Tracking Tools Evolution Task Force


  • Developers, deployers, experts of GGUS, SNOW, savannah, jira and the experiments discuss development options for each tool and interfaces between them, when required.
  • Periodically present status reports at the fortnightly WLCG Operations meeting.
  • Propose timelines for features’ / fixes’ entry in operation at the same meeting, to get agreement from the community.


P. Saiz (WLCG, chairperson since November 2013), M. Dimou (WLCG, chairperson till October 2013), H. Dres (GGUS KIT), G. Grein (GGUS KIT), B. Hegner (Savannah), V. Diez (Savannah), N. Hoimyr & team (JIRA), I. Ueda (ATLAS), Christoph Wissing (CMS), M. Litmaath (ALICE/WLCG). S. Roiser (LHCb).


The Tracking Tools Evolution Task Force (TF) was closed in July 2014 in agreement with the GGUS dev. team. The announcement was done at the WLCG Operations Coordination meeting of 2014/07/24. Reasons:

  • The GGUS dev. tracker migration from savannah to Jira is completed and in operation for several months.
  • The replacement of the CMS-GGUS bridge by a GGUS-only solution is done successfully.
  • The replacement of the savannah tracker "CMS Computing" by a special GGUS view developed for CMS is in operation.
  • The other savannah trackers owned by the experiments are not part of this TF's mandate, on request by the experiments themselves.
  • The GGUS-SNOW or other interface issues with ticketing systems in operation in WLCG are handled at the weekly GGUS development meeting (H.Dres,G.Grein,P.Saiz,M.Dimou).

Task Tracking and Timeline

Task name Deadline Progress Affected VOs Affected Sites Comments
Stop GGUS to savannah bridge May 2014 Completed CMS  
Stop GGUS ticket creation through email July 2014 Completed All All Many times announced and accepted
FIx GGUS - SNOW interface for Requests a.s.a.p. On-going All All Operational task followed-up in JIRA and SNOW amongs developers


Most recent first:



On savannah-to-jira

Savannah close-down date 2015-02-19

  • Final list of trackers and their status attached to this twiki.
  • Confirmation on vewing legacy tickets for "Static" and "Migrated" trackers attached to this twiki.
  • Future communication e-group requested by Ilias Goulas, suggested by Maria Dimou on 2015-02-11: <>.
  • Last email by Ilias Goulas to savannah tracker owners on 2015-02-17: Dear Savannah project administrators, As previously announced, on Thursday 19th of February, Savannah services will stop and will be replaced with the static web pages of projects that have been converted on request. The web address will be redirected to this new web site of the static web pages that will contain also a link to the migrated projects in Jira instances. In practice you will access the static web pages at but this will happen on the 19th. Please note that, unless otherwise specified, the contents of the static web pages will be accessible by anyone. In order to restrict access to your projects to specified e-groups and users please advise to do so (see later in this email how to do so). Consider that projects are grouped in Categories (like in Savannah) and you have the possibility to restrict access either for the Category or for a specific Project. Please consider that each Category will constitute a subweb, by default. In case it is requested to restrict access on a project it will constitute also a subweb in order to apply the restriction. You can find attached in this email an excel and a pdf file with the list of projects by category. Please indicate your proposal for access restriction in the excel file or reply to this email indicating: ACCESS RESTRICTIONS: Category: “List of e-groups and/or users” Project: “List of e-groups and/or users” As soon as I receive your answer the access will be limited accordingly. Looking forward to hear from you, Best regards, Ilias

Steps for migrating WLCG-related savannah projects to jira

In the framework of the WLCG Operations "Tracking Tools Evolution Task Force" here is a recommendation for savannah project owners wishing to migrate to jira. This list derives from the GGUS experience being discussed in Savannah:134651.

  1. Configure your savannah project BLA such that a ticket can be assigned to savannah users 'vdiez' and 'hegner'. These are the experts to consult during the migration.
  2. Open a savannah ticket in your project BLA about this migration. Call it something easy to remember, e.g. "Post-savannah BLA".
  3. Discuss with the experts, via this ticket, which jira instance your data should be migrated to. The central jira instance is the default one. For Open source projects, there is the SFT and open/grid instance. In order to agree on the fields to migrate you may need a discussion. See here the relevant decisions for the GGUS tracker, as an example.
  4. Agree on the timeline. When to copy the data, when to aim for full cut-off, use the ticket to exchange feedback.
  5. Do a test migration to the dev JIRA instance, and do the mapping of attributes from Savannah to JIRA.
  6. Ask for a "Tracking Tools Evolution Task Force" meeting, dedicated to your project, if you wish.
  7. Once satisfied with the mapping of attributes (status, ticket types), prepare for the migration to the production JIRA (Open Source or central instance.)
  8. Share your experience at the WLCG Operations Coordination Meeting.

Mid-summer 2013 GGUS tracker savannah-to-jira migration status

  1. The f2f dedicated meeting on 2013/04/16 and concrete notes with dates were very useful, as they set check-points and clarified what we wish to migrate.
  2. The copy of the GGUS savannah tracker in the jira development instance is useful, because we can play without stress, e.g. we discovered that a slightly different standard jira field "Fix version/s" may be able to substitute the indispensable, for our tracker, savannah field "Planned Release". On the dev. instance, we can test, if this is true.
  3. The jira dev. instance is not visible from the outside. As our community is very distributed, remote testers should know what to do straight away. Standard instructions are and but the clearest are these by Guenter:
  4. Another f2f meeting, even for a few minutes, even with very few participants, after the data copy to the dev. instance and after some reasonable testing, allows to check if all of the original requirements are met. Example: Notes from the Maria-Victor 2013/06/12 check-point.
  5. The point 2 in the savannah-jira migration recipe is useful. Opening a ticket per migrating tracker on its own migration helps keeping focus and momentum.
  6. As an upgrade to JIRA 6 will centrally happen within July 2013, further developement, at least for our tracker, by the savannah experts will be done afterwards.
  7. Jira is more restrictive than savannah, i.e. not everyone with a CERN SSO (login or certificate) can read all jira tickets. See here why. Nothing wrong with this. Projects should just be configured appropriately.
  8. A good example of savannah projects to migrate/archive/retire is the I.Ueda-Benedikt exchange on ATLAS (attached).

Fall 2013 savannah-to-jira status

  1. For trackers that can become read-only the Savannah team intend to propose a simpler procedure that would have the tracker items simply presented in their last state, without the surrounding Savannah "bells and whistles" they have today. (Writted by Maarten following his meeting with Benedikt on 2013/10/11).
  2. Maarten will again review the 83 non-experiment trackers (IT and Grid) for which decision has not yet been taken. The expectation is that for only a few trackers we may need to contact other experts, while the vast majority can be safely discarded. (Writted by Maarten following his meeting with Benedikt on 2013/10/11).
  3. Experiments should discuss their savannah trackers in the Librarian & Integrators' meeting (LIM) and no more in the Tracking Tools evolution TF. (Decided at the TF meeting of 2013/10/08).
  4. The GGUS dev. savannah tracker was not migrated to JIRA6 during the summer. This will be done by Benedikt after CHEP and testing will restart. Important functionality requirements will be, we hope, satisfied then. (Decided at the dedicated meeting with Benedikt of 2013/10/09).


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Texttxt Grid_Savannah_Projects_Status_20140728.txt r1 manage 0.9 K 2014-07-28 - 11:42 MariaDimou Email answer by Maarten on the Grid-related projects still in savannah
Texttxt IT_Savannah_Project_migrate_or_archive_Status20140728.txt r1 manage 2.9 K 2014-07-28 - 11:43 MariaDimou Email by Elias Goulas on IT savannah projects' clean-up
Unknown file formatxlsx IT_Savannah_Projects_List_20140728.xlsx r1 manage 233.3 K 2014-07-28 - 11:44 MariaDimou List of IT-related savannah projects remaining for migration to Jira or archiving. Status 2014/07/28
Unknown file formatxlsx Possibly_IT-related_savannah_trackers_August_2014.xlsx r1 manage 89.7 K 2014-08-14 - 18:29 MariaDimou Last reminder by the savannaht-to-jira migration team: Possibly IT-related Savannah projects in August 2014
Texttxt Savannah-JIRA_migration_ATLAS_Computing_Operations.txt r1 manage 13.5 K 2013-07-03 - 15:13 MariaDimou ATLAS computing projects in savannah to migrate or archive or retire
PDFpdf Savannah_Static-web-pages-access-rights-4-projects.pdf r1 manage 76.7 K 2015-02-18 - 10:53 MariaDimou Last list of savannah projects and contact email
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxls Savannah_Static-web-pages-access-rights-4-projects.xls r1 manage 34.5 K 2015-02-18 - 10:53 MariaDimou Last list of savannah projects and contact email (in xls)
PDFpdf r1 manage 112.0 K 2015-02-11 - 17:26 MariaDimou Final list of trackers and their status.
Texttxt savannah-close-down.txt r1 manage 3.7 K 2015-02-11 - 17:26 MariaDimou Confirmation on vewing legacy tickets for "Static" and "Migrated" trackers
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