Notes on the second set of updates to gLite 3

A new set of updates to gLite 3.0 has been released. This represents many bugfixes and Glue 1.2 support for the gLite WMS.

A list of bugs fixed is available at the end of this announcement. Please read the following notes before installing or upgrading.

Node specific information and known issues

All 'known issues' noted here are being addressed by the relevant developers.


LCMAPS logs problem

Please run the following after configuring a WMS

# touch /var/log/glite/lcmaps.log
# chown glite.glite /var/log/glite/lcmaps.log


See bug 19102 for information on a log_monitor issue.


You may have to remove the glite-security-voms rpm from the WMS


/tmp/glite/glite-ui/ has to be writable by any user.

chmod a+w /tmp/glite/glite-ui/ 

Relocatable distribution

Please find new instructions on installing the relocatable release here

Note that the dependencies should now be untarred in the top level ($INSTALL_ROOT).

A new tarball is currently being tested (as of 18/08/06) which will fix a number of problems, including the fetch-crl issue discovered recently. We recommend waiting for this release.


Note that nfs_utils is required on a dcache SE but is not currently one of the dependencies. Please install this rpm separately.


Please see bug 19069 for an edit to node-info.def before configuring


This set of updates does not contain any glite-CE changes; these notes are for reference.


Extra steps are required for full logging on the glite CE;

The first involves creating a configuration file for blah, /opt/glite/etc/blah.config, with the following contents

and then
mkdir /var/log/glite/accounting
chmod u+s /opt/glite/bin/BDlogger

At present there is no version APEL available which is compatible with these logs.

gLite CE and TORQUE server has problems with gridmapfile generation.

Please run the following rather than combining the node-types in one command;

/opt/glite/yaim/scripts/configure_node site-info.def gliteCE
/opt/glite/yaim/scripts/configure_node site-info.def TORQUE_server 

TORQUE server doesn't always start

If configuring a torque server, please ensure the server is running;

# /etc/init.d/pbs_server start
before running yaim's configure_node script.

VOtag publishing

Please create the approprate directories under

One for each VO, owned by the sgm.

Also create /etc/sysconfig/edg;


Problem if CE_DATADIR="" (default)

Due to bug

the glite-CE configuration the lcg-info-static-ce.ldif file is not created correctly if in the site-info.def file the CE_DATADIR="" (default). The fix is, incase the ce_datadir id not defined to put: CE_DATADIR=unset to the site-info.def file.

Running a separate TORQUE server

  • Run the following on the torque server (BLParserPBS is from glite-ce-blahp)
      /opt/glite/bin/BLParserPBS -p 33332 -s /var/spool/pbs
  • Insert gLite CE hostname into /etc/hosts.equiv on torque server
  • On WNs put gLite CE hostname into /opt/edg/etc/edg-pbs-knownhosts.conf and run /opt/edg/sbin/edg-pbs-knownhosts (it will run as cron later anyway)


A reconfiguration is recommended on the following nodes after an update;

  • glite-WMSLB
  • glite-FTS
  • relocatable distro (please see the Notes)


Note that in later versions of yaim, the default repository for CAs has changed

CA_REPOSITORY="rpm LCG-CAs/current production"

In a standard configuration, you can just put this value in the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/lcg-ca.list if you don't want to rerun yaim.

Other information

An updated port table for gLite is available, managed under CVS;

Bugs fixed

18343 Hit on another circumstance which may induce the WM to WMS (gLite) 6 - Critical
17877 Handling of VOView's AccessControlBaseRule under some WMS (gLite) 6 - Critical
16769 wms-client is unable to read delegated voms WMS (gLite) 6 - Critical
16295 bulk submission fails when DN mapped to a single account WMS (gLite) 6 - Critical
16191 LogMonitor crashed - problem with a log file WMS (gLite) 6 - Critical
16034 The logmonitor daemon crashed unexpectedly WMS (gLite) 6 - Critical
18045 AuthorizationCheck expression does not contain FQANmember WMS (gLite) 6 - Critical
16828 WMProxy unable to correctly handle empty FQAN WMS (gLite) 5 - Major
16524 Wrong management of Input Sandbox gzip file containing WMS (gLite) 5 - Major
16332 inadequate management of return values from lb(proxy) query WMS (gLite) 5 - Major
15292 WMProxy fails in cancelling a collection node WMS (gLite) 5 - Major
18195 VOMS fqan plugin in WMS not loading correctly WMS (gLite) 5 - Major
18131 Attribute VOMS_FQAN not added by glite-job-list-match WMS (gLite) 5 - Major
15050 job-status returns Running and Waiting jobs even after WMS (gLite) 4 - Normal
16857 wrong exit status in case of failure of the dag node WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16631 misleading error messages from the dag node planner WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16973 support for epilogue WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16970 the default value of the retry count for dag nodes is not WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16874 RetryCount attribute inside DAG nodes disappears when WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16751 make message due to prologue failure compatible with the WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16746 incorrect count of shallow resubmissions if there were no WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16679 job wrapper template inadequate for dag node resubmission WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16627 incomplete query to lb in case of a resubmission of a dag WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16334 too much logging due to signals WMS (gLite) 1 - Enhancement
16781 voms server code doesn't reconnect to the database if found Security 6 - Critical
17621 Serious memory leak in server-servlet R-GMA 6 - Critical
17391 C API crashes with a segmentation Fault R-GMA 6 - Critical
17021 Integers in stream producers are returned as floating point R-GMA 6 - Critical
16813 "Blocking" site can hold up Registry message queue R-GMA 6 - Critical
15591 No link between CE/SE and Site R-GMA 6 - Critical
17241 Column type does not get checked by PrimaryProducer R-GMA 4 - Normal
16487 serviceStatusDetails fails to escape double quotes -> " R-GMA 4 - Normal
14966 /opt/glite/etc/init.d/rgma-* template scripts broken if R-GMA 4 - Normal
16548 Need to update the RGMA server's log4j.props file R-GMA 3 - Minor
13798 R-GMA Servicetool log entries format and timestamps are not R-GMA 3 - Minor
17226 count(*) seems can only be placed just before the "FROM" R-GMA 1 - Enhancement
15579 glite-rgma-publish does not own its installed cron R-GMA 1 - Enhancement
13530 add the table names to the log4j messages from gin R-GMA 1 - Enhancement
13470 fields cannot be mapped from ldap to rgma by gin R-GMA 1 - Enhancement
16281 Niether glite-LFC_mysql nor glite-PX cannot be installed PPS (Preproduction 4 - Normal
17569 problem in LFC Python interface (lfc_getreplica LFC (LCG File Catalog) 6 - Critical
16502 automatic sequence code generation is incorrect LB 6 - Critical
15450 rare Unable to Register the Job during the job error LB 5 - Major
9777 unable to get logging-info -2 info for 1000 jobs LB 4 - Normal
17817 Error in glite ce configuration in step gLite gatekeeper Installation and Configuration 6 - Critical
17450 PERLLIB is not populated with edg/lib/perl from csh shell Installation and Configuration 6 - Critical
17230 glite-SE_dcache shouldn't have dependency on pnfs rpm. Installation and Configuration 6 - Critical
16900 glite-config RPM software sometimes alters root's user Installation and Configuration 6 - Critical
16732 YAIM: Oracle instantclient libraries are hardcoded in Installation and Configuration 6 - Critical
17384 glite-security-utils-config obsoletes fetch-crl Installation and Configuration 5 - Major
17256 Harmonize on fetch-crl or edg-system-utils Installation and Configuration 5 - Major
16506 max_open files too low for a lot of bulk submissions Installation and Configuration 5 - Major
18028 TAR_UI: misleading naming for TAR_UI Installation and Configuration 4 - Normal
18032 TAR_UI: rgma-client-check fails Installation and Configuration 4 - Normal
17753 is openldap-alt-2.0.27-edg2_sl3 still needed for lcg-CE - Installation and Configuration 4 - Normal
18047 yaim still configures edg-utils-sytem but we have moved to Installation and Configuration 4 - Normal
17616 Change of CA repository: wrong/obsolete default value on Installation and Configuration 4 - Normal
18031 TAR_UI: typo in install_certs_userland Installation and Configuration 2 - Cosmetic
17116 MyProxy service type should be published as "MyProxy", not Information Service 5 - Blocker
17540 Bug #13789 appearing again due to missing merge of 1.4 gLite Middleware (general) 6 - Critical
17444 relocatable UI/WN installation doesn't containts log4j.jar gLite Middleware (general) 5-Major
17322 lcg-infosites and lcg-info from relocatable gLite 3.0 gLite Middleware 6 - Critical
17521 problems with grid_env.csh gLite Middleware 6 - Critical
16547 FTS: case sensitivity of channel/site names should be FTS 5 - Major
16233 FTS: File Reason Class always set to AGENT when the file FTS 3 - Minor
13368 FTS: reason for job status should be other than FTS 2 - Cosmetic
17517 Reassigned item: gsidcap fails when > 56 CAs on server dCache 7
18130 BDII FCR filter lets some entries pass through BDII 6 - Critical
17967 top-level BDII overload due to LDIF providers BDII 5 - Major
15524 site bdii publishes using the base mds-vo-name=resource,o=grid BDII 5 - Major
18219 BDII error messages may refer to the wrong LDAP records BDII 4 - Normal
18204 BDII sorts LDAP records unnecessarily BDII 4 - Normal
17969 BDII must listen on INADDR_ANY BDII 4 - Normal
17968 BDII should cache LDIF sources BDII 4 - Normal

-- Main.okeeble - 27 Jul 2006

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