Batch Systems Comparison

Functionality Torque/Maui SLURM HTCondorSorted descending USGE/SoGE LSF
IPv6 support no no yes, with limitations no yes
Community Support yes for torque yes through slurm-dev list yes through the HTCondor-users list no/? no
Multicluster no yes yes (flocking, job router) yes yes
Developer Support maui not supported yes yes yes yes
APEL support yes yes yes yes yes
Scalability no Debated. Probably depending on the hardware type (HPC vs HTC) as much as the configuration of the DB and plug-ins. yes yes 6500 nodes
Installation easiness yes without DB yes yes yes yes
Comunity puppet module yes no yes no wrote our own
Fairshares yes yes yes yes yes
Hierarchical Fairshares   yes yes yes yes
Wholenode/multicore yes yes yes yes yes
Configuration easiness   yes with puppet yes yes yes
Distribution format source, rpm source source, rpm, tarball tarball tarball
Cream integration partial partial partial full full
Efficient Backfilling tunable tunable not out-of-the-box, but similar behaviour can probably be configured yes yes
Info System support HELP Cream Cream no Cream Cream
Requires DB no yes for advanced features no optional no
Requires shared FS no yes according to the manual no yes according to the manual but files can also be distributed across the cluster no
Priorities configurable based on fairshare job, user & group priorities yes user, group, queue priorities
Stability low high high high high
Dcumentation Good Good Good less than satisfying/? Good
Partitioning reservations yes, can overlap fully configurable fully configurable fully configurable
Limits configurable standard + custom fully configurable fully configurable fully configurable
ARC-CE integration full full full full full
Licenses/Costs free free free Univa/free IBM
Command line tools HELP custom commands custom commands, pbs like wrappers custom commands custom commands custom commands
Cgroup support yes (>6.0.0) full support cpu & memory yes (>8.2.0) yes (>9.1.1)
High Availability no head node failover central manager & job queue failover head node failover head node failover
Queues yes no can use accounting groups to produce similar functionailty yes yes
Getting arguments from CE ARC-CE/Cream if site writes blah script ARC-CE ARC-CE ARC-CE/Cream if site writes blah script ARC-CE/Cream if site writes blah script
Min Num daemons 2 Master / 1 WNs 1 Master / 1 WNs (without DB for fairshares) 4 Master / 2 WNs 1...3 Master / 1 WNs 10 master / 5 WNs
Min Num config files 3 on head, 1 on WN 1 shared (+DB for fairshares) 2 default can be split in /etc/condor/config.d DB or a bunch of filesmanaged with GE tools 10 on master, 1 on WN
Number of sites HELP 92 14 17 14 6

HELP Number of sites: is an approximate number extracted from BDII summing T1 and T2 no distinction between varieties (SGE*, PBS*). Last updated on the 27/01/2016.
HELP Info system support: IS responsibility Matrix
HELP Command line tools: different batch systems commands comparison (HTcondor missing).

Other comparison documents

CESGA Torque/MAUI,SGE,SLURM comparison document

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