Transactions and permissions

Email notifications

You may tailor the notifications you get by going to:
Examples: DTEAM CERN Test VO

If you have email filters to put messages in folders, this is, most probably the only "Subject" that will require action from you as VO Admins:

Subject: Member has requested the addition of a new certificate - approval required

Actions when VO member's certificate changes

Installation and configuration help on the GOC wiki

User unknown to this VO

How to check if a user is in the CERN ORGDB view (LHC Experiment VOs only)


Login as root on the test vom(r)s installation

cd /opt/lcg_check_registration/bin

./ <last_name>


 ./ dimou

will return:

WARN  [main] Could not find in system properties. -  configuration.Configuration
INFO  [main] Resource dir /opt/lcg/etc/registration added to source path -  utilities.Resource
INFO  [main] loaded from classpath -  utilities.Resource
INFO  [main] loaded from classpath -  utilities.Resource
INFO  [main] Booting user information interface for LCG registration -  configuration.Configuration
INFO  [main] Loaded JDBC driver oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver -  database.ConnectionPool
INFO  [main] Created query pool -  database.QueryPool
INFO  [main] Created new query connection: connection #1 in query pool -  database.QueryPool
First name MARIA
Physical Email
Experiment CMS

LHC Experiment VO user registration failed in vomrs

lcg registration database configuration file /opt/vomrs-1.3/var/etc/vomrs_/ should belongs to tomcat

cd /opt/vomrs-1.3/var/etc/vomrs_cms
chown tomcat4:tomcat4

Otherwise, user  will encounter the following error when registratering Phase I

    fnal.vox.vomrs.lcg.LCG.fill(Unknown Source)
    fnal.vox.vomrs.tables.PersonalInfos.addInternalPI(Unknown Source)
    fnal.vox.vomrs.database.RegisterMember.doActionImpl(Unknown Source)
    fnal.vox.vomrs.tables.DBTablesBase.doAction(Unknown Source)
    fnal.vox.vomrs.database.ServiceBroker.executeService(Unknown Source) Source) Source)
   fnal.vox.vomrs.webui.MemberPhaseIRegistration.register(Unknown Source)
    fnal.vox.vomrs.webui.MemberPhaseIRegistration.execute(Unknown Source)
    fnal.vox.vomrs.webui.PageGenerator.print_content(Unknown Source)
    fnal.vox.vomrs.webui.PageGenerator.generate_page(Unknown Source)
    fnal.vox.vomrs.webui.PageGenerator.doGetPost(Unknown Source)
    fnal.vox.vomrs.webui.PageGenerator.doPost(Unknown Source)

VOMRS host certificate DN change

Such a change make synchronisation with VOMS fail, because, in order to allow VOMRS to synchronise with VOMS, we added a global acl entry which grants administrator rigths to the host certificate of VOMRs (

So, in this case, you have to modify the ACL entry in order to replace the VOMRS host DN (and maybe its CA) with the new one. To do that, there are several ways :

  • Use VOMS-Admin : 'Administer the VO' -> 'Global ACL', and modify the corresponding entry for all VOs.
  • Or, if you can't access this page, but have the DB password, you can use the Perl script '' which is attached to this page. (See at the bottom)

How can one identify the master node

It is possible to identify the master node by logging in each node, and runnning the following command : netstat -i

The master is the node with the eth0:0 interface.

VOMRS FAQ for users

A collection at the gocwiki.

-- Main.dimou - 07 Jun 2006

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