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HL/HE-LHC Physics Workshop -- WG 4: Flavour

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Working group meetings:

WG conveners:

Jorge Martin Camalich and Jure Zupan (TH), Alex Cerri (ATLAS), Sandra Malvezzi (CMS), Vladimir Gligorov (LHCb)

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Draft Table of Contents of report:

This is a preliminary table of contents with approximate page limits. Total pages so far: 110 pages.

  1. Vision (5 pages)
  2. CKM Metrology and HL/HE questions for B physics (25 pages)
    1. Tree-level determinations of CKM elements
      1. Vub
      2. Vcb
      3. Beta
      4. Gamma
      5. ...
    2. F=2 processes and unitarity triangle
    3. Future of inputs from charm and K-Kbar mixing
    4. Experimental prospects (including interplay with Belle II)
      1. Vub and Vcb from semileptonics
      2. Time-integrated tree-level measurements of gamma (including prospects with neutral and high-multiplicity modes)
      3. Time-integrated loop-level measurements of gamma
      4. Time-dependent measurements of gamma i
      5. Gamma combination and impact of external inputs
      6. Loop level measurements of gamma and comparison with tree-level
      7. Determination of dms, dmd, and interplay with b-hadron lifetimes
      8. Semileptonic asymmetries and prospects for dgd
      9. Measurements of phi_d and phi_s, including prospects for LHC-only phi_s combination, and prospects for Bs->phiphi for CMS / ATLAS in HL-LHC
      10. Measurements of alpha
    5. Combined th/exp perspective on future of global CKM fits
  3. HL/HE questions for charm (15 pages)
    1. Charm mixing
    2. Direct CP violating probes
    3. Null tests from isospin sum rules
    4. Radiative and leptonic charm decays
    5. Inputs for B physics
    6. Experimental prospects (including interplay with Belle II and BES III)
      1. Neutral D meson mixing
      2. Time-dependent CP violation
      3. Direct CP violation
      4. Rare and radiative charm decays
      5. Semileptonic charm measurements
    7. Combined th/exp perspective on charm mixing/CPV global fits and charm as input to B physics
  4. HL/HE questions for strangeness (5 pages)
    1. K0->μμ Golden mode
    2. KS->πμμ
    3. KS->ππee
    4. KS->μμμμ
    5. Questions for hyperons
    6. Experimental prospects (including interplay with NA62 ??)
  5. HL/HE questions for taus (5 pages)
    1. Tests of leptonic universality
    2. LFV in tau decays (tau-> μμμ) !!
    3. Tests of QCD
    4. Vus determination
    5. Experimental prospects
  6. Spectroscopy (10 pages)
    1. Open questions in spectroscopy
    2. Experimental probes in B decay
    3. Probes from prompt production in pp
    4. Experimental prospects (including interplay with Belle II)
      1. Taxonomy of tetraquarks
      2. Taxonomy of pentaquarks
      3. Searches for further tetra- and pentaquarks
      4. Exotic spectroscopy with Bc decays
      5. Study of doubly-heavy baryon
      6. Precision measurements of quarkonia
    5. Combined th/exp perspective, including how far ATLAS / CMS can contribute to finding new states, confirming the pentaquark etc. observations, and studying their properties
  7. Implications of flavor anomalies and future sensitivies (15 pages) !!
    1. Theoretical prospects on FCNC b-> s ll and b->d ll decays
    2. Theoretical prospects tree-level b-> c tau nu and b-> u tau nu
    3. Experimental perspective (including interplay with Belle II)
      1. Measurements of Bq->ll from LHCb / ATLAS / CMS
      2. Measurements of b->sll from LHCb / ATLAS / CMS
      3. Measurements of b->dll
      4. Measurements of b->sgamma
      5. Measurements of b->clnu including Bc and b-baryon prospects
    4. Combined th/exp perspective on global interpretations (EFT/non-EFT), with particular emphasis on impact of LHC -only combined analysis and complementarity of this with Belle II
  8. Flavor aspects of top physics in collaboration with WG1 (10 pages)
    1. Determinations of the Vtx CKM matrix elements
    2. Determination of anomalous Wtb vertices including CP-violation effects from T-odd kinematic distributions
    3. Interpretation of limits in top FCNCs
    4. SMEFT analysis and complementarity with B-decays
    5. Experimental perspectives
  9. Flavor aspects of Higgs in collaboration with WG2 (10 pages)
    1. Yukawa modifications in flavor models
    2. Exclusive Higgs decays
    3. Flavor tagging (charm and strange), exp mostly
    4. LFV decays of the Higgs, exp mostly
    5. Yukawa constraints from Higgs distributions
    6. CP violation in Higgs couplings (tau, ttH), exp mostly
    7. Experimental perspective
  10. high pT searches in the context of the flavor anomalies in collaboration with WG3 (10 pages)
    1. SMEFT analysis of the anomalies
    2. Constraints on simplified models for b-> c tau nu
    3. Constraints on simplified models for b-> s ll
    4. Constraints on combined models
  11. Summary of theory + experimental outlook with focus on a global analysis of the scale of NP whether the anomalies turn out to be real or not
-- MichelangeloMangano - 2017-11-02
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