HL/HE-LHC Physics Workshop -- WG 2: Higgs

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Stefania Gori and Francesco Riva (TH), Marumi Kado (ATLAS), Maria Cepeda (CMS), Phil Ilten (LHCb)

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Draft Report:

Draft 2

Draft Table of Contents of report:

Preliminary Outline (05/June/2018)

  1. Introduction: Main goals and timeline
  2. Precision Higgs physics (CMS: Predrag Milenovic, ATLAS: Michael Duehrssen-Deblin, Theo: Simone Alioli) - Sign up for the section mailing list -
    1. Channels reach in diboson decays, including fiducial and differential measurements.
    2. Channels reach in main Yukawa couplings, including fiducial and differential measurements (ATLAS: P. Francavilla)
    3. Higgs coupling projections for the High Energy LHC (J.Ellis, L.Silvestrini).
    4. Special focus on direct and indirect probe of top Yukawa coupling (ATLAS: Alessandro Calandri, CMS: Matthias Schröder)
    5. Progress on TH uncertainties: what to expect? Particularly, impact from PDFs and alphaS (Caola)
    6. Progress on Higgs specific MC. (Prestel,Hoeche,Maltoni,Alioli)
    7. HE Cross-sections. (Grazzini et al.)
    8. Higgs couplings precision overview.( ATLAS: Roberto Di Nardo and Hongtao Yang, CMS: Gilbert)
    9. Probes using differential distributions of CP sensitive observables. (Yu, Piccinini et al.)
    10. Kappa-formalism and the nonlinear EFT. (Krause, Cata)
  3. Di-Higgs production and Higgs self couplings (CMS: Luca Cadamuro, ATLAS: Elisabeth Petit, Theo: Riembau) - Sign up for the section mailing list -
    1. SM Calculation. (Dawson, Heinrich et al.)
    2. Double Higgs production in the non-linear EFT (Buchalla,Celis,Capozi,Heinrich,Scyboz)
    3. Double Higgs measurements and trilinear coupling. (ATLAS: Elisabeth Petit )
    4. Prospects for bbWW (K.Kyoungchul et al.)
    5. Prospects for bbgammagamma: Bayesian optimization vs. BDT (K.Sinha et al.)
    6. HE prospects (Goncalves & Plehn, Homiller & Meade)
    7. Indirect probes through single Higgs boson production. (Maltoni,Pagani,Zanderighi et al, Englert)
    8. Indirect probes of the trilinear coupling through differential distributions measurements (CMS Wardle Senz Scott Langford
    9. Theory Implications (including a critical view of the validity of direct and indirect trilinear couplings measurements. (di Vita, Riembau, Vanthalon)
    10. Implications for theories of electroweak phase transition (Ramsey-Musolf et al.)
    11. Implications for flavor models (Carena, Carmona)
  4. Other high energy probes (CMS: , ATLAS: , Theo: Francesco Riva) - Sign up for the section mailing list -
    1. Measuring Offshell couplings
    2. tth differential measurements (Maltoni, Vryonodou)
    3. WH/ZH at high energy/luminosity (Banarjee,Englert,Gupta,Spannowsky)
    4. WW WZ at high energy/luminosity (Elias-Miro, Azatov,Reyimuaji,Venturini,Franceschini,Panico,Riva,Wulzer)
    5. VBF
    6. longitudinal VBS and di-Higgs (Rojo,Bishara,Contino)
    7. Same-sign WW scattering (Kalinowski, Kozow, Pokorski, Rosiek, Szleper, Tkaczyk)
  5. The higgs boson mass and width (CMS: Meng Xiao) - Sign up for the section mailing list -
    1. Theory review (Melnikov,Caola)
    2. Measurement of the Higgs boson mass.
    3. Mass shift from the diphoton interference: constraints on the width. (Dixon)
    4. Direct constraints from the Higgs boson lineshape.
    5. Direct constraints from the Higgs boson lifetime measurements.
    6. Width from Off-Shell higgs boson couplings.
    7. Width from the diphoton interference rate. (Z.Liu)
  6. Invisible decays of the Higgs boson (CMS: AnneMarie Magnan, ATLAS: Benjamin Nachman, Theory: Stefaniak, Robens) - Sign up for the section mailing list -
    1. Main channels for direct searches.
    2. Interpretation and combination with precision Higgs boson measurements.(Stefaniak, Robens)
    3. Higgs portal interpretations.(Stefaniak, Robens)
  7. Higgs flavor and rare decays (common with WG4) (LHCb: Lorenzo Sestini, CMS: Alexander Schmidt, ATLAS: Kostas Nikopoulos, Theo: Yotam Soreq) - Sign up for the section mailing list -
    1. Flavor aspects Yukawa modifications in flavor models. (Bishara)
    2. Exclusive Higgs decays. (Soreq)
    3. Flavor tagging (charm and strange) (Schlaffer)
    4. LFV decays of the Higgs (CMS: Taroni)
    5. Yukawa constraints from Higgs distributions (Soreq, CMS: Klinjsma)
    6. Very light Yukawas and Wh production (F.Yu)
    7. CP violation in Higgs couplings (tau, ttH) (Harnik, A.Martin)
  8. Global view of Higgs couplings at the HL/HE-LHC (CMS: Andrew Gilbert, Theo: Chris Murphy) - Sign up for the section mailing list -
  9. BSM Higgs (CMS: Martin Flechl, ATLAS: Lei Zhang, LHCb: Martino Borsato, Theo: Stefania Gori) - Sign up for the section mailing list -
    1. Interpretation of the Higgs coupling measurements in terms of Composite Higgs models. (Vecchi)
    2. Interpretation of the Higgs coupling measurements in terms of Supersymmetric models. (Wagner, Shah)
    3. Evaluation of new MSSM benchmark scenarios for the HL-LHC (Heinemeyer)
    4. Searches for additional Higgs bosons in fermionic final states (taus, b's, muons and tops)
    5. Searches for additional Higgs bosons in diboson final states.
    6. Searches for low mass Higgs bosons (below 120GeV) (Heinemeyer, Santiago-Perez, Vega-Morales)
    7. Covering the MSSM and 2HDMs (J.M.No)
    8. Covering Twin Higgs models (Redigolo)
    9. Interference effects in heavy Higgs searches. (M. Carena, Z.Liu)
    10. Exotic decays of the Higgs boson (M.Bauer, D. Curtin, Z.Liu, A. Thamm, L.T.Wang)
  10. Conclusions and outlook

Notes by Aleandro Close Following up on the discussions made during the Workshop, I guess that there are (at least) four main topics that are top priority for the Higgs chapter a) revisit Higgs boson rates and Higgs boson couplings in each individual experiment. Indeed, the latest simulation/projection results from ATLAS and CMS are obsolete now, and needs to be revisited. Most likley, we should now base the studies for the Yellow Report on extrapolations/projections/simulations based on the most recent Run 2 analyses. These should also taken into account the most recent detector upgrade performances that are documented in the ATLAS, CMS and LHCb detectors (hopefully LHCb Higgs oson contributions will be made available for the Yellow Report) b) like in the previous point, but discussing double Higgs porduction studies, with extraction of limits on lambda_HHH. Hopefully some more new channels can be considered for the Yellow Report c) perform single and double Higgs combinations across channels for the same experiment, and across channels and experiments (ATLAS, CMS and LHCb). The aim here will be to produce a reference for the European Strategy where the HL-LHC expectations on single and diHiggs production are outlined. This will obblige ATLAS and CMS to check their assumptions/ expectations on the experimental systematic uncertainties that limit the precision of the single Higgs and double Higgs coupling measurements, and to make them consistent. Moreover, this will obblige ATLAS CMS and LHCb to make consistent assumptions fromt he theory point of view, in particular on theory uncertainites (cross sections, BRs, PDFs and alpha_strong, etc etc). I leave the Editors of this Chapter to implement these tasks in terms of Sections and subSections, if they share my views above illustrated. Thanks! [Aleandro]

-- MichelangeloMangano - 2017-11-02

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