How to switch to pool accounts for sgm/prd users

With glite-yaim-3.0.1-22 and later it is possible to keep mapping sgm and/or prd users to static accounts, or to map either class of users to its own set of pool accounts. This can be decided per VO and per user class. There are 2 node types that still enforce static accounts by necessity: the VOBOX and the SE_castor. On those nodes one should keep the old static accounts instead of the new pool accounts.

Pool accounts are preferred for at least 2 reasons:

  • Their audit trails are better defined.

  • They allow batch systems to give fair shares to the individual users in a class.

On any service node the mappings should only be changed when the node is in scheduled maintenance and has been drained sufficiently. For example, a CE, RB or WMS should typically be given a week for its unfinished jobs to drain. The exact period depends on the number of unfinished jobs and the agreements with the relevant VOs: sometimes it is acceptable for a number of jobs to be lost.

YAIM users.conf format

Static sgm/prd accounts have lines like these:


Sgm/prd pool accounts have lines like these:


YAIM will detect the situation per VO and per user class.

NOTE: include either static or pool accounts (per VO, per user class), not both.

This is further explained in the YAIM documentation.


  • A site should only switch to sgm pool accounts for VOs which have confirmed that their software installation procedures have been adapted to such pool accounts. VOs should add the following logic to their software installation procedures: if the account running the installation happens to be an sgm pool account, then make all the newly installed files and directories group-writable. For example:
            case `whoami` in
                 chmod -R g+w $new_stuff

  • Due to a bug in YAIM, /opt/edg/var/info/$VO/$VO.list on the CE will have the wrong mode, thereby preventing the lcg-ManageVOTags and lcg-tags commands from updating the list of VO software tags published in the information system. Work-around:
            chmod 664 /opt/edg/var/info/*/*.list
    This should only be done for VOs with sgm pool accounts.

  • The sgm and prd pool account prefixes must not be extensions of the prefix for ordinary pool accounts, otherwise the LCG-CE will use the new accounts also for ordinary users. For example, if for a VO test the accounts for ordinary users are test001 ... test199, the sgm accounts must not be named testsgm001 etc. because testsgm is an extension of test. Instead, they could be named sgmtst01 ... sgmtst99 and the prd accounts prdtst01 ... prdtst99. It is advised to keep account names at most 8 characters long, otherwise utilities like ps will print UIDs instead of names, which may upset other tools or daemons.

  • In principle the number of sgm and prd accounts should be much lower than the number of ordinary accounts for a VO, but for some VOs the current practice is different. The minimum number of sgm and prd accounts needed per VO can be determined like this:
       awk '$NF ~ /(prd|sgm)$/ { print $NF }' /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile |
       sort | uniq -c
    This assumes the static sgm and prd accounts have names ending in sgm and prd respectively. For the LHC VOs the current numbers are:
          3 aliceprd
         38 alicesgm
         44 atlasprd
         31 atlassgm
         56 cmsprd
         33 cmssgm
         16 dteamprd
         48 dteamsgm
         22 lhcbprd
          2 lhcbsgm
    Per mapping we suggest creating more accounts than the current value, to be on the safe side. Unused pool accounts will be recycled as needed, but ideally they should not. It is a good idea to check (via e.g. a cron job) periodically what fraction of the pool accounts are used, and send a mail when they are almost used up, e.g.:
    Group(s) running out of available pool accounts:
    prlhcb  :   23/  25
    The standard cron job /etc/cron.d/lcg-expiregridmapdir shows the current state of the pool accounts in /var/log/lcg-expiregridmapdir.log. For example:
    VO alice: inuse / total = 9 / 199 = 0.05, thr = 0.8
    VO atlas: inuse / total = 153 / 199 = 0.77, thr = 0.8
    VO prdatl: inuse / total = 5 / 99 = 0.05, thr = 0.8
    VO cms: inuse / total = 153 / 199 = 0.77, thr = 0.8
    VO dteam: inuse / total = 73 / 99 = 0.74, thr = 0.8
    VO sgmdtm: inuse / total = 19 / 99 = 0.19, thr = 0.8
    VO lhcb: inuse / total = 110 / 199 = 0.55, thr = 0.8
    Ideally the usage stays far below the threshold at which the least recently used accounts start being recycled.

-- MaartenLitmaath - 12 Aug 2007

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