
  • PCS completed successfully for RQTF.A78B1 and RQTF.A78B2
  • RCS.A78B2 - PCS.2 (50A) PCS.3 (100A) - Test OK
  • RCS.A78B1 - PCS.2 failed due to inversed polarity

Test Plan for Tuesday 03.07.2007

See file attached

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