WLCG Operations Coordination Minutes - January 30, 2014



  • Local: Simone, Markus, Raja, Felix, Oliver, Alberto, Marian, Maarten, Maite, Michail, Maria, Alessandro, Nicolo'
  • Remote:


* Reminder about WLCG Ops F2F on February 1th

Middleware news and baseline versions


  • Highlights: WMS baseline downgraded to 3.6.1 for issues; APEL baselines added after meeting

  • OpenSSL issue
    • WMS also needs new version of glite-px-proxyrenewal
      • new rpms to be released in next EMI-2 and -3 Updates (foreseen for next week)
    • Globus RFE opened by Simon Fayer of Imperial College
      • Globus library should also move to 1024-bits default!

Tier-1 Grid services

Storage deployment

Site Status Recent changes Planned changes
v2.1.14-5 and SRM-2.11-2 on all instances
ALICE (EOS 0.3.4 / xrootd 3.3.4)
ATLAS (EOS 0.3.8 / xrootd 3.3.4 / BeStMan2-2.3.0)
CMS (EOS 0.3.7 / xrootd 3.3.4 / BeStMan2-2.3.0)
LHCb (EOS 0.3.3 / xrootd 3.3.4 / BeStMan2-2.2.2)
EOS BeStMan updates for ATLAS,CMS (needed workaround for 512bit-proxy)  
ASGC CASTOR 2.1.13-9
DPM 1.8.7-3
None None
BNL dCache 2.6.18 (Chimera, Postgres 10 w/ hot backup)
http (aria2c) and xrootd/Scalla on each pool
None None
CNAF StoRM 1.11.3 emi3 (ATLAS, LHCb)
StoRM 1.11.2 emi3 (CMS)
Upgraded Atlas and LHCb  
FNAL dCache 1.9.5-23 (PNFS, postgres 8 with backup, distributed SRM) httpd=2.2.3
Scalla xrootd 2.9.7/3.2.7.slc
EOS 0.3.2-4/xrootd 3.3.3-1.slc5 with Bestman
dCache disk pool at 2.2, currently populating metadata Today: EOS 0.3.15/xrootd 3.3.6; in a few weeks, dCache tape pool at 2.2
IN2P3 dCache 2.6.18-1 (Chimera) on SL6 core servers and pool nodes
Postgres 9.2
xrootd 3.0.4 (mixed with 3.3.4)

Upgrade of 75% of Alice T2 xrood nodes to 3.3.4

Upgrade to 3.3.4 for Alice T1 & T2
KISTI xrootd v3.2.6 on SL5 for disk pools
xrootd 20100510-1509_dbg on SL6 for tape pool
dpm 1.8.7-3
KIT dCache
  • atlassrm-fzk.gridka.de: 2.6.17-1
  • cmssrm-kit.gridka.de: 2.6.17-1
  • lhcbsrm-kit.gridka.de: 2.6.17-1
  • alice-tape-se.gridka.de 20100510-1509_dbg
  • alice-disk-se.gridka.de 3.2.6
  • ATLAS FAX xrootd proxy 3.3.3-1
None None
NDGF dCache 2.3 (Chimera) on core servers. Mix of 2.3 and 2.2 versions on pool nodes.    
NL-T1 dCache 2.2.17 (Chimera) (SURFsara), DPM 1.8.7-3 (NIKHEF)    
PIC dCache head nodes (Chimera) and doors at 2.2.17-1
xrootd door to VO severs (3.3.4)
  On 25th/Feb. Upgrade to dCache 2.6.20
RAL CASTOR 2.1.13-9
2.1.14-5 (tape servers)
SRM 2.11-1
none Feb/Mar: Upgrade to 2.1.14-5
TRIUMF dCache 2.2.18   Upgrade to dCache 2.6.20 in Feb.
JINR-T1 dCache
  • srm-cms.jinr-t1.ru: 2.6.19
  • srm-cms-mss.jinr-t1.ru: 2.2.23 with Enstore
xrootd federation host for CMS: 3.3.3

  • Raja: RAL waiting for CASTOR 2.1.14 patch to fix issues with T10KD tape drives before upgrading

FTS deployment

Site Version Recent changes Planned changes
CERN 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1    
ASGC 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1 None None
BNL 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.10-1 None None
CNAF 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1    
FNAL 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1    
IN2P3 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1    
KIT 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1 None None
NDGF 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1    
NL-T1 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1    
PIC 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1 None None
RAL 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1    
TRIUMF 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1   Upgrade to dCache 2.6.20 In Feb
JINR-T1 2.2.8 - transfer-fts-3.7.12-1    

LFC deployment

Site Version OS, distributionSorted ascending Backend WLCG VOs Upgrade plans
BNL for T1 and US T2s SL6, gLite ORACLE 11gR2 ATLAS None
CERN 1.8.7-3 SLC6, EPEL Oracle 11 ATLAS, LHCb, OPS, ATLAS Xroot federations The DBAs are planning to upgrade the (LHCBR) DB to Oracle 12 soon so the LFC has to be tested with this DB version and upgraded if needed beforehand.

  • CERN LFC: The DB people have mentioned that they plan to upgrade the (LHCBR) DB to Oracle 12 soon so the LFC would have to be tested with this Oracle version and updated if needed before the upgrade.

  • Maite: Fabrizio Furano for LFC development is in the loop.
  • Simone: organize discussion with IT-DB about how upgrade plans to Oracle12 affect all WLCG services - motivation, schedule, planning

Other site news

SAM migration plan

  • Marian presents plan to spilt SAM services for WLCG (at CERN) and EGI (at consortium)
  • Comments after the presentation:
    • Services split to focus on different requirements
    • SAM code will also be forked; EGI development taken over by consortium, possibly replacing Nagios eventually
  • Simone: migration plan looks safe. No objection from the audience

Experiments operations review and Plans


  • gearing up for Quark Matter 2014 (May 19-24, GSI Darmstadt) with some special MC productions and more active analysis
  • CERN
    • Wigner vs. Meyrin job failure rates and CPU/wall-time efficiencies
      • network issue suspected (Wigner jobs access EOS data)
      • CPUs at Wigner have lower HS06 ratings
      • to be continued...
  • KIT
    • occasional data corruption due to silent PFN clashes when multiple Xrootd servers create files concurrently
      • PFN now based on a time stamp (at least by default), whereas it used to be a hash of the LFN
      • the Xrootd servers at KIT all see the whole name space
    • affected ~0.9% of data written since new servers were configured in Sep
      • 47,773 out of 5,303,211 files
      • ~1.05 TB
    • new servers read-only for now
    • cleanup of SE and catalog in preparation
    • various solutions being checked and compared

  • Comments: Lower HS06 ratings in Wigner known and due to different hardware purchased; could explain higher rate of timeout failures. Likely cause for lower CPU efficiency is network instead.


  • Rucio renaming campaign almost over.
  • Rucio commissioning has started. We are now sending HC jobs to few volunteered sites (today one, we will submit to more in the coming days). We expect 2/4 weeks to validate the new DQ2 clients which are making transparent the introduction of the Rucio catalog instead of the LFC, then we will gradually move sites from LFC catalog to Rucio catalog. In a second moment we will move from DQ2 clients (CLI and API) to Rucio clients.
  • Panda Jedi for analysis is under commissioning. Again HC jobs are sent to verify the full chain, next step is to include few power users, then we open to the (ATLAS) world. 4 weeks is the estimated time.
  • Long standing issue (even if low % of errors): CERN-PROD CERN AI batch nodes have few % of failures not understood. First was a problem of space, now we observe many jobs killed due to memory limitation: this was not happening previously, it's not related to analysis or production, we need support to solve the issue, we will see which kind of way to track and solve the issue is the best.
  • DC14 simulation started on 1st of Januray after multicore mode of exectution was validated in December. A preliminary comissioning of multicore sites was performed on most of the ATLAS Tier-1 sites with several Tier-2 sites contributing. In total, about 20 sites support multicore submission, half of them being dynamically configured for transparent resource allocation.

  • Simone: HC for Jedi PanDA in place? Alessandro: yes, no issues in HC. Some issues in PanDA reported and fixed.
  • Maarten: if all goes well with Rucio migration, can we say that LFC is not needed anymore by ATLAS e.g. from summer? Alessandro: most likely yes (need to check for tape data).


  • DBS migration has been postponed
    • New date is the week starting Feb 10th
    • Production will be drained

  • Tier-1s actively used for Re-Reco workflows

  • Tier-2 usual MC production and user analysis

  • Scheduling of SAM tests
    • gLexec test (not yet critical) is a bit difficult for Tier-1s
      • Running with plain pilot VOMS role
      • Present scheduling policy asks higher priority of prodcution
      • Might stay queued until time out
      • Discussions are ongoing how to improve this
    • Other tests should not cause issues
      • Send with lcgadmin or production VOMS role


  • GGUS statistics : 19 tickets opened in the last 2 weeks,
    • 8 for failed / aborted pilots, 2 for CVMFS problems, 2 VOMS access problems,
  • 5 sites supporting LHCb are still running with CVFMS client version < 2.1 (in view of needed upgraded of Stratum 0), and will be contacted by GGUS tickets
  • WMS decommissioning, the last sites with indirect submission are switched over to Direct submission now
    • The CERN WMS instances will be removed for indirect submission by April as requested by the TF (relying on other WMSes if needed)
  • FTS3 : waiting for python binding for 2.7
  • Issues with ARC CEs :
    • Default ARC installation does not allow setting up of job environment for VOs
    • Monitoring jobs submitted to ARC is not straightforward - jobs take time to appear as submitted in the ARC monitoring

Ongoing Task Forces and Working Groups

FTS3 Deployment TF

  • FTS3 task force meeting on Wednesday 29th (yesterday).
  • Discussed and agreed among the ones present that presently it is ok to have VO production role people able to modify the configs, e.g. apply limits to sites or links. If sites need to set limit, please contact your experiment contacts. We are happy to re-discuss the issue in few months from now once we see how often we will need this kind of requests.
  • Experiments re-started increasing the load on the RAL FTS3 instance.

gLExec deployment TF

  • 73 tickets closed and verified, 22 still open
  • EMI gLExec probe (in use since SAM Update 22) crashes on sites that use the tar ball WN and do not have the Perl module Time/HiRes.pm installed (GGUS:98767)
    • installation of that dependency now looks sufficient to cure the problem
    • a proper fix is still to be decided
  • Deployment tracking page

IPv6 validation and deployment TF

Machine/Job features TF

Middleware readiness WG

  • Next meeting on Feb 6 at 15:30 CET: agenda in particular about how to involve experiments and sites. WG members from the experiments are called to contribute material for table: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/MiddlewareReadiness#Experiment_workflows . Namely:
    1. which experiment application can be adapted to participate in middleware testing
    2. which middleware product will be tested by that
    3. sites willing to play the game
    4. which of the experiment's ( WLCG-accessible please!) twiki or other doc. page will contain the process
    5. additional comment, if any
  • Middleware Readiness home page is evolving:
    • Product Teams info
    • Experiment workflows

Multicore deployment

  • Meetings started 2 weeks ago. There will be one every week on Tuesday at 2:30 pm. First few weeks already scheduled in indico
  • First meeting we gave a general overview of the problem and discussed how to proceed
    • Experiments more specific requirements. ATLAS was this week, CMS will be next week
    • Sites batch system scheduling mini workshops
    • Common definitions to avoid ambiguity
  • Good participation and quite lively discussions so far.
  • October 2014 proposed by TF coordinators as a target date for a functional system to be deployed, which is agreed by the experiments. A more refined list of milestones should be discussed in the coming meetings.
  • Summary will be given at the February pre-GDB WLCG Ops Coord F2F meeting.

perfSONAR deployment TF

  • Next release of perfSONAR-PS should be out next week (v3.3.2). Lots of minor fixes and improvements. All sites should update to this once it is ready
  • MaDDash testing ongoing at http://maddash.aglt2.org/maddash-webui (Note: "Dashboard" is a menu where you can select various meshes). Graphs are now working.
  • OMD testing ongoing at http://maddash.aglt2.org/WLCGperfSONAR/ (Contact Shawn if you need login credentails)
  • Discussion in progress on what services we want OSG to setup for WLCG
  • Sites that are not deployed, not upgraded or not using the mesh-configuration are getting tickets

SHA-2 Migration TF

  • EOS SRM for LHCb not yet OK
    • waiting for a patch to let the new SRM support the "root" protocol expected by LHCb jobs
      • OSG BeStMan support ticket opened
  • voms-proxy-init on lxplus crashes on creating SHA-2 RFC proxies
    • discovered by CMS
    • works OK with Java-based version provided by voms-clients3
    • the VOMS-Admin test cluster is not yet available!
      • despite what was reported here earlier and discussed during the meeting... frown
    • the host certs of the future VOMS service are from the new SHA-2 CERN CA
      • we will do a campaign to get the new servers recognized in LSC files across the grid
      • for convenience we probably will provide such files also in rpms

Tracking tools evolution TF

WMS decommissioning TF

  • Deadline: end of April to decommission CMS and shared instances
  • usage of the CMS WMS at CERN has remained low
  • VOs using the "shared" WMS instances have been contacted for migration plans
    • LHCb and ILC reported no concerns about the timeline

xrootd deployment TF

Action list

  1. Investigate how to separate Disk and Tape services in GOCDB
    • proposal submitted via GGUS:93966
    • in progress - ticket updated
  2. Agree with IT-PES on a clear timeline to migrate OPS and the LHC VOs from VOMRS to VOMS-Admin
    • in progress

-- SimoneCampana - 17 Jan 2014

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