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IDEA! 150522 CHEP'15 PC meeting ( agenda | Daniele's slides | minutes )
IDEA! 150516 The papers review FAQ twiki for the CHEP'15 PC is now online!

IDEA! 150111 PC Meeting announced for January 12th, indico and vidyo available (no doodle this time) [ announce, indico ]
IDEA! 150109 PC membership finalised: pc-all informed by mail, see also section below
IDEA! 150105 PC Meeting (announcement, indico - a place holder for the materials rather than the agenda)
IDEA! 141125 all comments implemented, and list of tracks sent to the CHEP'15 IAC mailing list
IDEA! 141123 draft CHEP tracks list, with subtopics, added for comments
IDEA! 141123 twiki space changed from 'CMSPublic' to 'LCG'
IDEA! 141121 PC keywords conveners kick-off meeting (meeting [3] at 3pm UTC+1)
IDEA! 141112 PC keywords conveners kick-off meeting (meeting [1] at 3pm UTC+1, meeting [2] at 10pm UTC+1),


Program Committee

  • Mailing List chep2015-pc-all
    • PC core team (chep2015-pc-chair)
      • Chair: Daniele Bonacorsi
      • Deputy chair: Adam Lyon, Ikuo Ueda
    • Track Conveners : see below #Track_Conveners
    • Keyword Conveners : some KCs not continuing as TCs will be listed as PC members in the final IOP publication, though removed from the ML chep2015-pc-all


UPDATED on May-26

Most recent at the bottom:

  • 2015-Jan-5 PC Meeting
  • 2015-Jan-xx PC track conveners to be finalized
  • 2015-Jan-12 PC Meeting -- selection for oral presentations (mostly) done
  • 2015-Jan-xx room assignments to be finalized
  • 2015-Jan-15 Notification of Acceptance to be sent out to the abstract submitters (see the 4th bulletin)
  • 2015-Feb-15 End of Early Bird Registration
  • 2015-Feb-15 Start looking for session chairs
  • 2015-Mar-15 End of Online Registration
  • 2015-Mar-15 End of allocation of contributions to Poster Sessions
  • 2015-Mar-17 End of allocation of contributions to Oral Sessions
  • 2015-Mar-xx Decision on the session chairs
  • 2015-Mar-xx Decision on the summary speakers
  • 2015-Apr-13-17 Conference
  • 2015-May-17 Deadline of Proceedings Submission
  • 2015-May-25 Start of the papers review process (aim to finish by late July, August as contingency)

PC Meetings

UPDATED on May-26

Most recent on top:

CHEP keywords


The tracks are defined based on the submitted abstracts and their keywords.

CHEP tracks

UPDATED on Nov-25

  • Online computing
    • DAQ and Trigger; development, design, architecture for filtering, reconstruction, etc. and use within experiments and facilities; evaluation and testing of such systems; parallelism, HPC, and accelerator use in such systems; event building and farm networks; compute farms for high-level triggering; configuration and run controls; describing and managing configuration data and conditions databases; online software frameworks and tools; online calibration procedures; remote access to (and control of) DAQ systems and experimental facilities.
  • Offline software
    • event generation, simulation and reconstruction; detector geometries, algorithms for physics analysis; tools and techniques for data classification and parameter fitting; event visualization and data presentation; frameworks for event processing; toolkits for simulation, reconstruction and analysis; event data models.
  • Data store and access
    • storage management; local I/O and data access; mass storage systems; object dictionaries; event stores; metadata and supporting infrastructure; databases; access patterns and caching strategies.
  • Middleware, software development and tools, experiment frameworks, tools for distributed computing
    • Grid middleware; software reliability, interoperability and security; experiment specific middleware applications; software testing and quality assurance; programming techniques and tools; software build, release, distribution tools and documentation; configuration management; Grid monitoring tools; mobile computing.
  • Computing activities and Computing models
    • distributed computing aspects with focus on operations; distributed data processing experience, including experience with grids and clouds; workflows and data management in operations; distributed data analysis; experience with production and data challenges; experience with analysis using distributed resources; interactive analysis using distributed resources; monitoring of user jobs and data; global usage and management of resources; data preservation; data curation and long-term data reproducibility.
  • Facilities, Infrastructure, Network
    • hardware and benchmarks; fabric virtualization; fabric management and administration; local (LAN) and wide-area networking (WAN); private networks; collaborative systems: progress in technologies and applications; tele-presence and teleconferencing systems; experience in the use of teleconferencing tools.
  • Clouds and virtualization
    • Cloud, virtual machine, container, volunteer computing technologies; frameworks and tools to exploit these technologies and environments; experiences in managing and using these technologies in production environments.
  • Performance increase and optimization exploiting hardware features
    • CPU/GPU architectures; tightly-coupled systems; GPGPU; hardware and benchmarking; concurrency; vectorization and parallelization; mathematical libraries; foundation and utility libraries; documentation.

Track Conveners

UPDATED on Jan 9th. The PC membership is now finalised.

T1 (Online computing)
Ryosuke Itoh, Andrea Bocci, Jim Patrick

T2 (Offline software)
Jim Kowalkowski, Hisaya Kurashige, Ivan Kisel, Andrew Norman, Liz Sexton-Kennedy

T3 (Data store and access)
Latchezar Betev, Christopher Pinkenburg, Alaistair Dewhurst, Giacomo Govi

T4 (Middleware, software development and tools, experiment frameworks, tools for distributed computing)
Takanori Hara, Tony Wildish, Vincent Garonne, Marco Clemencic, Brett Viren, Cristina Aiftimiei

T5 (Computing activities and Computing models)
Tadashi Maeno, Simone Campana, Mike Hildreth, Silvia Amerio, Stefan Roiser

T6 (Facilities, Infrastructure, Network)
Phil Demar, Peter Hristov, Pepe Flix, Eric Yen, Helge Meinhard

T7 (Clouds and virtualization)
Andrew McNab, Claudio Grandi, Federico Stagni, Jeff Templon

T8 (Performance increase and optimization exploiting hardware features)
Amitoj Singh, Niko Neufeld, Tommaso Boccali, Danilo Piparo

UPDATED on Jan 11th. People who helped as KCs (and we thank them!) but will not continue as TCs:

  • Gancho Dimitrov
  • Nicolo’ Magini
  • Chris Jones


  • Keyword conveners can see the abstracts with the corresponding keywords via "Manage my Tracks" or "My Tracks"
  • Track conveners can see the abstracts in the corresponding tracks via "Manage my Tracks" or "My Tracks"
  • To see the other abstracts go to the table at the bottom of this page and find the file "Abstracts-all.pdf", or the files per keyword.

Abstract Selection

  • The books of abstracts are available from the table at the bottom, so that the track conveners can see the abstracts in the other tracks.

  • After selecting abstracts, the track conveners are supposed to
    1. click "propose to be accepted"
    2. then, select oral or poster accordingly (back-ups as poster) for "Proposed contribution type:"
    3. and rate orals=3, (back-ups=2, if any), posters=1 in "Reviewing questions"
    • Track conveners may not see what their colleagues have proposed, which would not be very convenient if you share the work. In that case you will need to clarify who does what within the track.


  • The submitters/authors cannot edit the information of their own contributions.
  • By default, it is only the pc-chair members who can edit the information.
  • Members of the Program Committee are welcome to help pc-chair in updating contributions following requests from submitters/authors. They can be added to the manager list of individual contributions.

Check of Contributions

List of the contributions

List of the contributions per track
  1. Go to
    • either from "Scientific Programme" - "Manage my Tracks" or from "My Conference" - "My Tracks"
  2. Select the track of your concern and click "Edit"
  3. Select the "Contribution" tab

What the Track Conveners should do:

  • check the presenters and contact the submitter/authors
    • if there is none defined
    • if there are more than one for an oral presentation
    • there are abstracts with such comments that tell the speakers are to be assigned later, especially for large experiments (eg. ATLAS, CMS). We don't have to worry about them for now.
      • Please note such comments are written in the 'abstracts' and not visible in the 'contributions'
    • the submitters/authors, cannot edit the information, so ask them to provide the information, especially the email address.

  • Update the contributions when necessary
    • TCs do not have the privilege to edit contributions, but PC can add the right for TCs to a contribution.
    • If you have the right, you will see an "Edit" icon on the contribution.
      • In the edit page, click "Add presenter" and then "Add Indico User". Do not select "Add new", for every presenter needs an indico account to have the right to upload their materials.
      • Then, put the relevant information, especially the e-mail address, check "Search LDAP" and click "Search".
      • Click the one with the right email address in the resulting list,
      • Then, for the checkbox "Grant all the selected users with submission rights";
        • Presenters : check (the default is checked, so leave the checkbox as it is).
        • Primary Authors : check (the default is checked, so leave the checkbox as it is). so that they can upload materials in case the presenter has some issue.
        • Co-Authors : uncheck.
        • there could be a case where there is only one primary author who is also the presenter, then it may be safer to give submission rights to the co-authors. You can be flexible on this.
        • You can change the submission rights later.
      • and click "Add".


The track conveners have the "Session Coordinator" rights and can schedule the contributions within the sessions.

In order to schedule oral presentations:

  • Click the block and "View and edit this block timetable"

In order to set the session chairs:

  • Click the block and "Edit", then "Basic edit"
  • Beneath the "Convener(s)" box, click "Add Indico User"
  • Then, put the relevant information, especially the e-mail address, check "Search LDAP" and click "Search".
  • Click the one with the right email address in the resulting list, and "Add".


The number of rooms for parallel sessions : 6

    Room capacity comments
    Auditorium 496
    B250 150 Center building, floor B
    B503 64? (48) Center building, floor B; 48 seats for school usage, max capacity=64?
    C209 57 Center building, floor C
    C210 63 Center building, floor C
    Meeting Room Village Center 80

    see the campus map at

Parallel sessions:

  • Monday afternoon : 14:00 - 18:30
  • Tuesday afternoon : 14:00 - 18:30
  • Thursday morning : 9:00 - 12:30

The number of oral presentations:

-- DanieleBonacorsi - November 2014

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