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Daily WLCG Operations Call details

To join the call, at 15.00 CE(S)T Monday to Friday inclusive (in CERN 513 R-068) do one of the following:

  1. Dial +41227676000 (Main) and enter access code 0119168, or
  2. To have the system call you, click here
  3. The scod rota for the next few weeks is at ScodRota

General Information
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Additional Material:



Attendance: local(Olof,Eva,Jean-Philippe,Miguel,MariaG,Jamie,Antonio,Manuel);remote(Michael,Onno,Angela,Gareth,Michel/GRIF,Rolf).

Experiments round table:

  • ATLAS -

  • ALICE (Reported by Patricia before the meeting) - Alice has been regularly running MC production during this vacations period as it planned before the Xmas time. The new MC cycle began the 25th of December and it is still running with no interruptions. In total Alice has executed 240K jobs, achieving picks over 15K concurrent jobs during several days. In general the behavior of the sites has been quite good, also remarkable the good stability of the services at the T0. The WMS@CERN have been able to server also external sites including some T1 sites with no incidents to report. In addition Alice has finished the backlist of those sites that are not running SL4 in their WNs and/or VOBOXES. In total around 7 sites have been finally blacklisted although we have to mention that in some of them the positive answer of the site admins have ensured a final upgrade of the system by the end of this week. Finally we would like to remind the list of pending actions sent before Xmas to the PX support list in terms of new VOBOX registrations onto the list of trusted nodes of myproxy server. Currently we have the following requests in status REGISTERED:
UNIBA: Deprecation of a VOBOX and inclusion of a new one -- Cagliari-INFN: Registration of 2 VOBOXES -- Birmingham: Registration of 1 vobox -- ITEP: Registration of one VOBOX -- CIEMAT: Registration of one VOBOX -- Trieste: Registration of one VOBOX -- SINP: Registration of one VOBOX (sent during the vacations period) -- Bologna-T2: Registration of one VOBOX (sent during the vacations period) -- Prague: Registration of one VOBOX (sent today) --

Sites / Services round table:

  • Michael (BNL): smooth running
  • Onno (NLT1): 2 issues at NIKHEF: one controller burned out in new setup, waiting for assessment from vendor, small amount of Atlas data not accessible; Torque instability, trying to tweak parameters to improve stability. SARA will be unavailable for most/all of next week.
  • Angela (KIT): Atlas SRM had to be restarted; cause is not yet clear. FTS down for a few hours because of a disk full (quickly fixed).
  • Michel (GRIF): NTR
  • Gareth (RAL): DB errors: BIGID problem for CASTOR: is it the same problem as a few months ago? FS probe problem on one LHCb disk server: will contact LHCB to get the file cheksums to validate the server. Outage tomorrow as previously announced (testing bypass UPS)
  • Rolf (IN2P3): dCache upgrade today: should be back in one hour.

  • Miguel (CERN): CASTOR upgrade on Wednesday for ATLAS.


Attendance: local(Miguel,Ueda,Eva,Jean-Philippe,Jamie,Roberto,MariaG,Simone,Alessandro,Antonio);remote(Nicolo,Michael,Angela,Gareth,Alessandro/INFN,Ronald,Jeremy,Rolf).

Experiments round table:

  • ATLAS (Ueda)- Transfer timeouts between PIC and SARA (both directions): ticket opened to PIC. Transfer problem between Weizmann T2 and SARA (port not opened). Credential errors at SARA: probably fixed by the upgrade this morning.

  • CMS reports (Nicolo)- Tier0 is shutdown, upgrade planned before data taking. A few job failures at T1s before Christmas (being looked at). Millions of MC jobs at T2s running ok. Not much activity during the Christmas break, but smooth operation. ASGC: installation of new tape drives, 2 tickets closed, performing final consistency checks. IN2P3: retransfer of datasets removed by mistake got stuck before Chrismas because of a tape staging issue at FNAL fixed yesterday; job submission failures for CREAM-CE at IN2P3. PIC: transfer failures from Lisbon because of a problem with proxy renewal configuration. CNAF: few problems in transfers, solved by itself. Problems in deployment of CMS software at T2s because of missing dependencies.

  • ALICE (Reported by Patricia before the meeting) - No urgent issues since yesterday but the registration of the new VOBOXES (reported yerterday) into the list of trusted nodes of myproxy server. The production throught the corresponding sites is stopped until the complete registration of the nodes into myproxy.cern.ch. In terms of the sites, yesterday it was reported an issue with the local CREAM-CE system at JINR which has required the assistance of the developers; The local system cannot accept jobs when the corresponding jdl includes an inputsandbox. The system reports a globus-gridftp error. The solution wull be reported to the whole Alice TF list for the rest of the sites. Small issues with Hungarian and Polish T2 sites reported this morning and already solved. The production ongoing smoothly with picks over 18K concurrent jobs.

  • LHCb reports (Roberto)- Not much activity and the system ran almost unattended. MC application errors will be fixed in next LHCb application release. No reprocessing/reconstruction during the break. 100k user jobs with a few failures in application code and because of data unavailability. Few tickets still opened for RAL because of file unavailability (RAL has received the list of checksums from LHCb to validate the server). Shared area instability at T2s.

Sites / Services round table:

  • Michael: smoooth operation. SLAC in downtime because of ongoing work on a Storage Server. Planning for a LAN upgrade at BNL on Thursday to connect the storage servers to a new switch: there could be some instability for one hour with a few failures but no outage will be set in GOCDB, however an entry will be put in OIM and in eLog. Also adding 700TB to the disk storage configuration (transparent).
  • Angela: HW problem on GPFS filesystem serving Atlas pool. Waiting for engineer. Should be fixed soon.
  • Gareth: the test of bypassing UPS went well this morning. All is ok.
  • Alessandro/INFN: CREAM-CE now running well. Tomorrow is holidays in Italy but urgent tickets will be handled.
  • Ronald: NTR
  • Jeremy: NTR
  • Rolf: unscheduled outage yesterday 5PM-10PM because of the overload on the local batch system. This was triggered by a user error who generated 24M entries in the DB instead of 2M, the cancel did not work and the user resubmitted several times with the same error producing several times 24M entries in the DB. No VO could submit jobs. Already submitted jobs were almost not affected.

  • Miguel: Atlas CASTOR upgrade tomorrow as planned.



Attendance: local(Miguel, Jean-Philippe, Andrew, Eva, Edoardo, Harry, Alessandro, Antonio, Roberto, Jamie, Simone);remote(Michael, Gareth, Onno, Rolf).

Experiments round table:

  • ATLAS (Ueda)- reminder of FTS problem at CERN during the Christmas break ("could not load client credentials"): FTS support looking at it. CASTOR upgrade done this morning as planned: transfers resumed ok but not all servers in ATLDATA are back in prod yet after the upgrade to SL5. There are also some XROOT Manager problems (probably unrelated).

  • ALICE (Reported by Patricia before the meeting) - MC production ongoing with no mayor incidents and new peaks over 19K concurrent jobs. The requirement mentioned yesterday in terms of new VOBOX registrations into the list of trusted nodes of myproxy server at CERN already fullfilled, thanks to PX support for the prompt actions. Site admins of the corresponding sites will be informed and the corresponding sites will be included in the production as soon as the VOBOX service is checked and validated at all these sites.

  • LHCb reports (Roberto)- There is only user activity going on and at very low rate. No complaint.

Sites / Services round table:

  • Michael/BNL: reminder of the planned intervention tomorrow. An announcement has been done in OIM. The intervention will start at 10AM(Eastern time) and will last about 5 hours.
  • Gareth/RAL: FSprobe problem: the checksum validation has not been completed yet but the ticket has been updated with the list of files.
  • Onno/NLT1: 2 issues with SARA SRM: transfer problems with PIC. PIC had increased the MTU value a week ago. SARA does not observe errors when transfer goes to a SARA node with a low MTU value, so this is probably the cause. The second problem concerns transfers with Weizmann Institute in Israel (ticket 54416): gridFTP control channel is ok, but data channel times out. Firewall at SARA seems to be ok. Transfers between CERN and Weizmann are ok. Still investigating. The credential problems at SARA have been fixed by installing dCache 1.9.5-11.
  • Rolf/IN2P3: for the CREAM-CE problem reported yesterday, IN2P3 would like CMS to submit a ticket.

  • Edoardo/CERN: new router installed for LCG: so far so good, but please monitor failures and report problems. Tomorrow a transparent recabling of some routers will take place.
  • Antonio: gLite update: staged rollout of gLite 3.1 Update 60 and gLite 3.2 Update 7. It's a consistent release. Sites having some nodes on SL4 and some nodes on SL5 should upgrade all at the same time because of incompatibilities. For gLite 3.1: new version of WMS and a fix in CREAM for BLAH vulnerability. For gLite 3.2: introduction of GLEXEC, CREAM and SCAS.
  • Eva: BIGID problem reported yesterday: it is not the same problem as the one reported and fixed a few months ago. The problem is being investigated.

Release report: deployment status wiki page



Attendance: local(Miguel, Jean-Philippe, Simone, Ueda, Harry, Alessandro, Roberto, Andrea, Gavin, Manuel, Jamie, MariaG, Antonio);remote(Angela/KIT, Gonzalo/PIC, Tristan/NLT1, Michael/BNL, Gareth/RAL, Alessandro/INFN, Josep/PIC, Jason/ASCC).

Experiments round table:

  • ATLAS (Alessandro)- Dashboard not visible from outside, problem reported. Several interventions: BNL, NDGF (dCache upgrade), INFNT1 (CASTOR SRM upgrade to 2.8.5, some problems after upgrade). Triumf issue yesterday because of too frequent srmLs requests: polling interval changed from 1 to 600s. Fix could be applied to BNL Site Services. Alessandro will send the details to Michael.

  • CMS reports (Nicolo)- No particular issue. CREAM-CE problem at IN2P3: SAM tests are now ok; waiting for production ok before closing the ticket. Cleanup at ASGC ongoing; some files stuck in migration; some files are not registered correctly: waiting for CMS to check. Transfer to RAL failing: probably a problem in CMS catalogue. T2s migration to SL5: most tickets closed, still 5 sites to upgrade.

  • ALICE (Reported by Patricia before the meeting) - MC production ongoing with no major issues to report (around 18K concurrent jobs maintained since the last report). New Alien implementation being tested currently at CNAF and affecting the submission to the CREAM-CE service: Alice has implemented the CLI submission mode into the AliEn environment but this submission mode allows exclusively the declaration of a single queue. Alice has implemented the possibility to chose (for each agent submission and for each site) a local queue which is randomly taken from a list of local queues defined in the central services. Once this implementation is tested, it will be distributed to the rest of sites in a transparent way for the sites. In terms of T2 sites, two sites which were blacklisted by the 3rd of January (SINP in Russia and IRES in France) are expected to be put in production soon once the site admins has confirmed this week the migration of the remaining WNs and/or VOBOXES to SL5.

  • LHCb reports (Roberto)- 4 different MC productions running, few hundred thousand events requested per prod. No major issue. User analysis: no major issue. At RAL another disk server needs to be checked. CNAF plans to move LHCb data from CASTOR to GPFS and TSM as has already been done for CMS. About 6TB in total need to be copied to the new system - hopefully before LHC restart.

Sites / Services round table:

  • Angela/KIT: atlas disk pool has been fixed.
  • Gonzalo/PIC: The transfer problems between SARA and PIC could be due to the enabling of jumbo frames; they have been disabled. SARA/CERN/PIC experts are in contact to solve this problem in a more permanent way.
  • Tristan/NLT1: Problem could be similar. By decreasing MTU to 8800, transfers are ok. What is the maximum MTU size to be supported in WLCG? What is the policy about accepting ICMP packets? Could network experts at CERN give information about the 2 points above please?
  • Michael/BNL: Transparent upgrade will start in one hour and will last around 5 hours. No outage. Plan to move production to new file server appliance next Tuesday. Will need to drain the queues on Monday evening. The actual intervention will take place on Tuesday morning and will last one hour. Production should be restarted by Tuesday 11AM Eastern Time.
  • Gareth/RAL: RAL at risk today because of one air conditioning chiller and one pump. Some files at RAL are not accessible because of a server in draining mode.
  • Brian/RAL: FTS uses srmLs before srmPrepareToGet. There seem to be a problem when files have to be prestaged or copied from one pool to another. A ticket should be submitted so that FTS support can investigate.
  • Alessandro/INFNT1: SRM upgrade this morning. Upgrade ok but a few hickups because of incorrect Quattor templates. Quickly fixed (40 minutes instability).



Attendance: local();remote().

Experiments round table:

  • ATLAS -

  • ALICE -

Sites / Services round table:


-- JamieShiers - 17-Dec-2009

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