IT-GT C5 Reports

Responsible: Maria Alandes and Wojciech Lapka Backup person: David Smith


  • 5th April - Maria
  • 12th April - Wojciech
  • 19th April - Maria
  • 26th April - David

How to prepare the C5 report

  • Send an email on Thursday morning to to request contributions. Note that C5 reports must be ready by 16h. Use the template mail below:
         Dear All,
          It is C5 day again!
          Please, send your contributions for the IT GT C5 report BEFORE 15h. Use the mailing list:

         What to report?
         Which format?

          Previous reports can be found at C5 Minutes in Indico:

          Thanks, cheers and smiles

  • Once you have all the contributions, go to C5 Meeting > Reports and make sure you log in.
  • Enter each contribution taking into account the ITIL services in our group (for any question about ITIL please conact Maria Alandes or Alberto Aimar):
    • Grid Infrastructure Monitoring Service: WLCG Statistics, SAM/Nagios and Messaging.
    • Grid Development Service: FTS, LFC, DPM, GFAL/lcg_utils and BDII
    • Grid Middleware Build and Test Service: ETICS
    • Grid Middleware Release Service: Aplications Area
    • Grid Testbed Management Service: EMI testbed
  • In the C5 report page, click on New and fill in all the required fields: Date (the C5 meeting date), Group (IT-GT), Service Name (see the previous list), Report Type and Content, where you will copy and paste from each contribution. Check the spelling and make sure you understand the reports. You may be asked questions at the C5 meeting, so check with your colleagues in case you need more details.
  • The following Service Level Reports are always part of the IT-GT C5 report:
    • GRID Infrastructure Monitoring Service: WLCG statistics and SAM statistics.
    • GRID Middleware Build and Test Service: ETICS statistics.
  • Once the report is ready, send a mail to c5-members BEFORE 16h on Thursday with subject: IT-GT Group Report for C5-dd-Mon-yyyy. The mail should contain the message displayed for your group in the C5 report web page which contains the URL to the report of the week.
  • Send the C5 report to it-dep-gt as well. People from the group are not able to see the report through the web unless they are members of c5-members, which is not the case for most of the people in the group.

What to include in the C5 report:

  • GRID Infrastructure Monitoring Service:
    • SAM monitoring service:
      • Status of EGI Staged Rollout activity on SAM releases (include link to Release Notes)
      • Release or deployment of SAM releases (include link to Release Notes)
      • Incidents on services we run (central databases, grid-monitoring boxes, VO Nagios, etc)
      • Announcements on technical decisions or any other relevant information taken at GDB or similar fora.
      • SAM Statistics: number of sites/services monitored by SAM, sites that have deployed EMI/UMD releases, etc.
    • Messaging software:
      • Operations or incidents on messaging brokers run by TOM
      • Significant news on messaging software (clients and libraries) from CERN
      • Significant news on messaging software from third parties (brokers, protocols...) used at CERN
    • WLCG Statistics: For more details on how these numbers are calculated, please check the C5 WLCG Statistics twiki.
  • GRID Development Service (affecting DPM, FTS, LFC, GFAL/lcg_utils, BDII):
    • Certified updates awaiting release, containing a summary of bug fixes/new features.
    • Significant internal milestones for development projects (internal demo, design completion, rc tag etc).
    • Progress on future versions of the grid services we develop, mentioning any collaborations with other IT groups, experiments or external partners for testing.
    • Information about GGUS incidents of relevant priority opened during the week that ended up on 3rd level support for the grid services we develop.
    • Announcements on technical decisions or any other relevant information taken at GDB or similar fora.
    • Associated updates in the LCG Applications Area, if applicable.
    • Statistics: number of service instances reported by Gstat or similar tool.
  • GRID Middleware Build and Test Service:
    • Release of ETICS releases (include link to Release Notes).
    • Announcements on plugins run for EMI and any other relevant technical information affecting the ETICS service.
    • Statistics: Number of supported platforms, projects, builds, packages, etc.
  • GRID Middleware Release Service:
    • Updates of grid middleware in the Applications Area informing which packages and which versions have been installed.
  • GRID Testbed Management Service:
    • Information about tests performed for EMI updates: EMI update number, link to the EMI task with the results of the tests and lists of products certified for the update.

Format of the C5 report

Remember that C5 members do not know about the details of the work carried out in our group, therefore, reports must be brief, simple and easy to understand for non experts. Keep this in mind when writing your report. Sometimes it could be necessary to include contextual information.

References to people with names and surnames should not be mentioned in the report.

Your report must fall in one of the categories below:

  • Incident: Unscheduled downtimes, bugs or GGUS/SNOW tickets reported by users during the week.
              Date in the format  dd-MON-yyyy 
              Description of the Incident and link to the corresponding GGUS/SNOW ticket.
              Impact of the incident:
                 - User visible: yes/no/na
                 - Data loss: yes/no/na
                 - Duration: hours or days
                 - Permanent solution: yes/no/na
  • Performed Change: Things that have been done during the week.
              Date in the format  dd-MON-yyyy 
              Description of the change including links to relevant information, release notes, etc.
  • Future Change: Things that are going to happen in the upcoming weeks and could have an impact on other groups.
              Date in the format  dd-MON-yyyy 
              Description of the change including links to relevant information, release notes, etc.
              Impact of the future change:
                - Risk: Low, Medium, High
                - Testing: internal, external, both
  • Service Level Report: Statistics.
  • Other: Any other issue which does not match the previous categories.

C5 meeting

  1. You will receive an email on Thursday afternoon informing on the C5 Agenda for Friday.
  2. Attend the C5 meeting at 9am on Friday morning in 31-S-023 (Check the room! Sometimes it's different!).
  3. When it's the turn of IT-GT, you can say that you have Nothing to add or you can take the opportunity to highlight something important you would like to mention. Beware that the goal of the C5 meeting is to coordinate the different IT groups. The information shared in the meeting should be of interest to other groups. Internal issues to each group are not discussed in the C5.
  4. In case you are asked a question for which you don't know the answer, explain that you need to check with your colleagues. After the meeting, contact the relevant people in your group to clarify the questions made during the meeting. Collect and prepare the answers and send a mail to c5-members once they are ready.

New to C5?

Follow the steps below if it's the first time you are preparing the IT-GT C5 report and/or attending the C5 meeting.

  1. Contact Mats Moller, the chairman of the C5 meeting, to explain him you will represent IT-GT in the C5 meeting. You should also ask him to:
    1. Accept your registration in
    2. Give you access to
  2. Join

Old reports

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