Implementation of MPI

This wikipage is used by Richard de Jong and Matthijs Koot for their "Research Project 2" activities at CERN.

All information on this page is work in progress. Please do not draw conclusions or copy/paste blindly...

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Random notes

  • Acronyms and concepts
  • "Global Grid Forum (GGF) is the IETF for grid computing"
  • Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman are 'fathers' of the grid * gLite 1.5 released on 2006-01-20, gLite 3.0 released on 2006-05-04: what happened to gLite 2?
  • OpenMPI = OpenMP (OpenMP is shared-mem, OpenMPI distributed-mem)
  • Using VOMS (gsissh) at JMS-level (i.e. Torque, LSF, ...)? YES! Because the LCG Technical Design Report states:
  • From NIKHEF meeting notes may 8 2006: "Oscar sent document to GGF on proposed standard definitions of LDAP strings"

The Computing Element and associated local batch systems must provide 
authentication and authorization mechanisms based on the VOMS model. How that is 
implemented in terms of mapping Grid user DNs to local users and groups, how roles 
and subgroups are implemented, may be through different mechanisms in different 
Grid infrastructures

 However, the basic requirement is clear  the user presents an 
extended X509 proxy certificate, which may include a set of roles, groups, and 
subgroups for which he is authorized, and the CE/batch system should respect those 
through appropriate mappings locally. 

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-- Main.mkoot - 29 Jun 2006

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