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Attendance: local(Jerka, Maria, Jamie, Hurng, Peter, Maarten, Simone, Andrea, Luca, Dirk, Harry, Ignacio, Nilo, Ricardo, Alessandro, Eddie, Lola, Roberto, Massimo, MariaDZ);remote(Michael, Xavier, Jon, Alexander Verkooijen, Daniele, Gonzalo, Federico, Rolf, John, Rob).

Experiments round table:

  • ATLAS reports -
    • SARA-MATRIX had BDII issues & no ATLAS jobs were running. GGUS ALARM ticket #63994 sent on Saturday evening. Ticket was acknowledged after 17 hrs. Bunch of emails sent to SARA contact email (the one in GGUS) and to site administrators along with GGUS. Can SARA please make sure that ALARM tickets are acknowledged a bit sooner? Two separate issues: BDII, and issue with local batchsystem. SARA cloud excluded from ATLAS DDM for night, cloud offline for production until Sunday noon. Issue fixed Monday morning. Thank you!
    • BNL: sunday morning lots of "dCache" errors in DDM. GGUS ALARM ticket #63999 sent. Issue fixed within several hours from report. Thank you!
    • INFN-T1: Saturday evening SRM failures. GGUS TEAM ticket #63995 (top priority) on Saturday evening. No response to the TEAM ticket until Sundy morning, we escalated to GGUS ALARM ticket #64000. Issue with storm - underlying GPFS cluster. Issue fixed within couple hours. Thank you! [ Daniele - INFN T1 StoRM issue. Didn't answer TEAM ticket until Sunday morning as opened after midnight on Saturday. Problem was not with StoRM itself but underlying GPFS cluster that had problems due to human error. Actions taken to avoid such problems in future. ]
    • Taiwan-LCG2: SRM issues, GGUS team ticket #63983
    • Lyon: No major problems over the weekend. Can you please comment on previous issues evolution? Thank you! [ Rolf - the jobs of ATLAS ran well this w/e as ATLAS increased timeout values. This was sufficient to get jobs through. Obviously this does not solve underlying problem - working on this. Investigation and tests on basis of LHCb and ATLAS jobs (LHCb have same problem). No more details for now but our Tier1 representative will give more complete report at next T1SCM. Any news will be reported here. ]

  • CMS reports -
    • Experiment activity
      • First HI collisions over the week-end
    • CERN and Tier0
      • CMS reconstructed first HI events/tracks
      • Tier-0 : small SW worries for some Prompt Reco/AlCa workflows at Tier-0, but patch was made and is now in place
      • SLS glitch this morning 10:50-11:20, but got resolved
    • Tier1 issues and plans
      • IN2P3-CC : Monte-Carlo Pile-up production now complete. Will immediately switch to Heavy Ion simulation.
      • More generally : processing data re-reco + skimming of new HI data at all Tier-1s
    • Tier2 Issues
    • AOB
      • Upgrade of CMSWEB cluster last Thursday Nov 4, in particular new rule of http==>https re-direction, cause problems of some CMS WebTools clients, eventually causing excessive memory usage (blockreplicas calls) of CMSR node hosting PhEDEx, that needed to be rebooted Friday Nov 5 at 16:38 CET.
        • Immediate action was to patch the most active clients (ProdAgent, CRAB already had an up-to-date version but was not deployed everywhere)
        • CMS Operators in alert state over the whole week-end to monitor the situation
        • will discuss this afternoon internally on short/long-term solution
      • Next CMS Computing Run Coordinator, reporting here from tomorrow on : Oliver Gutsche

  • ALICE reports - GENERAL INFORMATION: right now there are stable Pb beams, data taking is ongoing. It has to be followed up immediately by MC for the RAW data runs with the same detector conditions data, we are keeping the resources on hot standby. Some problems with AliROOT solved on the spot.
    • T0 - ntr
    • T1 - ntr
    • T2 - usual operations

  • LHCb reports - MC campaign all the weekend
    • T0
      • Transparent intervention on CASTOR (10-12 UTC) Maybe not really transparent? GGUS:64043 [ Ignacio - don't see anything in CASTOR, could be SRM, will look at it. Roberto - looks like a disk server problem. Massimo - one thing that looks a bit unusual at least 4 users reading data with more streams than LHCBPROD. Unusual but could be unrelated. ]
    • T1 site issues:

Sites / Services round table:

  • RAL - SIR for problems for LHCb at the RAL Tier1. These appeared first as bad TURLs being returned, then an interruption to the service. SIR

  • KIT - during w/e one NFS server died. High impact on other services, e.g. WLM service died also. FIxed today. Probably will have unstable WNs rest of week but will have an eye on it.
  • FNAL - had a lot of trouble this morning with Alcatel. Currently asking for a pw! Today is our downtime, started 3 hours ago, continuing until at least 18:00 Chicago time (10 more hours). Availability problem of last week partially fixed. Some done LCG side not yet propagated to CMS. We detector that FNAL-KIT network links down Saturday for some time - no more info.
  • BNL - Channel to CERN didn't work!) In addition we encounter problems with SAM BDII. Our probe last night detected that LCG BDII dropped all resources associated with BNL T1 around 09:00 pm. Recovered shortly after. Also encountered issues with SAM BDII. Unclear why. Opened OSG ticket 9526. Maarten - OSG tickets not automatically forwarded to right GGUS category - should be assigned to CERN. Rob - submitted ticket a couple of hours ago to GGUS:64039.
  • NL-T1 - 3 things: in night Fri-Sat NIKHEF BDII had vm problems and had to be restarted. On Sat SARA BDII restarted. Our batch system had some problems - several thousand ALICE jobs submitted. Simone - problem to batch and BDII non-correlated? A: yes, not correlated.
  • CNAF - nothing to add to ATLAS report
  • PIC - 1/2 hour ago cooling incident in part of the data centre - had to switch off part of farm. Affecting ~400 jobs. More later..
  • IN2P3 - nta
  • RAL - quite a few things. Gareth mailed in SIR - see above. Problems over w/e with site BDII - locked up and failed some SAM tests. ATLAS disk server failed this am. Fabric looking at it. ATLASDATADISK out of service. An outage for LHCb on Wed - to upgrade d/s & o/s to 64bit. Outage to CASTOR CMS next week.
  • OSG - ATLAS alarm this w/e. Several people woken up early Sunday. Don't mind responding if really alarms. Made sure ticket forwarded to BNL. Would like to find out if this was a real alarm issue. Michael - no doubt it was an alarm situation and needed to be fixed asap which it was. Jerka -

  • CERN storage - CASTOR LHCb upgraded to 2.1.9-9 - nothing to do with problems seen since.


  • LHC news: "Geneva, 8 November 2010. Four days is all it took for the LHC operations team at CERN to complete the transition from protons to lead ions in the LHC. After extracting the final proton beam of 2010 on 4 November, commissioning the lead-ion beam was underway by early afternoon. First collisions were recorded at 00:30 CET on 7 November, and stable running conditions marked the start of physics with heavy ions at 11:20 CET today."


Attendance: local(Eddie, Roberto, Oliver, Lola, Andrea, Jamie, Huang, Luca, Harry, Ricardo, Alessandro, Miguel);remote(Rolf, Michael, Jon, Kyle, Daniele, Ronald, John, Christian Sottrup (NDGF) ).

Experiments round table:

  • ATLAS reports -
    • Nov 8th - 9th (Mon, Tue)
      • last night, heavy ion collisions with stable beams, ATLAS in data taking mode.
      • p-p data reprocessing going on at T1s. It's about to submit 3rd batch of jobs to process the data taken during October (~217 TB in total)
    • T0:
      • this night around 4:07 - 4:22 am, we observed many acronjob failures, most probably due to AFS problems. Has CERN observed something? [ Harry. Nothing in morning meeting. Alessandro - have observed also yesterday short glitches, last week too. ]
    • T1s:
      • short SE glitches at INFN-T1 last evening (~6:00 pm CERN time). After the GGUS:64056 opened, problem seemed to be gone. [ Daniele - GGUS ticket solved. In case it comes again please let us know. ]
      • data reprocessing backlog at SARA due to the CE issue reported yesterday. Although the problem was fixed, ATLAS didn't reach reasonable amount of CPU share to catch it up. SARA reconfigured the share so now more jobs are able to run at SARA (thanks for the help). Still watching the progress and preparing alternative plans in case we need it for next batch of data reprocessing.
      • FZK increased the DATADISK space token, 100% ESD replication resumed.
    • T2s:
      • copy-on-demand mechanism for ESD/DESD analysis implemented for UK cloud; therefore auto-replication ESD/DESD stopped
      • keep T2-T2 functional test to CA-ALBERTA-WESTGRID-T2 and CA-VICTORIA-WESTGRID-G2 for debugging the FTS + gridftp door setup that is causing T2-T2 transfer failures in CA cloud.

  • ALICE reports - GENERAL INFORMATION: The amount of RAW data is still at the level that we can reconstruct all runs Pass1@T0 quasi online and the data replication to T1s can follow the data taking (no backlog). Analysis is ongoing. The MC production has returned to normal.
    • T0 site
      • Nothing to report
    • T1 sites
      • FZK: The disk at SE was full, so it could not store more files. They are working on getting new storage capacity up, so issue will be probably solved by today
    • T2 sites
      • Usual operations

  • LHCb reports - MC campaign still going on, users jobs, reconstruction tail
    • T0
      • GGUS:64043 (opened yesterday). Files could not be accessed. CASTOR support now asking to close it, we still see some failures. Re-checking on our side. [ Miguel - you are seeing timeouts right? In effect the # files being opened and their location on servers is causing users to block each other out. Users see some timeouts - maximum # of connections reached. Roberto - user addressing huge number of files? A: that is a special case - user activity conflicting with each other on default pool. Would be better if user activity could be moved to xroot. Other option is to add some more h/w. This would have more limitations than first option. Roberto - do not have control on users doing analysis using lxbatch. Will encourage usage of xroot. ]
      • GGUS:63933 (opened 5 days ago). Shared area slowness causing jobs to fail. Seems to be understood. Can probably close - just wait to see if there are some more problems in this area.
    • T1 site issues:
      • NTR
      • [ Eddie - still tests timing out with shared area of IN2P3. Both CE and SRM. Still many errors from many tests. Rolf - shared area problem - a lot of things are ongoing there. Have isolated some WNs to see if only LHCb is working on them. Try to simulate heavy load for LHCb setup. On concrete issue mentioned don't know if this has been seen here. Ticket reference? Roberto - no ticket opened on recent SAM failures. Rolf - report at next T1SCM and also MB. ]

Sites / Services round table:

  • IN2P3 - nta
  • BNL - all T1 services runnign smoothly. Problems with SAM BDII continue. Meanwhile found out that there are 2 used in round-robin mode. 1 fails constantly as it has no info on BNL resources in particular SE. Communication Hiro-Ale. Ale opened another ticket. Going through OSG and Rob had already filed a GGUS ticket. Close one ticket or cross-reference? Ale- will close it.
  • FNAL - had our downtime yesterday, generally successful. A few loose ends, e.g. BDII published as Oliver mentioned. Reported to me that FNAL-KIT circuit restored yesterday. Faulty line card in AMS on US-LHCNET. FNAL runs a central PhEDEx service for US T3s. Node that does that crashed and is broken. All circuits to US T3s down. Replacing node.
  • CNAF - there will be power intervention on Friday in the morning. Should not affect farm as diesel generators. Set an AT RISK but not more.
  • NL-T1 - ntr
  • RAL - 3 things today. Issue with ATLAS disk server still going on. Local ATLAS contact in touch. 1 m/c that serves site BDII out of DNS alias so only 1 left. Scheduled downtime tomorrow for LHCb SRM to upgrade to 64 bit.
  • NDGF - upgrading dCache. Going according to plan will finish tomorrow around noon. During this time some data may be unavailable.
  • OSG - noticed a ticket exchange problem with FNAL which we are currently trying to diagnose. Any tickets to US CMS might not arrive immediately. (Good says Jon!)

  • CERN Grid services: LSF - need to schedule an intervention to replace h/w of 2 masters. Before end year? End Jan? Please suggest timeframe. Preferably beginning December if possible. acronjob failures - ticket svp. SAM BDII failures - please update ticket with info that only 1 of BDIIs is bad.

  • CERN DB - replication of CMS online to offline stopped 07:15 - 09:15 due to problem with maintenance job - restarted manually. Investigating.

  • CERN Dashboards - for ATLAS DDM dashboard scheduled downtime today at 10:00 for 25' All went smoothly - new version has statistics on data transfer rates.


  • Next T1SCM this coming Thursday, day after tomorrow.


Attendance: local(Huang, Maria, Jamie, Andrea, Alessandro, Luca, Lola, Eddie, MariaDZ, Miguel, Ricardo, Carlos);remote(Xavier, Oliver, Onno, Michael, Kyle, Joel, Gang, Rolf, John, Christian).

Experiments round table:

  • ATLAS reports -
    • data taking on 17x17 bunches beam last night. data taking going on.
    • T0:
      • 3rd instance of offline (ATLR) database highly loaded. Panda system is the main user. atlas-dba and Panda experts notified. The load was gone this morning.
      • CERN HOTDISK satuarated (GGUS:64095): [ working on adding a few extra disk servers to the pool. A lot of access to the exact same file. A limited amount of I/O operations and re-reading the same file... Advice: can ATLAS for future find a more scalable way to distribute this 1-2 files needed by all jobs? Ale - long standing issue. ATLAS are working on this. HOTDISK setup for just this purpose. More problems seen at CERN that at T1s. When could those disk servers be available? Miguel - identified servers; draining. May take a few hours - today or tomorrow. ]
        1. hitting network limitation for the whole pool. adding more machines to the pool?
        2. c2atlassrv201 had run out of /var causing xrootd redirector to fail. problem fixed after cleaning it up.
      • LSF master node hardware upgrade mentioned yesterday: intervention duration?
    • T1s:
      • INFN-T1: short LFC glitch this morning.
      • RAL: disk corruption on one of the disk server causing data lost. Site is trying to recover the files only available at RAL. Any progress? [ Brian - have recovered some of the files from disk server in question and repopulating back into CASTOR. An additional list for which we could also try to recover. But if ATLAS want to declare lost sooner - another 8K files would be declared lost. Ale- ok if those files are declared lost ATLAS can handle the situation. Fine if you declare that list lost today or else wait until tomorrow morning ]
      • SARA reprocessing backlog: job finish rate is doubled after reconfiguring the share and utilizing NIKHEF CPUs.
      • IN2P3: couple of data transfer failures collected at GGUS:64123

  • CMS reports -
    • Experiment activity
      • HI data taking, impressive ramp-up
    • CERN and Tier0
      • Tier-0 : Software configuration issues, being resolved by various patch releases
      • Castor: putting high peak load on system, workflows under investigation to prepare for high luminosity running
    • Tier1 issues and plans
    • Tier2 Issues
      • T2_RU_RRC_KI : CMS SAM-CE instabilities since several days and still no solution/response by site admin (https://savannah.cern.ch/support/index.php?117543)
      • T2_RU_JINR: Site invisible in BDII, SAM tests fail, Phedex agents are down, https://savannah.cern.ch/support/index.php?117742 -> fixed and closed
      • T2_FI_HIP: Wrong gstat and gridmap information for the Finnish CMS Tier-2: https://gus.fzk.de/ws/ticket_info.php?ticket=63956, more explanation:
        • T2 FIN resources appear in BDII as part of NDGF-T1 because we need to translate the ARC information system to Glueschema and into BDII format and this is done by NDGF
        • Site has an independent CMS dCache setup which is not part of the distributed NDGF T1 dCache setup so that cannot be published by NDGF, but is instead published by a CSC BDII server.
        • CMS applications and WLCG accounting works fine with this setup, but the WLCG monitoring is reporting non CMS resources for the T2 Fin site which obviously is wrong.
        • The ticket is about having WLCG report the right resources for us. The short term solution is to for WLCG to change configuration settings to get this corrected.
      • T2_US_Caltech failed SAM tests (https://savannah.cern.ch/support/index.php?117760), traced back to "SE had reached 100% capacity due to a heat-induced controlled shutdown of some storage nodes, as well as a large storage node that crashed last night" -> fixed and closed
      • T2_FR_IPHC failed SAM tests (https://savannah.cern.ch/support/index.php?117769), problem with the SE_mysql server -> fixed and closed.
    • Infrastructure
      • two savannah tickets (117700,117701) opened several (8) ggus tickets? -> bridging was not necessary, GGUS tickets closed, multiplication of tickets will be followed up offline

  • ALICE reports - GENERAL INFORMATION: Pass1@T0 and data replication to T1s are performing quite well. Analysis trains and three MC production cycles ongoing.
    • T0 site
      • CAF was down this morning for some minutes. Problem solved on the spot by alice experts [ Miguel - do you have an idea on how data rates will evolve in next few days? A: no ]
      • LSF intervention - from 7th December on would be fine from ALICE side
    • T1 sites
      • FZK: SE is still down. Any news? [ Xavier - now everything should be fine. Sorry could not fix yesterday already ]
    • T2 sites
      • We observed some possible issues with PackMan in a couple of T2's. Software area was full and PackMan was not doing the clean up. Under investigation

  • LHCb reports - MC campaign still going on, users jobs, reconstruction tail. Preparing reprocessing which should start mid next week
    • T0
      • Main issue reported in this ticket still ongoing GGUS:64043 (re-opened this morning). The plot (in full report) shows the number of user jobs failing on the grid in the last 24 hours (per site). GID is 99 = nobody instead of Z5. Why is mapping wrong? Do not play with mapping - observed problem interactively on lxplus where uid/gid properly set. Miguel - not a generic problem nor one that appeared with upgrade. Affects proxies of some users. Usually have role=lhcb. Some users coming in with no lhcb role and here mapping is failing. A small % of users and not bigger problem talking about yesterday with delays and timeouts.
    • T1 site issues:
      • RAL in scheduled downtime today.
      • Update on IN2P3 shared area ticket.

Sites / Services round table:

  • KIT - nta
  • NL-T1 - ntr
  • BNL - unfortunately BDII issue continues to plague us. Over the course of last 24h observed that all US ATLAS resources no longer reported in SAM BDII. Even worse, resources from BNL dropped from CERN BDII. Info from CERN BDII used to dynamically install s/w needed as part of reprocessing campaign. Last night it was basically impossible to install a necessary module at BNL. Need an update from both OSG and experts from CERN to get a better handle. Ricardo - was about to update ticket; had a look again and saw problem got worse over passed few days. We see timeouts - 30" is not enough to get full info. Full OSG site is coming from 1 BDII in a single query. Putting this in reply - seems suspiciously like some tests we did when moving to SL5. Michael - you are referring to communication between OSG and CERN BDII. Ricardo - yes, CERN BDII gets info from OSG BDII. Michael - next steps? Ricardo - check response time when doing same queries from their side. Network or performance of BDII? Can increase timeout but this might not be a good solution. Also talk to Lawrence. Michael - all availability info in addition is false. All tests failing due to issues not to do with site. Ale - its a long standing issue from certain point of view the SAM responsible for experiments cannot do much more. Of course will follow up with GridView people to make sure that they follow up.
  • RAL - only thing to add to Brian's report is that LHCb upgrade going well.
  • IN2P3 - several points: LHCb / ATLAS shared area problem - there will be a written report to T1SCM as there is a national holiday tomorrow in Fr. CMS ticket mentioned in this meeting is in progress, especially for other experiments with similar problems. Also an occasion to say we are not so good in updating tickets but doesn't mean that people don't work here! Pre-announcement of downtime probably all day on 14th December. Tape/MSS, xrootd, FTS, LFS, other Oracle based services. Also the operations portal - downtime notifications will be delayed during outage of portal. Dashboard for EGI and NGI will still be available. More details one week before - not all completely fixed. MariaDZ - can you please put updates in LHCb tickets on shared area problems? Rolf - as I said you will have a report but of course the tickets should be updated. Joel - one ticket has been updated just before meeting and the other put on hold as we consider more or less identical.
  • ASGC - ntr
  • NDGF - have dCache upgrade going on - should be about done. Found bug in dCache affecting jobs running on ARC. Only affecting a single subsite of NDGF but looking into it. Onno - which version? A: not sure - actually a feature missing. ARC, before getting file from cache checks if file available by getting first bytes - byte range ignored by dCache

  • OSG - we got the FNAL ticketing problem fixed. So now tickets will route ok there.

  • CERN Net: failover of modules in LHC OPN router at 07:30. GGUS:64126.

  • CERN Dashboard - some problems for LHCb ATLAS and ALICE - hope all back ok tomorrow.


  • KIT - planning next major downtime - is there a schedule for next year? Will append to tomorrow's meeting.


Attendance: local();remote().

Experiments round table:

Sites / Services round table:



Attendance: local();remote().

Experiments round table:

Sites / Services round table:


-- JamieShiers - 04-Nov-2010

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