AFS UI Installation/Configuration scripts

In order to make the steps listed above faster, there are scipts available to help the upgrade to a new CERN AFSUI version. There are scripts both for production and PPS UI upgrade. Credits to the author of the scripts, Diana Bosio smile

The scripts can be downloaded from gLite CVS afs_ui_scripts repository.

Scripts related to the installation of a new tar UI vesion are located in the ui_upgrade directory.

Location of the tar files is

Update + testing scripts

Inside the CVS repository, there is a directory called ui_upgrade. Here you find the scripts related to UI install/upgrade.

  1. downloading tar files, performing upgrade
    • Example:
      • PPS:
        • 3.0 ./ =t=pps -d=2007-09-26 -u=40 -o=38
        • 3.1 ./ =t=pps -d=2007-09-26 -v=3.1.0-6 -u=40 -o=38
      • Production: ./ -t=prod -d=2007-09-12 -v=3.0.25-0 -ov=3.0.24-1
    • Steps performed by the script:
      1. download corresponding tar files
      2. untar locally (check if tar files are OK)
      3. untar on AFS
      4. show site_info.def
        • check if values are correct for INSTALL_ROOT and JAVA_LOCATION
      5. show config_crl function
        • you should put as the first line of the functoion return 0 as there is a separate CRL update mechanism set up for the AFSUI
      6. link /afs/ to ${INSTALL_ROOT}/external/etc/grid-security As we are using the central installation of certificates, that's what we have to configure in site-info.def. But YAIM needs the dir to exist (see so we must link it before running YAIM.
      7. run YAIM
  2. Fixing/checking list of bugs available on AFS UI Manual Installation page
    • Example:
      • PPS: ./ -t=pps -u=40 -ou=38
      • Prod: ./ -t=prod -v=3.0.25-0  -ov=3.0.24-1
    • Note:
      1. Whenever you find a new bug, please
        1. update the list of bugs on AFS UI Manual Installation
        2. update the scripts in CVS
      2. Please don't remove any checks from the scripts that were fixing/checking old bugs, even if they are fixed. Safety checks can't hurt, bugs might re-appear by mistake.
    • Steps performed by the script:
      1. Copy and check VOMS files in
        • $INSTALL_ROOT/(external?)edg/etc
        • $INSTALL_ROOT/(external/)?edg/etc
      2. Changing permissions using the afs_admin s_o root:root command. Files in the above directories are modified, together with files in
        • $INSTALL_ROOT/(external/)?etc/grid-security/vomsdir
      3. Fixing links in $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/profile.d
      4. gLite 3.1 only:
        • Adding reference to local python 2.3 insatllation to PYTHONPATH and PATH
        • copying ${INSTALL_ROOT}/etc/unsetup.d with corresponding version number
      5. Fixing voms-admin client installation
      6. Uncommenting LoggingDestination from edg/etc/edg_wl_ui_*_var.conf files
      7. INTERACTIVE: Checking edg/etc/edg_wl_ui_*_var.conf files
      8. Linking /afs/ to $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/grid-security
      9. gLite 3.1 only:
        • copying $INSTALL_ROOT/external/unsetup.d/ files with adjusted release number inside
      10. (only gLite 3.1) Appending to $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/profile.d/ the following lines.
        fix it manually, that the appended lines would go inside the 'if' clause)
        • "gridpath_prepend "PATH" "${INSTALL_ROOT}/external/usr/bin"
        • gridenv_set "GT_PROXY_MODE" "old" (#30998)
      11. INTERACTIVE: file $INSTALL_ROOT/(external)/etc/grid[_-]
        • (gLite 3.0) Adding the sourcing of setup scripts to environment scripts
        • Checking if the CSH script doesn't have ' > $myNtempfile ' references, but only with '>>'
          • gLite 3.0: source $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/profile.d/glite_setenv.(c)sh
          • gLite 3.1 before update 02: source $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/profile.d/grid-env.(c)sh
      12. INTERACTIVE: (gLite 3.0) Checking
        • $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/profile.d/glite_setenv.(c)sh
      13. Removing references to read-only AFS volume (only for Prod installation) from environment files
  3. Checking for well-known problem fixes
    • Example:
      • PPS: ./ -t=pps -d=2007-09-26  -u=40 -ou=38
      • Prod: ./ -t=prod -d=2007-09-26 -v=3.0.24-0 -ov=3.0.22-1
    • Steps performed by the script:
      1. Checking if VOMS files are owned by root
        • $INSTALL_ROOT/edg/etc/vomses
        • $INSTALL_ROOT/glite/etc/vomses
        • $INSTALL_ROOT/(external/)?etc/grid-security/vomsdir
      2. Prod ONLY: Check if references to read-only AFS directory doesn't appear in environment files
      3. Check if #LoggingDestination is commented out in $INSTALL_ROOT/edg/etc/edg_wl_ui_*_var.conf files
      4. Check if no references to /tmp/glite appear in ${INSTALL_ROOT}/glite/etc/*/glite_wms.conf, ${INSTALL_ROOT}/glite/etc/*.conf
      5. Check if environment files are sourcing
        • gLite 3.0: glite_setenv.(c)sh
        • gLite 3.1: grid-env.(c)sh
      6. Prod ONLY: Check if references to read-only AFS directory doesn't appear in $INSTALL_ROOT/glite/etc/grid-security
  4. Testing UI installation
    • Example:
      • PPS: ./ -t=pps -u=40
      • PPS: ./ -t=pps -v=3.1.2-0 -u=09 (for gLite 3.1)
      • Prod: ./ -t=prod -v=3.0.24-0
    • Steps performed by the script:
      1. lcg-infosites --vo dteam rb
      2. voms-proxy-init --voms dteam, or voms-proxy-info, if valid proxy exists
      3. glite-wms-job-list-match -a hello_world.jdl
      4. glite-wms-job-submit -a hello_world.jdl
        • basic perl test
        • basic python test
      7. Prod ONLY: Creating backup of the installation
        • INTERACTIVE: Choice of creating it or not. Every new installation should be archived.

-- JuditNovak - 04 Oct 2007

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