gLite 3.1 / 3.2 WN tarball distribution


We provide the glite Worker Node as a tarball distribution. This distribution consists of two tarballs, one containing the glite software, the other containing external dependencies which are usually not installed on the host. The latter contains a string "external". The tarballs are versioned by the WN version (the version of the corresponding meta rpm).


A tarball distribution of the glite 3.2 Worker Node is available on the following platforms

A tarball distribution of the glite 3.1 Worker Node is available on the following platforms

The x86_64 tarball also contains 32bit binaries, i.e. the x86_64 SL4 host has to be set up in compatibility mode.

Releases intended for PPS are prefixed with PPS_ and contain also the creation date.


Download the two tarballs from the repository. Create an INSTALL_ROOT directory for the distribution, e.g. /gLite. Then cd into INSTALL_ROOT and untar the two tarballs. E.g for production:
mkdir /gLite
cd /gLite
tar zxvf glite-WN-3.1.2-0.tar.gz
tar zxvf glite-WN-3.1.2-0-external.tar.gz


Make sure that your site-info.def file contains at least the following variables, plus the variables needed to configure a WN, which can be found here: WN configuration variables:


INSTALL_ROOT is the directory in which the glite middleware is installed. GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT is the directory in which the external dependencies are installed. You must set GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT=${INSTALL_ROOT}/external. Note that other configurations have not been tested.

To configure the TAR WN run the following command in INSTALL_ROOT (In this example site-info.def is also there):

cd ${INSTALL_ROOT}/glite/yaim/bin
./yaim -c -s site-info.def -n WN_TAR

The pool accounts on the WN_TAR have to source the files in GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT/etc/profile.d/ (*sh for bash, *csh for tcsh). As of glite-WN-3.1.3-0, GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT/etc/profile.d/ also contains which has to be sourced by every job before other scripts are sourced. It is recommended to copy these files to /etc/profile.d or to create symlinks.

Structure and content of the tarball

The file INSTALL_ROOT/glite/etc/relocatable-release.txt contains a list of all rpms installed on the machine where the tarball was created. A subset of them is in the tarball.

The file GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT/content.txt contains a list of rpms that were used to create the externals tarball. The externals tarball contains files of an rpm based WN installation that are not in /opt/d-cache, /opt/edg, /opt/glite, /opt/globus, /opt/gpt or /opt/lcg. These files are usually not found on an scientific linux installation. Currently we have no reference SL installation that guarantees to WN tarball to work but we plan to do so. It might be possible that the tarball WN does not work on your machine because of some missing files. If this is the case you can either install the relevant rpms or add the files under GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT. Don't forget to update the files GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT/etc/profile.d/grid-env.(c)sh accordingly.

Additional installation tasks

The following sections assume that you untarred the tarballs into /gLite.


Adapt the examples if you installed into a different directory.

Torque client installation

The tarball does not include any batch system clients. Installing such clients on a WN usually requires root privileges. We provide here instructions on how to install the Torque batch system clients:

Download the glite-TORQUE_client.repo for 3.1 or glite-TORQUE_client.repo for 3.2 file and run:

yum install glite-TORQUE_client
cd ${INSTALL_ROOT}/glite/yaim/bin
./yaim -c -s site-info.def -n glite-TORQUE_client

Creation of pool accounts

The function config_users can be used to create pool accounts on a TAR WN. Note that this function also creates a cron job cleanup-grid-accounts.

cd ${INSTALL_ROOT}/glite/yaim/bin
./yaim -r -s site-info.def -n glite-WN_TAR -f config_users

Installation of certificates

If you want YAIM to take care of the installation of the CA files, YAIM provides the following relevant functions config_certs_userland and config_crl:

config_certs_userland will install the CA files in the directory pointed by X509_CERT_DIR (providing that YAIM determines that valid CRL files are not already present in the directory). Be aware that the directory pointed by X509_CERT_DIR must exist and the user must have write permissions or otherwise YAIM will fail. The default value for X509_CERT_DIR is /etc/grid-security/certificates. If you want to use another location, redefine this variable in site-info.def and also define it in your shell's environment before starting yaim.

Remember that in case you don't use the standard location, you have to make sure you define X509_CERT_DIR and X509_VOMS_DIR in the pool accounts environment, since YAIM does not do this. In that case, edit the ${GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT}/etc/profile.d/ file and manually add:

gridenv_set  "X509_CERT_DIR" "your_non_standard_cert_path"
gridenv_set  "X509_VOMS_DIR" "your_non_standard_voms_path"

You can also edit the file to unset the same variables.

config_crl will create a cron job to maintain the crl files up to date.

The variable CA_REPOSITORY may be used to change the repository from which the CA files are fetched. The variable is defined by default in YAIM. Check the site-info.pre section for more information. In general this variable can be defined by the user if another repository is used.

Having set CA_REPOSITORY run the config_certs_userland and config_crl functions

cd ${INSTALL_ROOT}/glite/yaim/bin
./yaim -r -s site-info.def -n glite-WN_TAR -f config_certs_userland -f config_crl

The externals tarball contains VOMS server certifcates in ${GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT}/etc/grid-security/vomsdir. However, the function config_vomsdir is going to be introduced to create the .lsc files substituting the VOMS server certificates when bug 42943 is fixed.

Set up of the pool account environment

In ${GLITE_EXTERNAL_ROOT}/etc/profile.d you find scripts that should be sourced by every pool account. Either copy them to /etc/profile.d or create symlinks.

Note on glite-wn-info.conf configuration

If you want to configure only once a TAR WN for a certain group of WNs, they should all belong to the same subcluster. Otherwise, /etc/glite-wn-info.conf will be overwritten. So in case you have more than one subcluster, you would need different TAR WNs to be installed in different places and to be configured independently.

Known issues

Note: for configuration issues in the WN tarball, check the yaim clients known issues section in the YAIM guide.

  • In glite 3.1 the following issue exists, reported in Bug #56446 and GGUS #52114. Symlinks to non existing directories. The recommendation from the developers is to use the corresponding python version. The integration team is working on another solution at the moment.

  • During the configuration of the WN_TAR the following error message can be seen (it can be ignored):
./glite/yaim/bin/../libexec/configure_node: line 93: [: -lt: unary operator expected
./glite/yaim/bin/../libexec/configure_node: line 93: [: -eq: unary operator expected

Using WN_TAR on different sites

Using WN_TAR on different sites: WnTarOnSiteUsage


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