Submitting edg-tests via NMI (by Matvey Sapunov):

1) Set X509_USER_PROXY i.e. "export X509_USER_PROXY=path_to_file_with_your_proxy".

2) Download and install user space UI. For details look at this page, section "UI Install". Just copy-past code and change GLITE_ROOT variable if you want.

3) Download task-specific RPM(s) and install it using recipe from the same page, section "Local APT Repository". Again, just copy-past code and change package name(s).

4) Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable. As far as you install UI in non standard location, system doesn't know where to get shared libraries for grid specific programs. So in my case I set it like "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$GLITE_ROOT/opt/globus/lib".

5) Then, you should set path to grid-specific executables. Just set PATH variable as "export PATH=$PATH:$GLITE_ROOT/opt/globus/bin/:$GLITE_ROOT/opt/edg/bin/" 6) UI need to read appropriate CA, for doing this you need to setup variable X509_CERT_DIR, like "export X509_CERT_DIR=$GLITE_ROOT/etc/grid-security/certificates"

7) After defining all variables just simply run your command with or without arguments.

8) For the time being, don't forget to tar results you get "tar czvf results.tar.gz *"

Code example:

export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/bin
export X509_USER_PROXY=$PWD/my_proxy
echo "----- Try to get UI -----"
rm -rf $GLITE_ROOT
wget --no-check-certificate -O glite-userspace-installer-1.5.0.shar
echo "----- Try to install UI ---"
bash glite-userspace-installer-1.5.0.shar
cd glite-userspace-installer-1.5.0
export GLITE_APT_REPOSITORY='rpm rhel30 externals Release1.4 updates'
bash <<EOF
source $GLITE_ROOT/root/env_settings
glite-userspace-apt-get update
glite-userspace-apt-get install --yes glite-ui-config
echo "----- Try to get&install specific RPM(s) -----"
mkdir -p /tmp/localrepo/RPMS.mine
genbasedir /tmp/localrepo/
mkdir -p /tmp/obsoletes/glite-wn/etc/apt/sources.list.d/
echo 'rpm file:/tmp localrepo mine' >/tmp/obsoletes/glite-wn/etc/apt/sources.list.d/mine.list
bash <<EOF
source $GLITE_ROOT/root/env_settings
glite-userspace-apt-get update
glite-userspace-apt-get install edg-gridftp-client
echo "----- Try to execute test(s) -----"
cd ..
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$GLITE_ROOT/opt/globus/lib
export PATH=$PATH:$GLITE_ROOT/opt/globus/bin/:$GLITE_ROOT/opt/edg/bin/
source test_site.conf
export HTML_DIR=$PWD
export MAINSCRIPT=yes
export X509_CERT_DIR=$GLITE_ROOT/etc/grid-security/certificates
edg-testbed-test BaseTest::GridFTP
tar czvf results.tar.gz *



-- AndreasUnterkircher - 04 Apr 2006

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