HL/HE-LHC Physics Workshop -- WG 1: Standard Model

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Working group meetings:

  • Indico
  • Past WG1 meetings:
    • QCD physics (jets/photons, PDF, forward QCD): Friday March 2 (1/2 to 1 full day)
    • EW physics (VBF/VBS, Tribosons, precisions EW, forward EW): Thursday March 1 (1 full day) and Tuesday March 6 (1/2 day)
    • Top physics: Wednesday February 28 (1 full day)
    • Wednesday 2nd May:
      • Morning 9:00-12:00 : Top physics
      • Afternoon 14:00-17:00: QCD physics (jets, photons, PDF) and Forward QCD&EW physics (MPI/DPS, UE, light-by-light scattering,diffraction etc.)
    • Monday 14th May:
      • Morning: EW physics (VBF, VBS, Di-bosons, Multi-bosons)
      • Afternoon: precision EW physics (W Mass, Forward-Backward Asymmetry, Weinberg angle, Z pT, EW fits etc.)

  • Next WG1 meetings (indico agenda to appear): In these meetings we expect short status reports on the final studies for the Yellow Report. These meetings will be the last opportunity for the discussion of analyses results among experimentalists and theorists in WG1, before the document is finalised. We expect a significant part of these meetings to be dedicated to the discussion of the write-up for the Yellow Report.Vidyo conferencing will be available for those connecting remotely.

WG conveners:

Paolo Nason, Dieter Zeppenfeld (TH), Alessandro Tricoli (ATLAS), Patrizia Azzi (CMS), Stephen Farry (LHCb)

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Ultimate PDF information document

The document can be found here, HLLHCPDFs.pdf

Draft Table of Contents of report:

This preliminary table of content may be updated with time according to the feedback from the community. In brackets you will find the allocated number of pages per section. The aim is to embed in this chapter both HL and HE studies, for instance a chapter will start with the presentation of HL studies and then conclude with prospects for HE.

    1. Introduction (3 pages)

    1. Theoretical tools (15 pages)
      1. MC Generators (3 pages)
        Contributors: Fabio Maltoni (TH)
      1. High Order QCD calculations (3 pages)
        Contributors: Giulia Zanderighi (TH)
      1. EW corrections (3 pages)
        Contributors: Marek Schoenherr, Marco Zaro, Davide Pagani (TH)
      1. PDF tools (3 pages)
        Contributors: Lucien Harland Lang, Jun Gao, Juan Rojo (TH)
      1. EFT tools (3 pages)

    1. Electroweak processes (41 pages)
      1. Vector boson fusion processes (5 pages)
        Contributors: Cruz Martinez, Karlberg, Figy (TH)
      1. Vector Boson scattering (16 pages)
        Contributors: Reuter, Sekulla (TH, Whizard), Rauch, Zeppenfeld (TH, VBFNLO), Pellen (TH, EW corr.), Claire Lee, Karolos Potamianos (ATLAS, SS WW), Jain (CMS, SS WW), Bing Li, Yusheng Wu (ATLAS, ZZ), Charlot (CMS ZZ), Corinne Goy, Lucia Di Ciaccio (ATLAS, WZ), Terashi, Les, Nitta, Cavaliere (ATLAS, WV semileptonic)
      1. Triboson production (5 pages)
        Contributors: VBFNLO team at KIT for theory, Pellen (TH EW corr.), Schoenherr, Zaro (TH), Evelin Bakos, Nenad Vranjes, Marija Vranjes Milosavljevic (ATLAS), Lawhorn (CMS)
      1. Precision EW measurements (15 pages)
        --- VV production:
        Heinrich, Pires, Matthias Kerner, Stephan Jahn and Stephen Jones, Wiesemann (TH, HO QCD),
        Pozzorini, Schoenherr, Kallweit (TH, HO QCD+EW), Sally Dawson, Ian Lewis, Baglio (TH) for aTGC limits
        Kristin Lohwasser (ATLAS), Valerie Lange (ATLAS), A. Tricoli (ATLAS)
        --- V+jets: Jonas Lindert, Stefano Pozzorini (TH)
        --- Weak Mixing Angle: Arie Bodek, Aleko Khukhunaishvili, Ping Tan, Rhys Taus, Alexander Savin (CMS), Stefano Camarda, Ludovica Aperio Bella, Bruno Lenzi (ATLAS), William Barter, Tara Shears (LHCb)
        --- W Mass Maarten Boonekamp, Nansi Andari, Josh McFayden (ATLAS), Mika Vesterinan (LHCb), Fulvio Piccinni, Giancarlo Ferrera, Alessandro Vicini (TH)
        --- EW fits: Jorge de Blas, Marco Ciuchini, Enrico Franco, Luca Silvestrini, Maurizio Pierini, Laura Reina, Satoshi Mishima (TH)

    1. Strong Interactions (26 pages)
      1. Jets and photons (8 pages)
        --- Jets: Alexander Huss (TH), Joao Pires (TH), Pavel Starovoitov (ATLAS), Radek Zlebcik (CMS), Paolo Gunnellini (CMS), Armando Bermudez Martinez (CMS), Grigorios Chachamis and Agustin Sabio Vera.
        -- -Photons: Giancarlo Ferrera (TH), Juan Terron (ATLAS), Alexander Savin (CMS)
      1. Ultimate Parton Densities (10 pages)
        Contributors: Mario Campanelli (ATLAS), Claire Gwenlan (ATLAS), Katerina Lipka (CMS), Katerina Mueller (LHCb), Juan Rojo Chacon (TH), Jun Gao (TH), Lucian Harland-Lang (TH), Paolo Nason (TH)
      1. Soft QCD physics (5 pages)*
        --- DPS/UE: Jonathan Richard Gaunt (TH), Marc Dunser (CMS), Deepak Kar (ATLAS)

    1. *Top physics (38 pages)
      1. Top cross section (5 pages)
        --- Tt Cross Section: O. Hindrichs(CMS), Stephen Farry (LHCB), F. Deliot (ATLAS),
        Paolo Nason, Mitov, Zaro (TH)
        --- Single top:
        M. Komm (CMS), K. Finelli (ATLAS), Emanuele Re,
        Caola (TH)
        --- 4 tops: Deliot (ATLAS),
        G. Zevi Dalla Porta (CMS), Zaro (TH),
      1. Top properties (10 pages)
        --- Dead cone effect, Jacob Rowling, James Howarth (ATLAS); Selvaggi M.(CMS,TH)
        --- Charge Asymmetry: M. Vos (ATLAS), Mitov (TH)
        --- Spin Asymmetry: J. Howarth (ATLAS), P. David (CMS), Paolo Nason, Liam Moore (TH)
      1. Top couplings (5 pages)
        --- tt+X and anom. couplings/EFT interpretation: A. Onofre, Y. Li , M. Lacer (ATLAS), R. Schoefbeck (CMS), E. Vryonidou (TH)
      1. Top mass (8 pages)
        Contributors: F. Derue (ATLAS), J. Kieseler (CMS), Hoang, Corcella , Hiroshi Yokoya(TH)
      1. FCNC (10 pages)
        Contributors: A. Durglishvili, D. Hirschbuehl(ATLAS), L. Dudko, P. Mandrik, K. Skovpen, J. Andrea(CMS), Cen Zhang and Gauthier Durieux (TH, part of WG4)


    1. *Forward Physics [10]
      1. *Forward QCD and EW
        ----- light-by-light and proton tagging: Christoph Mayer, Evgeny Kryshen (ALICE) Johanna Gramling Kristof Schmieden (ATLAS), Lucian Harland-Lang (TH), Michael Rijssenbeek, Janusz Chwastowski (ATLAS), Christophe Royon (CMS), Grigorios Chachamis and Agustin Sabio Vera.

    1. Effective couplings interpretations (SM & Top) (10 pages)

List of Analysis Topics:

Here you find a spreadsheet with expressions of interests from individuals and teams of people. Please add your name(s) and contribution(s) to this spread sheet.

Here below you can find the list of analysis topics that we plan to cover in the Yellow Report. In bold you can find analysis topics that need additional manpower or effort. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the working group convenors if you have ideas for additional topics that are not in this list or with your specific interests for contributions to this list of topics.

  • SM - Electroweak
    • VBS - same-sign WW
    • Triboson cross-sections
    • VBS - WZ
    • VBS - WV semileptonic/boosted
    • VBF W/Z (aTGC limits)
    • ZZ
  • SM - QCD
    • jets and photons
  • SM - Single vector boson production (W/Z)
    • Z forward-backward asymmetry and extraction of weak mixing angle
    • PDF fits
    • Wmass (highest pileup affordable?)
  • SM - Forward QCD physics
    • DPS e.g. same-sign WW, ZZ production
    • Small-x QCD with Higgs boson
  • SM - Forward EWK physics
    • Light-by-Light scattering in pp collisions
    • Photon-induced processes, e.g. yy->ll, yy->ZZ, yy->WW, yy->H in pp or UPC, in the context of SM measurements and for limit setting on anomalous couplings (EFT)
  • Top Physics
    • Top cross section:
      • S-channel
      • 4 Tops
    • Top properties:
      • dead cone
      • charge asymmetry
      • spin correlation
      • Top asymmetry in the Forward Region
    • Top mass:
      • with J/psi
      • standard measurement
    • Top couplings (including asymmetry):
      • Tt-gamma
      • tt-W/V
      • tWb anomalous couplings
    • FCNC:
      • tHq in decays (H->gammagamma)
      • tqH (H->bb) in production
      • tZq (production and decays) and combination
      • Tgq
      • Tqgamma

Fiducial Phase Spaces:

Here follows a table with selection cuts applied by different analyses to define the fiducial phase space.

Process Experiment Main Contact Selection requirements
ssWW ATLAS Claire Lee 2 same-charge leptons pT > 25 GeV; mll > 20 GeV; MET> 40 GeV; 2 jets pT > 30 GeV; deta(jet,jet) > 2.4; mjj > 500 GeV; centrality > 0
Tt-gamma ATLAS   1 photon pT > 25 GeV; 1 (2) lepton pT > 25 GeV; >= 4 (2) jets pT > 25 GeV; >= 1 bjets; dR(photon,jet) > 0.4; dR(photon,lepton) > 1.0; for single(di) lepton channel
s-channel ATLAS   1 electron or muon p_T > 30 GeV, exactly 2 b-tagged jets abs(eta) 30 GeV. MET > 35 GeV and mT(W) > 30 GeV
VBS WZ ATLAS Corinne Goy Fully leptonic : 3l with Pt>15 GeV and abs(eta) 25 GeV, SFOC leptons compatible with Z mass (10 GeV) , 3rd lepton with Pt>20 GeV and W transverse Mass (3rd lepton + missing ET) > 30 GeV , 2 jets in opp. hemisphere with Pt> 30 GeV and abs(eta_jet) 500 GeV
WWW ATLAS Nenad Vranjes Fully leptonic : 3l with Pt>30 GeV and abs(eta)<4.0, OS leptons compatible with Z mass (15 GeV), at most 1 jet with Pt>30 GeV, and abs(eta) <2.5; b-jet veto with Pt>30 GeV, and abs(eta)<2.5; Semi-leptonic: 2l with 30 GeV and abs(eta) <4.0, at least two jets pT>30 GeV, and abs(eta) <2.5, dilepton mass > 40 GeV, Ptmiss > 80 GeV, deta(jet,jet) < 2.5, 60 < mjj < 120 GeV, 3rd lepton veto Pt>6 GeV, and abs(eta) <2.5, b-jet veto with Pt > 30 GeV, and abs(eta) <2.5
boosted top-jet CMS Paolo Gunnellini 2 jets with pT > 400 GeV in abs(eta)<2.5; b-tag for both jets; cut on tau3/tau2<0.54 for both jets
VBS ZZ CMS Claude Charlot Fully leptonic : 4l with pT>7(5) GeV, with at least two leptons with pT>10 GeV and one with pT>20 GeV, all leptons with abs(eta)<3.0; At least 2 jets with pT >25 GeV and abs(eta)<4.7, mjj>100 GeV;

Bing Li


4l only:

Leptons pT > 20, 20, 10, 7 GeV for the leading, sub-leading, third and last one. abs(eta) < 4

Z mass (for both Zs) within [60, 120] GeV

DeltaR (l, l') > 0.2

Select leading jets from ATLAS detector A and C side (EtaJ1 * EtaJ2 < 0), satisfying jet pT > 30 GeV and abs(eta) < 4.5

mJJ > 200 GeV, and abs(dEtaJJ) > 2

-- MichelangeloMangano - 2017-11-02 -- AlessandroTricoli - 2017-12-21

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