Week of 160118

WLCG Operations Call details

  • At CERN the meeting room is 513 R-068.

  • For remote participation we use the Vidyo system. Instructions can be found here.

General Information

  • The purpose of the meeting is:
    • to report significant operational issues (i.e. issues which can or did degrade experiment or site operations) which are ongoing or were resolved after the previous meeting;
    • to announce or schedule interventions at Tier-1 sites;
    • to inform about recent or upcoming changes in the experiment activities or systems having a visible impact on sites;
    • to provide important news about the middleware;
    • to communicate any other information considered interesting for WLCG operations.
  • The meeting should run from 15:00 until 15:20, exceptionally to 15:30.
  • The SCOD rota for the next few weeks is at ScodRota
  • General information about the WLCG Service can be accessed from the Operations Web
  • Whenever a particular topic needs to be discussed at the daily meeting requiring information from site or experiments, it is highly recommended to announce it by email to wlcg-operations@cernSPAMNOTNOSPAMPLEASE.ch to make sure that the relevant parties have the time to collect the required information or invite the right people at the meeting.

Tier-1 downtimes

Experiments may experience problems if two or more of their Tier-1 sites are inaccessible at the same time. Therefore Tier-1 sites should do their best to avoid scheduling a downtime classified as "outage" in a time slot overlapping with an "outage" downtime already declared by another Tier-1 site supporting the same VO(s). The following procedure is recommended:
  1. A Tier-1 should check the downtimes calendar to see if another Tier-1 has already an "outage" downtime in the desired time slot.
  2. If there is a conflict, another time slot should be chosen.
  3. In case stronger constraints cannot allow to choose another time slot, the Tier-1 will point out the existence of the conflict to the SCOD mailing list and at the next WLCG operations call, to discuss it with the representatives of the experiments involved and the other Tier-1.

As an additional precaution, the SCOD will check the downtimes calendar for Tier-1 "outage" downtime conflicts at least once during his/her shift, for the current and the following two weeks; in case a conflict is found, it will be discussed at the next operations call, or offline if at least one relevant experiment or site contact is absent.

Links to Tier-1 downtimes




  • local: Maria Alandes (chair&minutes), Maarten Litmaath (ALICE), Alessandro di Girolamo (ATLAS), Julia Andreeva, Ben Jones (Batch&Grid), Storage (Jan Iven), Raja Nandakumar (LHCb), David Collados (DB)
  • remote: Christoph Wissing (CMS), Rolf Rumler (IN2P3), Sang Un Ahn (KISTI), Ulf Tigerstedt (NDGF), Onno Zweers (NL-T1), John Kelly (RAL), Di Qing (TRIUMF)

Experiments round table:

  • ATLAS reports (raw view) -
    • All smooth in general. Minor internal details
      • Transfer rate was decreasing to almost zero until midnight last night, when it jumped up. To investigate with rucio team.
      • Derivation jobs are failing, they are testing new software, we wait to hear from them tomorrow
      • Some logs not accessible on pandamon, sometimes it works with http and not https. Reported to sergei.
    • Reminder: there is going to be the ATLAS Sites Jamboree https://indico.cern.ch/event/440821/ from Wednesday 27 January to Friday 29.

  • CMS reports (raw view) -
    • CERN/Tier-0
      • Backlog of Heavy Ion PromptRECO (actually not so prompt...) basically cured
    • Distributed Sites
      • High production/processing activity at the various Grid sites
    • No major issues

  • ALICE -
    • high activity

  • LHCb reports (raw view) -
    • Data Processing
      • Mostly MC and User jobs
    • Site Issues
      • T0: NTR
      • T1:
        • Strange transfer failure patterns in SARA in the middle of last week, likely due to srm issues. Being followed up internally.
        • Problems transferring to RRCKI-ARCHIVE (http://lblogbook.cern.ch/Operations/22905) - likely server misconfiguration. Admins being contacted internally.
    • Miscellaneous
      • One problematic user running multi-core jobs on the grid - being contacted
      • About to start stripping 24 to reprocess 2015 data. Applications being prepared and start with a small validation before turning on everything. Staging of some of the data already done in December (copied from tape to buffer).

Sites / Services round table:

  • ASGC: NA
  • BNL: NA
  • CNAF: NA
  • FNAL: NA
  • GridPP: NA
  • IN2P3: NTR
  • JINR: NA
  • KIT: NA
  • NDGF: Several patching for OS, dCache and firmware scheduled tomorrow. Short 10min downtime. More details in GOCDB.
  • NL-T1:
    • Last week we had a user who started srmput operations but did not cancel pending operations when the associated gridftp had failed. This led to a buildup of turls (srmput reservations), causing congestion in dCache, affecting other users. The user will fix his workflow.
    • We're still seeing "space manager timeouts", so we continue investigating.
  • NRC-KI: NA
  • OSG: NA
  • PIC: NA
  • RAL: NTR

  • CERN batch and grid services: OS upgrade in Myproxy service scheduled on Friday. It should be transparent.
  • CERN storage services: CASTOR DB backend is being patched. All LHC VOs today and Nameserver and Public instances on Thursday. 5min intervention. It should be almost transparent, not affecting ongoing transfers. In very few cases, clients may get disconnected.
  • Databases: NTR
  • GGUS: NA
  • Grid Monitoring: NA
  • MW Officer: NA




  • local:
  • remote:

Experiments round table:

  • ALICE -
    • low activity since yesterday morning

Sites / Services round table:

  • ASGC:
  • BNL:
  • CNAF:
  • FNAL:
  • GridPP:
  • IN2P3:
  • JINR:
  • KISTI:
  • KIT:
  • NDGF:
  • NL-T1:
  • NRC-KI:
  • OSG:
  • PIC:
  • RAL:

  • CERN batch and grid services:
  • CERN storage services:
  • Databases:
  • GGUS:
  • Grid Monitoring:
  • MW Officer:


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