CE token support campaign

On June 1st, 2022, a campaign was launched to all EGI sites supporting at least one of the ALICE, ATLAS and LHCb experiments, thus excluding sites that support only CMS, because all sites supporting CMS had already been covered by a similar campaign launched by CMS Operations.

The sites were asked to upgrade their CEs (if still needed) to versions that are compatible with the use of tokens, to configure the tokens of ATLAS and/or CMS as needed and, for ARC CEs, to enable the REST interface, which will be needed for job submissions through HTCondor-based pilot factories used by ATLAS, CMS and the SAM tests.

Each experiment will need to establish itself whether the CEs at their sites work with tokens or not. The tickets listed below can be used to convey specific observations and requests regarding the token support at sites.

Status per site

Site Ticket ALICE ATLAS LHCb Status Comments
AM-04-YERPHI GGUS:157532          
ARNES GGUS:157533 - - solved REST enabled
Australia-ATLAS GGUS:157534          
AUVERGRID GGUS:157535          
AZ-IFAN GGUS:157536          
BEIJING-LCG2 GGUS:157537          
BUDAPEST GGUS:157538 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
CA-SFU-T2 GGUS:157539 - - solved REST enabled
CA-VICTORIA-WESTGRID-T2 GGUS:157540 - - solved site has no CE
CA-WATERLOO-T2 GGUS:157541          
CBPF GGUS:157542          
CERN-PROD GGUS:157543 solved HTCondor 9.0.x
CSCS-LCG2 GGUS:157544 - solved REST enabled
CYFRONET-LCG2 GGUS:157545          
DESY-HH GGUS:157546 - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
DESY-ZN GGUS:157547 - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
EELA-UTFSM GGUS:157548 - - solved REST enabled
FMPhI-UNIBA GGUS:157549 - solved REST enabled
FZK-LCG2 GGUS:157550 solved HTCondor 9.0.x
GoeGrid GGUS:157551 - - solved REST enabled
GRIF GGUS:157552          
GSI-LCG2 GGUS:157553 - - solved site has no CE
Hephy-UIBK GGUS:157554 - - solved site has no CE
Hephy-Vienna GGUS:157555 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
HK-LCG2 GGUS:157556 - - solved REST enabled
ICM GGUS:157557 - - - solved site has no CE
IEPSAS-Kosice GGUS:157559 - solved REST enabled
ifae GGUS:157560 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
IFIC-LCG2 GGUS:157561 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
ICN-UNAM GGUS:157558          
IL-TAU-HEP GGUS:157562          
IN-DAE-VECC-02 GGUS:157563          
IN2P3-CC GGUS:157564 solved HTCondor 9.0.x
IN2P3-CPPM GGUS:157565 - solved REST enabled
IN2P3-IPNL GGUS:157566 - - - solved site has no CE
IN2P3-IRES GGUS:157567 - - solved REST enabled
IN2P3-LAPP GGUS:157568 - solved REST enabled
IN2P3-LPC GGUS:157569          
IN2P3-LPSC GGUS:157570          
IN2P3-SUBATECH GGUS:157571          
INFN-BARI GGUS:157572          
INFN-CATANIA GGUS:157573          
INFN-CLOUD-BARI GGUS:157574          
INFN-CNAF-LHCB GGUS:157575 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
INFN-COSENZA GGUS:157576          
INFN-FERRARA GGUS:157577          
INFN-FRASCATI GGUS:157578          
INFN-GENOVA GGUS:157579 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
INFN-LECCE GGUS:157580          
INFN-LNL-2 GGUS:157581 - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
INFN-MILANO-ATLASC GGUS:157582          
INFN-NAPOLI-ATLAS GGUS:157583          
INFN-PISA GGUS:157584          
INFN-ROMA1 GGUS:157585 - - solved REST and token support enabled
INFN-ROMA2 GGUS:157586 - - solved site has no CE
INFN-ROMA3 GGUS:157587 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
INFN-T1 GGUS:157588 solved HTCondor 9.0.x
INFN-TORINO GGUS:157589          
INFN-TRIESTE GGUS:157590 - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
ITEP GGUS:157591          
JINR-LCG2 GGUS:157592 solved REST enabled
JP-HIROSHIMA-WLCG GGUS:157593          
KR-KISTI-GSDC-01 GGUS:157594 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
LRZ-LMU GGUS:157595 - - solved REST enabled
MPPMU GGUS:157596 - - solved REST enabled
NCBJ-CIS GGUS:157597 - - solved REST enabled
NCG-INGRID-PT GGUS:157598 - - solved REST enabled
NCP-LCG2 GGUS:157599 - - - solved SciTokens have been enabled for CMS
NDGF-T1 GGUS:157600          
NIHAM GGUS:157601 - - solved ALICE jobs do not pass through a CE
NIKHEF-ELPROD GGUS:157602 solved REST enabled
pic GGUS:157603 - solved HTCondor 9.0.x and REST enabled
PK-CIIT GGUS:157604          
praguelcg2 GGUS:157605 - solved REST enabled
PSNC GGUS:157606          
RAL-LCG2 GGUS:157607 solved REST enabled
RO-03-UPB GGUS:157608          
RO-07-NIPNE GGUS:157609 solved REST enabled
RO-13-ISS GGUS:157610 - - solved REST enabled
RO-14-ITIM GGUS:157611 - - solved REST enabled
RO-16-UAIC GGUS:157612 - - solved REST enabled
RRC-KI GGUS:157613          
RRC-KI-T1 GGUS:157614 solved REST enabled
ru-Moscow-FIAN-LCG2 GGUS:157615          
ru-PNPI GGUS:157616 solved REST and token auth enabled
RU-Protvino-IHEP GGUS:157617 solved REST enabled
RU-SPbSU GGUS:157618          
Ru-Troitsk-INR-LCG2 GGUS:157619 solved REST enabled
SAMPA GGUS:157620 - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
SARA-MATRIX GGUS:157621          
SE-SNIC-T2 GGUS:157622 - solved REST enabled
SiGNET GGUS:157623 - - solved REST enabled
T2-TH-SUT GGUS:157624          
Taiwan-LCG2 GGUS:157625          
TECHNION-HEP GGUS:157626          
TOKYO-LCG2 GGUS:157627 - - solved REST enabled
TR-10-ULAKBIM GGUS:157628 - - solved REST enabled
TRIUMF-LCG2 GGUS:157629 - - solved REST enabled
TW-FTT GGUS:157630 - - solved REST enabled
UA-BITP GGUS:157631 - - solved postponed
UA-ISMA GGUS:157632 - - solved postponed
UA-KNU GGUS:157633 - - solved postponed
UAM-LCG2 GGUS:157634 - - solved REST enabled
UA_BITP_ARC GGUS:157635 - - solved postponed
UKI-GridPP-Cloud-IC GGUS:157636 - - solved site has no CE
UKI-LT2-Brunel GGUS:157637 - solved REST enabled
UKI-LT2-IC-HEP GGUS:157638 - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
UKI-LT2-QMUL GGUS:157639 - solved REST enabled
UKI-LT2-RHUL GGUS:157640 - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
UKI-NORTHGRID-LANCS-HEP GGUS:157641 - solved REST enabled
UKI-NORTHGRID-MAN-HEP GGUS:157643 - solved REST enabled
UKI-NORTHGRID-SHEF-HEP GGUS:157644 - solved REST enabled
UKI-SCOTGRID-DURHAM GGUS:157645 - solved REST enabled
UKI-SCOTGRID-ECDF GGUS:157646 - solved REST enabled
UKI-SCOTGRID-GLASGOW GGUS:157647 - solved REST enabled
UKI-SOUTHGRID-BHAM-HEP GGUS:157648 solved HTCondor 9.0.x
UKI-SOUTHGRID-BRIS-HEP GGUS:157649 - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
UKI-SOUTHGRID-OX-HEP GGUS:157650 solved REST enabled
UKI-SOUTHGRID-RALPP GGUS:157651 - solved REST enabled
UKI-SOUTHGRID-SUSX GGUS:157652 - - solved REST enabled
UNI-BONN GGUS:157653 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
UNI-FREIBURG GGUS:157654 - - solved REST enabled
UNI-SIEGEN-HEP GGUS:157655          
UNIBE-ID GGUS:157656 - - solved REST enabled
UNIBE-LHEP GGUS:157657 - - solved REST enabled
UNIGE-DPNC GGUS:157658 - - solved REST enabled
USC-LCG2 GGUS:157659 - - solved HTCondor 9.0.x
WEIZMANN-LCG2 GGUS:157660 - solved REST enabled
wuppertalprod GGUS:157661 - - solved REST enabled
WUT GGUS:157662          
ZA-CHPC GGUS:157663          
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